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  1. What's so funny about peace , love and understanding.
  2. Yup free trial done. It actually was supposed to go down on the 1st I believe. I'm not sure peoples ire should be at Bruce. Its Sirius XM radio. Subscription service that provided a few free months as a service through the Pandemic. You got 4 free other shows along the way. HE didn't mane the decision to end the trial.
  3. I can still listen to Sirius on my phone through the app? Not sure why.
  4. It's one of the finest songs he has ever written. Nothing more to add.
  5. Ill reverse this with a show I saw and wish I hadn't. BB King a few years back. A bucket list thing and had some expectation that he was obviously an older version of what he once was. However It was a truly embarrassing and unfortunate event. I watched a very old legend get rolled out onto the stage for an hour and mail it in. A real shame.
  6. Great Rock Band in those days. Terry Kath was an unreal talent. Wonder what their career would have looked like if he hadn't gone far too soon.
  7. Good Topic-mine are not best concerts, but memorable experiences. Bruce- 9/1/1985-Concert was rained out form original date. Rescheduled, which then made it the last show at Giant Stadium of the BITUSA tour. So we got two tailgates out of the one show. tenth row center on the floor. Went with about 40 of my best friends and family. Still the best musical "event" I've ever attended. From the waiting on line for 24 hours for tickets, to the tails gates, to the show. Unreal experience we ALL still talk about. Frank Sinatra-I Lived in Albany NY during College. They built the at the time Knickerbocker Arena downtown. I believe its called the Times union Arena now. They opened the Arena with Sinatra. Obviously the later part of his life and career. Everyone was duded up like a black tie event. Big grand opening. Sinatra was slightly tipsy for sure. Its was a great event with a true legend. In terms of concert, it was ok. But the circumstances were tremendous. Billy Joel Questions and Answers-Held at West Point NY. Billy has done these seminar style questions and answer sessions over the years. Really enjoyable experience to hear insight into writing and his processes. Allowed many audience members on stage to perform with him. Funny, personable guy. To see that close an interactions between audience a legend of his ilk was really a great experience. U2- Meadowlands Arena- Twice on their run for the Joshua Tree. 7th row and tenth row. Again a great gang of people. A few got pulled on stage with a banner while they sang Gloria. The Joshua Tree was and epic album of my later HS years, the buzz of those shows was crazy. The Stones-Giant Stadium- I was working at a radio station and was in charge of bringing a group of listeners on a party bus. Its the Stones for god sake. Nuff said. Those that haven't and or wont: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, The Cure (for my wifes sake)
  8. Chinatown. First time. Great film. Classic Hollywood stuff.
  9. Just caught the last hour of The Revenant. I've seen it numerous times. I enjoy movies that you observe behavior and not just words. Alot of that here. The final 30 minutes is tremendous.