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  1. Doing Well on Irish Itunes album chart Albums: 3. Bruce Springsteen: Greatest Hits 4. Wrecking Ball 21. Bruce Springsteen & the Street Band, Live 1975-85 30. Live In Dublin 32. Born to Run 33. The Essential Bruce Springsteen 38. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Greatest Hits 56. The Rising 57. We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions 59. Collection: 1973-2012 61. The River 81. Magic 90. Born In the U.S.A. 110. Tunnel of Love 111. Wrecking Ball 114. Darkness On the Edge of Town 120. Nebraska
  2. Probably Born to Run and the Rising as they are in the Catalogue chart at 24 and 39
  3. I don't think the collection has been issued in the UK, instead they have re-promoted the Essential album.
  4. Do you have the sales figures for the collection in the UK? it may be close to gold/silver.
  5. Do you have figures for the current run for greatest hits? I think it now now clocked up 7 years (non consecutive) in the UK charts
  6. The sales split is looking like 2 copies in Rest of the World for every copy in USA
  7. I think Bruce's total may be revised down slightly, I picked this up on another site "Springsteen's album sold 196K copies, just 1K more than Adele's 21, which has been in release for 55 weeks. That album dips to #2 following 23 (non-consecutive) weeks at #1"
  8. I think it is based on Sound scan figures, with a 10 000 margin Bruce should be number one, there might be minor changes, but I don't think that many.
  9. Looks like it will be number 1 in USA LW TW artist / album label power index % change -- 1 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN COLUMBIA 201,118 -- WRECKING BALL 1 2 ADELE XL/COLUMBIA 191,645 -21% 21
  10. Magic actually sold like 335,000 copies the week it came out. It then spent a week at number two, then returned to number one; only when it returned to number one for a second week did it sell seventy-something thousand copies. Bruce's record in this century was set with the Rising, which sold 526,000 copies the first week. ------------------- He's talking UK, you're talking USA Correct. Might be interesting for next weeks number one. There are no new releases, will Military Wives or Adele knock Bruce of top spot.
  11. I found this on another site "first week sales of 74,401 - the second highest for a new album by the veteran singer/songwriter in the 21st century, beaten only by the mark set by Magic, which sold 77,692 copies the week it opened at number one in 2007."
  12. The yellow card could/should have been red, however in the referees opinion it was yellow. The throw in decision was correct, it came of the Newcastle players head. Football is not an exact science and certain things are down to opinions.
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