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  1. I wish they had just asked for everyone on the boards approval before writing and releasing this. I mean they should have written something each of the folks here would like
  2. This list is quite hilarious and really not worthy fighting about. I find it more interesting how the lists or peoples opinions about the greatest songs or albums has Become almost a "trained" opinion. In other words is Respect even Aretha Franklins greatest song. I certainly dont think it is, hell its not even her song. Is Stairway even Zeppelins greatest song, Id argue not even close. We are just used to seeing them there or saying they should be at the top. It gets everyone riled up though and that all RS cares about. It gained some attention which is what they sorely need.
  3. Watched the HBO airing many many times. I have the show on vinyl. The version of Bridge over troubled water is one of the great vocal performances, an absolute showcase. Fantastic show and allaround moment.
  4. Fair point, I wish we all looked like we did 33 years ago.
  5. Just an observation. The man never wears a suit, claims he even hates wearing them. Perhaps the fit type of suit, since there are many simply provides a look everyone here isn't used to. Perhaps it's a fitted suit that simply showcases what his body actually is. I can't believe I'm actually engaging in this conversation..lol
  6. Hes not universally loved on this website...lol
  7. If his appearance helped in healing just one of those family members today than his appearance was worth it.
  8. I was here at that time. 20 years on. A terribly sad day. Now a day of reflection, remembrance, tears, community and hopefully peace to the victims and families. Rise Up
  9. One of the most brilliantly odd, fun, under appreciated musicians of our time. His final appearance on David Letterman is a must watch.
  10. Tougher than the Rest was made for a full horn section. The repeat of "the road is dark" section coming out of the guitar solo was how the original should have been. I was a senior in HS in 88 .Saw a few shows that year. One with my HS crush at the time. That tune had special meaning at the time. Great shows and great times. One the great " adult" records of all time.
  11. Signed that banner opening night of The Rising tour. Meadowlands NJ. Greasy Lake tailgate party. I scored one ticket to that show thanks to some members here. Drove to the show alone. Met some Lakers, made some friends and signed that banner. This site was relatively young at that stage. Alot of members have come and gone. That banner tells a story of what this community was, is and still can be.
  12. I know things are back when floor level seat is $375 bucks. back in business baby
  13. Springsteen has written about the human condition for decades. The human condition is made up of many many ingredients. Good and Bad. Why do we do things. Why do we do great things, why do we do the worst things humanly possible. Sometimes he tries to give some answers and many times he leaves the questions open for debate. The purpose sometimes might simply be for people to talk about the art, thus this very topic.
  14. I've been on this site for 21 years. Pure insanity.
  15. Why is this a downer. Do you think he is doing this in lieu of something else. he wasn't going to do anything with the band over these next couple of months, so he is doing this. One key sentence in the releases indicates he was approached to do this as a move to reinvigorate Broadway which was dormant for months and months. To that I say fantastic since it not only is a City institution its a worldwide institution of the arts for all those that visit the city. Which they hope is many this summer. I say good deal. Hope it sells out. Makes some revenue for the area, theatre, gets theatre workers back to work etc. Then hopefully lets move onto a tour
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