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  1. We are all now safer today from having to hear Gloria by Laura Brannigan and some of the worst song choices by a President ever again.
  2. Lennon has always been an interesting case study in my own personal musical tastes. I cant ignore the genius of the man. There is quite a bit of his solo stuff I can live without. Then there are just absolute gems as well. He is the same category with a Dylan, Bowie type. Those that saw music as art and an experiment as well. Trying different things, sounds, noise etc. Some for me worked and some just did not. Its just a personal taste thing. As a person I also found him to be kind of jerky in some ways. At the same time I was always amazed that a man who came out of the Beatles who had z
  3. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/521513-trump-on-if-biden-wins-maybe-ill-have-to-leave-the-country?fbclid=IwAR0pE1PNYNmoXj0jLxajDEiPLzvbPB0iBt4LUyqEKXtmT_mIHUAtEfnXdWI Hahahahaha Shut up and golf.
  4. Of course she is lying. Its all about Trump, but she is wrapping it nicely in a bow labeled this isn't about Trump. Which is only available at the Maga website under Trump bows. Sorry to hijack the thread, carry on.
  5. The video is about Pennsylvania, not Missouri or Illinois. It's a well done political ad, using a remarkably emotional song. That those here who support Trump dont like it , is so unsurprising. Can you name a anti Trump Ad you do like. It uses actual residents which is always most effective in an a political ad. It's not all about Covid btw. Is he to blame for Covid, no. Is he on the top of the list for response and handling, you bet. He still is.still downplaying now, like he said in his taped interview. The ad is effective since people are talking about. If you dont like
  6. The remake of American Pie by Madonna always scares the crap out of me.
  7. This is fandom at its finest. You dont have to like it or love it or hate it. No rules to music. It hits you or it doesnt. No need to be angry if you like it and someone doesnt. The only I know about music is I'M always right about the things I like.
  8. Nice little diddy's. Musically E Steet. Lyrics have some classic bruce themed lines. Letter to You. Who? First impression, a letter to himself. But could be interpreted in many ways.
  9. Wow not even officially announced and people are bitching. Gotta love it.
  10. If it was about Trump it would be Strongly Worded Letter to You
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