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  1. My wife and I watched the last 45 minutes or so of the HBO 50th anniversary special. So fun as children and then as parents to sit and just , oh remember that, oh I remember that. A real treasure.
  2. Different strokes indeed. I've said Moonlight Motel is in the pantheon of best things he has written. The live version with Patti, I find brutal to listen too. Which saddens me.
  3. Sort of except no bruce song is close to two hours.
  4. My wife can recite every single word from Grease. I mean every word of it literally. Its quite insane.
  5. Boy Erased. Disturbing that this actually occurs. Sending your child to essentially a day camp to reverse their homosexuality. Good film with good performances. Russel Crowe sticks out in the film as the preacher father of the boy.
  6. Metzenbaum Scissors by far my favorite surgical instrument.
  7. I believe the smothering chicken episode was the finale. I could be mistaken. Was always a fan of any episode with sidney freeman. The episode with Whiplash Wang is classic
  8. Great series that faded for me as time went on. When Charles arrived it started going down hill. Trapper and Frank years were far superior.
  9. Caught a bit of this last night, not all. Will go back and watch the rest. Two words. Black Face. So prevalent back then. Part of the fabric of early music . Culture clash and collaboration all at once. Creating a sound that defines really all music in this country. Fascinating stuff.