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  1. Great finds . VanWarmer and Max look alike. You cant beat the ballads from the era.
  2. I worked on an AM radio station that played all of this stuff. I can recite lyrics of all of this stuff. AM Gold, which became what was described as Adult Contemporary later. Everyone from America to David Soul to Randy VanWarmer, Bread, JT, Little River Band, Commodores, carly Simon. Linda Ronstadt, on and on. Speaking of On and On, Stephen Bishop. Some of it great stuff, some laughable in its sugary lyrical badness. Great fun memories.
  3. Just rewatched Atomic Blonde. Awesome soundtrack, good fun, great action. Lastly Charlize Theron, sweet moses smell the roses.
  4. Just watched Marriage Story. Very good film highlighted by great performances. Adam Driver has become one of the best on screen. Loved seeing Alan Alda, who has such a wonderful presence in this. You can see his arm shaking from his bought with Parkinson's which was sad. Scarlet Johansson, Laura Dern and excellent Ray Liotta too. Tough subject, a couple of really powerful scenes that anyone married can be honest and relate too. All in all very good.
  5. An all time comedy. I think something like Curb your Enthusiasm on HBO is something that lives closely to this film in that it is an equal opportunity offender, leaves nobody unscathed, no religion or race. Hell even medical conditions. I think it always depends on whose making the film. Could it be made today, maybe.
  6. Agreed with the post were someone noted about thexreunion tour sequence of Youngstown, Murder and Badlands and the even into OITS. An amazing stretch , showing the power and glory of the band. OITS was sort of the , ok I just punched you in the face for 20 minutes now let's have a dance. Tremendous
  7. Started The Devil Next Door which is 5 episode documentary about a man tried for being the nazi Ivan the Terrible. Through episode 2 , more tonight. Heavy but interesting.
  8. In theory no better way for him to go.
  9. Yes there are based on the inclusion of The Temptations, The Supremes, Johnny Cash, Brenda Lee, etc. There are several artists in both the Rock and the other two you noted. Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King and others are in the rock and Blues Hall of Fame.
  10. From the sounds of some opinions about 80% of the acts should not be in. Prince, every Motown artist, every doo woo artist, any R&B artist.
  11. I dont know if I can bring myself to
  12. Do you think Miles Davis should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I don't know I just think Rock and Roll is an encompassing terms for all sorts of artists whose music falls under that large umbrella. I mean Put Black Sabbath and Metallica next to the Drifters and Cat Stevens for example. Nobody fell over themselves complaining about any of those four that I know of. Yet so incredibly different sounds.
  13. Wenner is out as of January 1. He stepped down as chairman. The Nuge may not be in because hes terrible. Sorry.