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  1. Metzenbaum Scissors by far my favorite surgical instrument.
  2. I believe the smothering chicken episode was the finale. I could be mistaken. Was always a fan of any episode with sidney freeman. The episode with Whiplash Wang is classic
  3. Great series that faded for me as time went on. When Charles arrived it started going down hill. Trapper and Frank years were far superior.
  4. Caught a bit of this last night, not all. Will go back and watch the rest. Two words. Black Face. So prevalent back then. Part of the fabric of early music . Culture clash and collaboration all at once. Creating a sound that defines really all music in this country. Fascinating stuff.
  5. IT Chapter 2 good film , not great Bill Hader is a highlight. I find to be flat out funny and he has some real acting chops. Generally likeable dude too. Has some good scares and some funny stuff too. My wife put on a hall of fame screaming performance in the
  6. I hope Brown wrecks his knee. Jerk.
  7. Steely Dan is a great reference point. Gifted Skilled Musicians, Great Band. But not for everyone. You can hate Steely Dan but you cant deny the greatest of their talent.
  8. I'm digging folks respect for REM. Tremendous band and in my top 10. I'll have to ponder 9 more. There is a difference between top 10 favorite and best I suppose.
  9. Hell or High Water. Good film, not great. Thought I was watching a take off of No Country for Old Men. Good performances, Jeff Bridges is always a treat. Just a bit clique. Upside. Pleasant film with a few very funny parts. Give it a 6.
  10. ), You cannot under estimate the mark the man left on music/culture. In terms of music he hit some amazing marks, he also had a tremendous catalog of terrible songs to be fair. His voice was an absolute wonder for sure. His comeback special in 68, the sit down, dressed in leather unplugged section (if you will) is one of the great moments in music. Plus If I can Dream simply shows his amazing range and soul. An artist that unfortunately turned into a caricature of himself. But when stripped away was a really amazing talent.