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  1. Don’t think I’ve ever read such heartfelt words on here. I think most of us of a certain age can relate to at least some of the sentiments expressed. I know that I definitely can. Good luck on your continuing journey through the shit life throws at us. We’re damned lucky to have Bruce along with us for the ride.
  2. Was and always will be the coolest dude to have ever walked this earth. RIP Big Man. Missed but never forgotten.
  3. Born In The USA at St James’ Park, Newcastle. 34 years ago today (5th June 1985) life totally changed for Mrs G99 and myself. It would be great if we were back there to see Bruce and the 12 months time.
  4. Enjoy tonight Dr O. Our tickets are booked for the Cluny on 6th July and also will be for The Sessions Christmas Party in December. If they're coming to somewhere near you, do yourself a favour and get a ticket.
  5. Loved HS from first listen. Still do. This one might be a slow burner, but I suspect I could be skipping it when listening to the full album. Interesting that a few people have mentioned Andy Williams. I thought exactly the same. I think it will get a lot of airplay on Radio 2 and the like. Could be a winner on Eurovision if it was entered !! 6 out of 10,
  6. Probably not to everyone's taste, but I'm hooked big time. Just beautiful. Roll on 14th June.
  7. Googled it. Entered the name of the film in the Cinema's search function on their sites. I can't find a search function for your local cinema in Stratford but it's on at Cineworld in Solihull and Vue at Leamington Spa. Not sure how far they are from you?
  8. Sorry if this has already been mentioned but I just came across it tonight. For fellow Geordies, it looks like it’s being shown at The Gate in Newcastle on 22nd May.
  9. Dougie has just confirmed on FB, a “post Independence Day party” at The Cluny on 6th July.
  10. Came 2nd at 40/1. Like Roy I also had a couple of quid each way. Paid for Saturday night’s curry !!
  11. Thought I would bump this back up. If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow evening, get yourself along to The Cluny.
  12. Just donated. Not been on here as much as normal this year. Got a lot of stuff going on, but I check in when I can and it always helps to be amongst friends. Many thanks Karsten and to everyone who contributes to The Lake. ps Roy - great post mate.
  13. I did indeed Roy. Been at Cheltenham for the weekend and it added to a profitable 3 days.