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  1. 2020 has been a shitty year for all of us. This place helps. Donation made with love and thanks.
  2. Happy Birthday Bruce So pleased that in this crappiest of years, we’ve got something to look forward to and be excited about with the new album on its way. It’s great that you’ve again got your timing spot on. I / we all need this album to brighten life up a bit. Who knows if we’ll ever see live shows again, but If not, so be it, it seems we’ve got lots to look forward to on E-Street. Have a great Birthday Boss, and keep rockin’.
  3. RIP Big Man Hope you’re ripping it up on your celestial sax. Never forgotten.
  4. Hello to both of you This is a great place to hang out. The Lake is a welcoming place with great people. Hope you both enjoy your time here, and don’t be shy to voice an opinion about all things Bruce.
  5. This year is going from bad to worse. Lost my mam on NewYear’s Day, and yesterday was tough for the family. We’ll get through it though, and we WILL see each other Further On Up The Road. Best wishes and stay safe all.
  6. Very sad news. I was (still am) a Rush fan before I discovered Bruce. Quite simply the best drummer I ever saw. An absolute master of his craft. RIP Neil.
  7. It's 'Sessions' time again at The Cluny on Saturday night. Tickets are still showing as available, so get yourself along to see Dougie and the lads and start your Christmas festivities Springsteen style! Hope to see some of you there.
  8. Don't forget their Cluny gig on Saturday 7th December! And if anyone is looking for a night of 'live Bruce' before then, the NE Street Band are at The Exchange in North Shields this Saturday. Another good night out with a canny bunch of lads. I'm not their agent either!
  9. Why isn't he up to rockin' with the ESB just because he hit 70? He's fitter than your average 70 year old man. Hell, Steve isn't anywhere near as good shape as Bruce and he certainly let rip with the Disciples this summer. I too suspect we might have to wait for the retrospective stuff. Fair enough, we've got the original recordings to listen to. I'm looking forward to a new album of ESB material and a tour to follow. If we don't get 4 hours, so what? Bruce himself said he "shoots for 3 hours", that's hardly short changing his audience. The OP concluded by saying 'Bruce had never let him down'. He isn't going to start now.
  10. I followed Bruce protocol and didn’t stand up and applaud after every song, but bloody hell, I really wanted to. It’s the same songs but it’s a completely different album. He’s got to do some of these songs live hasn’t he? Fantastic, although though Q&A just felt like padding for the sake of it. I would happily have just watched that (once!) when the Blu-Ray is released.
  11. Bumping this back up as a reminder about tomorrow’s gig at The Three Tuns in Gateshead, which now has the added bonus of a support set from Young G99l Hope to see a few of you there.
  12. Thought I’d give a plug to a new Bruce tribute band now doing the rounds in the North East. The NE Street Band are newly formed, and have only played a handful of gigs so far, but we’ve caught them twice now in the last few weeks and I’d recommend fellow Lakers in the NE to check them out if they happen to be playing near you. They play the classics, but mix it up a bit, with some Sessions and solo stuff as well. Have a look at their website or on FB. They are playing The Three Tuns in Gateshead next Friday, and The Exchange in North Shields in a few weeks. We’ll be at both and it would be cool to see some of you there. Always worth supporting bands playing Bruce’s music live in the North East whilst we hope and pray for our man to hopefully grace us with his presence next year.
  13. Hi Eileen As Red Headed Woman has advised, click on the 'what's on' link on the Odeon website and either scroll down the list of films, or click on the magnifying glass icon and type in WS. Looks like it's on at Silverlink, Metrocentre and Durham in our neck of the woods. They're also showing the recent Q&A that Bruce did, after the film. Hope you get sorted.
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