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  1. Just started The Alienist. Pretty good thus far. Dark..
  2. Just listened while i was working. wonderful album as usual. You are right about the title track, certainly a different spin for her in terms of lengthy instrumental runs. Good stuff. I always compare her to James Taylor. What I mean by that is her and JT's voice have a certain ahhhhhhhhhh feeling about them. Its all good when you hear it.
  3. Was it in 3d? I remember going to the theatre and putting those glasses on. So cool then. Somewhat funny now.
  4. There are a number of these types of YouTube channels now. people hearing and reviewing songs for the first time. Lost in Vegas is an entertaining one. I like the critique of the dancing here. Not one of Bruces finer moments.
  5. I saw the preview for this. I believe my reaction was "boy that is going to suck".
  6. A question could be is Taylor swift the same to her fans as springsteen is to us. Is that the similarity. Meaning does she speak to her fans as personally as bruce does to us. I think that's fair.
  7. THUE

    The Go-Gos

    Get them in the hall of fame.
  8. Brimley was 50 when he made cocoon. He always looked 70. Had a good career. Solid actor. He did get his ass kicked in The Firm.
  9. I was 10 years old. Walked into our local department store , Barkers. I wonder if anyone remembers Barkers. Back when you had stand alone department stores. Birthday money in hand and bought the vinyl. I remember how new vinyl had a certain smell, maybe just the packaging. The album sleeve has the 5 members photos with of course in the middle, picture twice the size. Thinking holy crap look at these guys. Then needle on record, and bong , bong, bong. Into riff. Ten year old boy blown away. Just great rock and roll no holds bared, no deep thinking. Fun, powerful stuff. Like Little Richard on steroids. Always loved Shake A Leg Great shit!
  10. Well Pro-Active is going to go out of business if a bands name change clears up bad skin. Teens across the world are rejoicing. Zit Cancel Culture!