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  1. THUE

    Official 2018 NFL thread

    I hate the pats as much as anyone. And I mean hate, but can we stop with the weird NFL conspiracy. How about somebody stop them on 3rd and 10 or 3rd and 9, once? They come up with every big play, every key catch, every big run. I hate every minute of it, but the conspiracy stuff is idiotic. Yes the roughing was terrible call. Gronk gets mugged on practically every play and he rarely gets a call. The reviews while all going the Pats way were al the correct call. Also hey Andy Reid how about calling a time out in the OT while you D is dragging ass down the filed. Are you conserving them for next year. I hate the PAts with a sincere passion. They just come up with the plays, it never fails.
  2. Watched Red Sparrow last. I found it way to long and generally pretty boring. I like Jennifer Lawrence, but this was not her best.
  3. THUE

    The Who 2019

    I believe Entwistle was under this scenario. I never heard roger being in that boat. Entwistle unfortunately was petty careless guy financially from most reports.
  4. THUE

    A Little Bit O' Motown in my Soul

    I love me some Motown. The Stevie Wonder version of We can Work it out is better than the original.
  5. Recorded the Premiers last night. Will watch tonight. Anyone tune in? Thoughts.
  6. We watched Beautiful Boy last night. It's an Amazon produced film and can be found on prime Steve Carrell stars. Based on a true story . His son is hooked on Meth. Heart wrenching from a parents perspective. There is nothing remotely enjoyable about the film, from a content point of view. So prepare for an utterly depressing 2 hours. The movie itself is a good movie , not a very good or great movie. To choppy in the story telling. I feel like a lot of movies these days love to flashback to much instead of letting the story flow.
  7. Dominic Chianese was good friends with my uncle . They used to visit assisted livings and hospi6and sing to folks. He came to my uncles funeral. This was probably a year or two into the sopranos. He very charming, dapper and kind man. That story aside he obviously a very fond relationship with Gandolfini. There is another documentary about Gandolfini that has a bit about a poem Chianese wrote about him after his death. The theme compares him to wine wine. It's very touching. Tremendous show, and seemingly cool group of people.
  8. THUE

    The Who 2019

    The "last" show in 82 at Maple Leaf Gardens is an awesome show. I get the shots at them and the final tour things. In the end its music, they are musicians. Go play music.
  9. THUE

    The Who 2019

    It's just music people, calm down.
  10. THUE

    The Who 2019

    This is an interesting idea and could be very satisfying. Some of the statements really provide a look at legendary acts really dealing with the end. References to health etc.
  11. THUE

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    Great album, great voices. I always remember an episode of The Wonder Years where Kevin's math teacher passes away and they used Goodbye my Friend at the end of the episode. Heart wrenching.
  12. THUE

    The Magic album, performed live

    Great album. My sticking point with this album however has always been Radio Nowhere. While a good tune, it simply has never fit for me, plus it opens the album. It simply has no flow with the rest of the tunes.
  13. THUE

    Golden Globes for Bohemian Rhapsody

    Suprising really. I have not seen it but based on the reviews the movie was ok. His performance better than the film. The people I know who saw were very disappointed in the film, but like I said thought he was good.
  14. The Pine Barons episode was on last night. So good.
  15. Some of the best TV ever.