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  1. Verdi Cries-10,000 Maniacs The man in 119 takes his tea all alone. Mornings we all rise to wireless Verdi cries. I'm hearing opera through the door. The souls of men and women, impassioned all. Their voices climb and fall; battle trumpets call. I fill the bath and climb inside, singing. He will not touch their pastry but every day they bring him more. Gold from the breakfast tray, I steal them all away and then go and eat them on the shore. I draw a jackal-headed woman in the sand, sing of a lover's fate sealed by jealous hate then wash my hand in the sea. With just three days more I'd have just about learned the entire score to Aida. Holidays must end as you know. All is memory taken home with me: the opera, the stolen tea, the sand drawing, the verging sea, all years ago.
  2. Watched Annihilation with Natalie Portman. Not bad at all. She is on my list if you know what I mean.
  3. I just located and purchased Fast Times at Ridgemont High on Vinyl. Some good and weird stuff on that collection. Some good use of song in that film.
  4. I bought this on vinyl a few months ago. Found it at a second hand shop for $8 bucks used. Great shape, a few crackles (which is awesome). A Brilliant album. A great piece of the times. I'm the youngest of 8 kids, lucky enough that my older sibling introduced me to the these albums when i was a young . It brings back tremendous memories.
  5. I watched the first 45 minutes of the 1st part and shut it off. After the kid started discussing masturbation, spreading his ass cheeks and rubbing MJs nipples. Buh Bye. Not something I want to hear or think about.
  6. Just watched the most recent Halloween film. Pretty good. Some good odes to the originals. If you like Scary movies its worthy of a viewing. The original is still one of the greats.
  7. Watch every night as well. Tough stuff for sure. Hoping for the best.
  8. I saw about 5 minutes of it. They were saying MJ would call their house and invite himself over for dinner and to stay over. Like a normal every day family getting a phone call from Michael Jackson asking to come over. I mean huh.
  9. Have not had time to watch it. A few of my brothers have seen it. They share the sentiment that is all seems too believable. Which leads me too why I would want to watch. Horrible.
  10. I like a good deal of his music. Very talented guy but even more so a troubled odd person. I think it's hard to believe something inappropriate had not happened with some of these kids. I may fumble this thought but it seems if true not from a place of evil, although an evil deed. If that makes sense.
  11. Anyone watch the 1st part. Didn't realize it was on. I'm also not sure if I even want to watch. Certainly controversial. Lots of backlash on line today following part 1.
  12. Credence is certainly on the list. Pearl Jam could be in the discussion. And yes without question REM is on the list
  13. The Hangover always makes me laugh. The Original Naked Gun. Tootsie is an underrated comedy. Planes , Trains and Automobiles.
  14. Bohemian rhapsody. Underwhelmed I'm afraid. The guy does a pretty good job for sure. Film never dug totally into any aspect of the film. Just tip tied around a the edges . More blurbs than a flowing film. It certainly reminded of how wonderful a performer he was. Great band too. Just didn't win me over.