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  1. Signed that banner opening night of The Rising tour. Meadowlands NJ. Greasy Lake tailgate party. I scored one ticket to that show thanks to some members here. Drove to the show alone. Met some Lakers, made some friends and signed that banner. This site was relatively young at that stage. Alot of members have come and gone. That banner tells a story of what this community was, is and still can be.
  2. I know things are back when floor level seat is $375 bucks. back in business baby
  3. Springsteen has written about the human condition for decades. The human condition is made up of many many ingredients. Good and Bad. Why do we do things. Why do we do great things, why do we do the worst things humanly possible. Sometimes he tries to give some answers and many times he leaves the questions open for debate. The purpose sometimes might simply be for people to talk about the art, thus this very topic.
  4. I've been on this site for 21 years. Pure insanity.
  5. Why is this a downer. Do you think he is doing this in lieu of something else. he wasn't going to do anything with the band over these next couple of months, so he is doing this. One key sentence in the releases indicates he was approached to do this as a move to reinvigorate Broadway which was dormant for months and months. To that I say fantastic since it not only is a City institution its a worldwide institution of the arts for all those that visit the city. Which they hope is many this summer. I say good deal. Hope it sells out. Makes some revenue for the area, theatre, gets theatre workers back to work etc. Then hopefully lets move onto a tour
  6. Wenner stepped down in 2019. Not to see he doesn't still have influence. Zevon will get in eventually just like Carol King or Tina Turner who should have already been in. I don't really have issue with Jayz or NWA getting in. Generes spin into Genres into Genres. Sure it says Rock and Roll but we've got Blues, Doo Woo, R&B, Soul etc. It's also tentacles of a term made by a guy decades ago.
  7. Is the one where Liam Neeeson plays the guy who has someone after him or set him up, or something has happened to him or his family and he has to avenge them or figure out who set him up?
  8. Has anyone actually gotten a traffic ticket. Its all about pleading , bargaining. People getting ticketed for driving 110 MPH then pleading down to a sign violation. The whole system is a sham. This is absolutely no different. One difference here is he was ticketed for a violation that didn't meet the standard of said violation.
  9. I've listened to the first two episodes. They are terrific. If you are not going to listen due to "politics" you will be missing great insight and stories about life, his career, some terrific insight into Clarence and Bruce relationship and race. There is discussion about how their experiences and life have differed or are similar to the topics discussed. Its less "political: then you might assume. If you assume and therefore don't listen you are missing out.
  10. Im pissed I financed western stars over a 60 month term. Should have it paid off in 2024
  11. Its ad so much that it was paid for by a company to play on TV. I think the point some are making and I am on that team is the Super Bowl "Ad" generally is a different animal that your normal spot. Alot of companies use that spot for a message or a tribute, a more serious tone. Ala the Toyota Commercial about the Olympic Swimmer. Did you even remember or know it was a Toyota spot. In other words the "Ad' is not about the product in the very least. He never mentions the product, highlights any model jeep, any feature set, any price point, sale etc. Its basically a message sponsored by Jeep and spoken by Bruce Springsteen. Now does that make any agree or disagree with the message, that's another argument. BTW some have said it would have been more effective suing some "normal" person. Maybe but nobody would be talking about it today like they are now, and not just here.
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