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  1. I want to know where the location shots were done - - not the barn, but the way out there in the country ones. Anyone read anything about this?
  2. Back in about 1964 West Side Story was re=released and I would go down to the State Lake Theater in downtown Chicago and I would sit through it 3x in a row (back when theaters opened at 9am on the weekend). I cannot tellyou how many times I've seen it; the roof top AMERICA is when I fell in love with dance and the music?? Are you kidding?? A couple years back Ben Platt sang, SOMEWHERE on the Grammy Awards and I never get tired of it; it is still the answer to the question, "what is your all time favorite movie?". And so who the fuck does Spielberg think he is anyway?????
  3. Off the Bruce thread in TIU,, Sterling K Brown is wonderful and has deservedly won every award he was nominated for. But I gotta say Milo Ventimiglia portrays the wisest, kindest, most loving father the likes of which I haven't seen on tv in eons. He deserves a few nominations as well...
  4. AANNND....since dad died that means she had an extra ticket. NOW if they had wanted to make it really realistic she would have pulled out her phone and signed on to Greasy Lake and sold it to some forlorn fan and even made a few bucks!!! It made me smile and that she, in the end, on the day of their dad's burial they go see Bruce. Sounds fookin' right to me. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I think of the nights we all spent during tours when someone was calling in the set li st and someone ws posting it here 'live'....God, I remember refreshing my page to get the latest and sometimes laughing so hard (in my room by myself) my stomach hurt. "Those were the best days of my life..."
  5. Rest in Peace, my beautiful Boss.... In a 36 hour period he showed weakness and illness and this morning while I sat on the floor reading to him - he quietly slipped away. Boss struggled with EPI his whole life and it was a struggle for us both...I do no t know exactly what happened, but I knew he was dying. I thought of running him to an ER vet, but he was peaceful with me here and so we sat together until he quietly passed. This is one of my favorite photos - I had just brought him home and was trying to sneak up to see what he was doing....silly me, you can't sneak up on a german shepherd. He was, of course, named after Springsteen. I sat with him till late last night and then he went in his crate and wouldn't come out this morning - in fact I do not think he could get up. After I finally decided it was ok to sit with him and let him go, that he was dying and I did not have to rush him to the vet to try to change the outcome, I took my coffee and I told him I was going to sit by him and read out loud so he could hear my voice. I started with one book and then had a better idea, I got up and opened the SPRINGSTEEN autobiography and quietly read the page I opened to. I did not get passed 3 paragraphs when he quietly left .... he had had a seizure earlier (which was probably a heart attack) and then I assured him it was ok to go...and just at the part where Bruce was told he was not accepted into the military during the Vietnam era draft....Boss was quietly gone.
  6. I give up a whole bunch to have horses - they are costly but they are my passion.
  7. And last but not least, Fredric the bulldog....Oh God, he is the funniest dog I have had in a long time. He's like a pelican - when they swim over the surface of the water with their mouth opening scooping up fish?? Yup, he picks up everything that might be in his way - he's my comedian. As a matter of fact I do have one more - and five horses, too.
  8. I'm in Southern, Ca...and if you can believe it...I actually dreamed about NOT being able to get to the LAST Bruce ESB concert...pretty pathetic.

  9. Hi,

    I have two friends with GA's available.

    9/30 - 1

    10/02 - 1

    10/03 - 2

    See you at the shows

  10. Im in Southern, CA - watching news not listening to Bruce, but "FIRE" is our anthem right's horrible.