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  1. Exactly what I see as well when listening.
  2. I think this is the verse/sentence you are referring too. She was boarded up and gone like an old summer song Nothing but an empty shell I pulled in and stopped into my old spot Bruce has a wonderful way of leaving a lyric to hang, uncompleted. You feel the character just sitting in his car for that brief moment, he lets it breathe. There are some other songs where he does this, where you expect some further thought and there is none. Bothers Under the Bridge ends this way: When they passed with the red, white and blue One minute you're right there, and something slips Its really interesting and wonderful writing. Sometimes there are no words.
  3. I have listened to this song for days on end. You truly are there with these characters. I've listened to it many times and my idea about it has changed multiple times. Maybe that the beauty of a great song. It leaves a "vagueness" that allows the listener to grapple with its meaning and allows us to change its meaning based on our own lives at any given time.
  4. It really is. It's a tough statement because it seems those statements only ever seem to make sense years later. It's a stunning song.
  5. Just watched US. Unusual film. Entertaining, confusing, unnerving.
  6. I have been listening to this song every day. The first impression is this was in fact an affair in a tawdry locale. Where two young people can get lost. The imagery is awesome. Spine tingling stuff. It's really what he is about at his absolute finest. The album has grown on me. This song is a stand out not just on this album but his career.
  7. Watched Private Life with Katerine Hahn and Paul Giamatti. Story about a couple in their upper 40s and the very real struggle to have a child. It has some very funny scenes but suprising honest look at the subject and what is does to a couple. Well done and affecting film.
  8. Chasin Will Horses is the song I am humming when not listening to the album. So thus far its the one stuck to my bones.
  9. It was a horrible part of th he series but I understood its place. Tough to watch for sure
  10. This was early HBO staple. Great stuff. I dont think there was an official release of this. The Simon and Garfunkel show was also an HBO staple. I have in on Vinyl as well.
  11. Wife and I saw this today. It's really very good. Better than the Queen film, certainly more honest and graphic. Egerton is fantastic. Not a spoiler but if you are not prepared for the format of the film you may be caught off guard . As it is really part musical. I got a real appreciation all over again for Taupin as a lyricist. Quite a songbook, story and legacy for both of them