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  1. I was 16 when this occurred. I recall it happening but we weren't in 24 hour news, internet times. Frightening situation. Frightening initial handling of it. It's a 5 part series, up to 3rd episode. Excellent so far.
  2. First impression, is its ok. it did not grab me. Its a bit disjointed. I feel like sometimes he isn't singing lyrics as much as listing words, if that makes sense. On its own it is an ok tune that like anything else may grow on me and it may be better in the context of the full album. Which I whole heartedly think is a thing. Meaning some songs stand sound better amongst the rest of the project.
  3. For shits and giggles I took the online practice test. Just the practice one. I got 5 out of
  4. My wife is not a huge Bruce fan, she has attended two shows with me. I've seen upwards of 20. I did play this song for her once and said this line and this song reminds me of her and I. Its a wonderful line for those who go the long road with one another. To me it is a sign of not just love, but what makes a long lasting relationship. Laughter and Friendship. The little moments. Great tune, great line.
  5. Currently on HBO. Highly disturbing, disgraceful and just a truly sad story. Adults failing children.
  6. There seems to be a growing dislike for his success. The idea is to answer questions and make money. Just because he does it a bit differently, some people are losing their mind
  7. I've listened a few times now. I truly really like it. I always guage the collection of songs when it comes to a Bruce project. Meaning will I come back and listen front to back, song one through the final tune. Magic was the last yes, Wrecking Ball was close.
  8. Some players have started to pick to higher dollar clues to try to offset him picking them. Problem is they arent as good as him.
  9. First listen. I like the song. I can see it growing on me. I have always liked this "genre" of music if in fact it is a genre. Vibe may be a better word. One negative, and may be from listening on my phone. I felt the orchestration was a bit loud or took from the lyric. Found myself hearing the strings more than his lyrics. Again could just be phone. Good driving song. Like in an early 70s movie.
  10. Agreed I'm already getting ready for bed and not eve 830pm. Early bird specials come on!
  11. I was coming here to make a post. We have watched Jeopardy every night for years. The guy is really something else. I'm not getting the hate I see for him. I mean Ken Jennings was on for like 70 something games. Imagine if he was as aggressive in his betting. The only way this guy loses is if he beats himself on one of his big bets by getting it wrong.