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  1. Thanks for sharing your Photos. I'm the woman Bruce kissed in Darlington County :-) if anyone else have Photos/video of this, please contact me jungleland@lhpnet.dk
  2. The bar is in New Jersey, it's an old Photo, around 2008 I think
  3. I'm curious about how many fans, that have GA's for Leeds, and how crazy the line will be. I have GA myself, but will not be at the arena before noon.
  4. yes, I'm hoping for some shows as well, will travel over from Denmark. My hope are for indoors in NYC, NJ, or Philly, in oct. or nov.
  5. Does anyone know how many GA's were sold for Bruce's gig?
  6. New York City Seranade, from Madison Square Garden 7. nov. 2009 Great song, and an amazing show
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