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  1. You know the President? Sorry couldn't resist.
  2. I just spoke to my friend whose a plumber. He feels it's all a pipe dream.
  3. I have friend whose friends brothers friend who has a sister who knows a guy whose cousin works with a guy whose sisters mother married a guy, her second marriage btw, whose daughter knows a guy who might know something. Stay tuned.
  4. Seaver was on the 86 Red Sox, although injured prior to the playoffs. So he was part of one of the greatest WS wins (1969) and one of the worst series losses in MLB history.
  5. Melanie Trump preaches for others to do all of the things her husband does not. The fact that her platform is social media bullying is laughable. Who cares how you look, it's what you do or say. Bruce's hair is terrible but I'm glad he used his song to make a statement.
  6. My understanding is they may use "The Way it is" By Bruce Hornsby instead. Its comes closest to the feelings of the Leader of our County. You know it is what is after all.
  7. Its a great solo, its heightened by who is playing with. Are there better solos, that's of course a matter of taste and its objective. There is no answer. The solo is a "moment". A legendary moment, by a legend playing with legends at a night to honor legends. His passing not far after adds to that too. I also think a lot of rockers, fans where not aware of his chops. This solo and scenario reminds me much of the moment Aretha Franklin sang Nature Woman at the Kennedy Centers in tribute to Carol King, in front the of the President. Now that's a video moment. It all added too and heightened an already historic type occasion. To find a Bruce moment like this, I think you need to find a more "public" moment. Opening of the MTV awards in NY, performing the Rising in the Rian. That was pretty damn cool.
  8. The Prince clip increases in its legend because of the people hes on stage with, and the event its performed at. Its genius, but the genius is heightened by the stage its performed on. The swagger is untouchable. To try and compare a Bruce performance with his band versus that Prince moment with those legends beside him is not the same. That Prince moment always reminds me of the famous Clapton quote when asked what is it like to be the greatest guitarist of all time, his response, "I don't know, ask Prince".
  9. This in Narley! https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/08/fast-times-at-ridgemont-high-live-table-read-cast-with-sean-penn-jennifer-aniston-julia-roberts-matthew-mcconaughey-morgan-freeman-henry-golding-shia-labeouf-dane-cook-1203012468/amp/
  10. Just started The Alienist. Pretty good thus far. Dark..
  11. Just listened while i was working. wonderful album as usual. You are right about the title track, certainly a different spin for her in terms of lengthy instrumental runs. Good stuff. I always compare her to James Taylor. What I mean by that is her and JT's voice have a certain ahhhhhhhhhh feeling about them. Its all good when you hear it.
  12. Was it in 3d? I remember going to the theatre and putting those glasses on. So cool then. Somewhat funny now.
  13. There are a number of these types of YouTube channels now. people hearing and reviewing songs for the first time. Lost in Vegas is an entertaining one. I like the critique of the dancing here. Not one of Bruces finer moments.
  14. I saw the preview for this. I believe my reaction was "boy that is going to suck".
  15. A question could be is Taylor swift the same to her fans as springsteen is to us. Is that the similarity. Meaning does she speak to her fans as personally as bruce does to us. I think that's fair.
  16. Get them in the hall of fame.
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