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  1. On 6/29/2021 at 5:37 PM, AMIW said:

    Clifford the big red dog (not as big as @judygdogs );accidentally swallows a pug

    @JudgeBrown calls for movie to be banned



    Geez I remember that nite - Incident and a whole bunch of us sitting at our computers together thinking of you...those song list nights laughing my ass off.  The best....

  2. 31 minutes ago, bdw said:

    I can't think of dressage without remembering Snoop Dogg's comment about Mitt Romney!

    Now, in jumping - if Jessica Springsteen goes round in 48 seconds but knocks over one pole is that better than me going round in half an hour but not knocking over any fences? i.e. does a fault increase your time by x seconds so she still wins?

    No, the clear round (no knock downs) is the leader, but there are limits and a half hour is beyond that!!!


  3. I was born with the equine gene - growing up in the city of Chicago with middle class working folks didn't allow me to have them in my life until I was 30.  I never became the rider I dreamed of, but I found my niche in working with scared abused horses.  I loved being able to turn them around.   In 1997 I rescued on Arabian gelding who had bneen through some hell - in the end I sent him to live out his life at a sanctuary.  15 years later in 2014 I received a call that he was still there and they were going under...I went to get him and he recognized my voice after all those years before I recognized him.  He lived with me until last year and was 30 something.  The first photo is when I saw him the first time note the scars on his back - he was one week away from being shipped to slaughter;  second was taken in 2014 when he came back after 15 years and the last photo is the day I said goodbye last Christmas.  


    challenge 6.jpg


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  4. 7 hours ago, Flagofpiracy said:

    I've always enjoyed watching the Olympic horse events.  Didn't Princess Anne complete in the Olympics decades ago?  I'll be watching and cheering Jessica on.

    Yes she too was quite the horse woman....and so is Queen Elizabeth who still rides regularly at 95.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Daisey Jeep said:

    The horse events are so good to watch Jimmy

    (Well dressage is a bit not, but Jes isnt doing 3 day evening)

    The courses are really pretty, and olympic commentators know most of us don't know the inns and outs of a lot of Olympic sports 

    If you ever took lessons or learned to ride with some ability, and then watch high level dressage --- it's not boring, it's mesmerizing.   Next time you can watch what the horse is doing and watch to see if you can figure out what the rider is doing to achieve said results from the horse.

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  6. I was born with the equine gene too.  It wasnt until I was 30 that I got to have horses, and in 1964 my horse dreams were intercepted by four guys from Liverpoool and in mid 80s I came back around to horses, but firmly planted in my Bruce family and love by then.  Jessica may have a dad that can support her passion but the hard work, commitment, frustration, tears, joys and aches and pains are hers and no one else.  Best horses and trainers mean nothing if you don't keep at it...if you dont believe in your dream and dont forget why you got into this game.  The horse comes first.  I never became the rider I dreamed of, and while I remained with horses I took a different path with them.  I sacrifice neat cars, cool clothes etc to have them in my life - I am retired now and they are still outside my window.   

    Mom and dad should be way proud of her and I sure as hell hope dad kept the Broadway schedule open for a trip to Japan.  Talk about workin' on a dream...congratulations Jessica, well earned.


    UPDATE:  Did not realize spectators not allowed....sorry dad.

    bruce 2.jpg

    bruce 1.jpg

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  7. Back in about 1964 West Side Story was re=released and I would go down to the State Lake Theater in downtown Chicago and I would sit through it 3x in a row (back when theaters opened at 9am on the weekend).  I cannot tellyou how many times I've seen it; the roof top AMERICA is when I fell in love with dance and the music??  Are you kidding??  A couple years back Ben Platt sang, SOMEWHERE on the Grammy Awards and I never get tired of it;  it is still the answer to the question, "what is your all time favorite movie?".    And so who the fuck does Spielberg think he is anyway?????

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  8. Off the Bruce thread in TIU,, Sterling K Brown is wonderful and has  deservedly won every award he was nominated for.  But I gotta say Milo Ventimiglia portrays the wisest, kindest, most loving father the likes of which I haven't seen on tv in eons.  He deserves a few nominations as well...


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  9. AANNND....since dad died that means she had an extra ticket.  NOW if they had wanted to make it really realistic she would have pulled out her phone and signed on to Greasy Lake and sold it to some forlorn fan and even made a few bucks!!!


    It made me smile and that she, in the end, on the day of their dad's burial they go see Bruce.   Sounds fookin' right to me.


    I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I think of the nights we all spent during tours when someone was calling in the set li st and someone ws posting it here 'live'....God, I remember refreshing my page to get the latest and sometimes laughing so hard (in my room by myself) my stomach hurt.  "Those were the best days of my life..."



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