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  1. FOS Zurich dropping now..!!!

    Wow, what a birthday, just bought 2 of them!
  2. He was in London again, but he has just arrived at the hotel
  3. Disabled seats are in located in the stands, one of the photo`s you posted earlier shows the view from those seats. Not the best seats in the house but way better than Gothenburg
  4. Paris I Block K for sale

    Tickets are still available and price is negotiable Drop me a PM and maybe we can work something out Row 7 is row 4 from below
  5. Paris I Block K for sale

    Just checked, they are Cat 2 actually
  6. Paris I Block K for sale

    Tickets for night 1 are still available
  7. Paris I Block K for sale

    These are still up for grabs
  8. European Tour Confirmed -

    The reason for this is quite simple, when you look on facebook and the various messageboards, it seems like nowadays people are only interested in FOS or Pit Debout tickets
  9. Two tickets for night one for sale Seats are located in Block K row 7 Dead center behind the stage
  10. European Tour Confirmed -

    They were great, seeing the band up close and the entire standing area going nuts, that combination!
  11. European Tour Confirmed -

    Well, at least it makes more sense than only being able to get in front, when your job or family life allowes for it, to take about 3 days of
  12. European Tour Confirmed -

    Just looked up it up, for Tenclub members that only goes when the concert is 100% seated That`s why it is not implemented in Europe I suppose
  13. European Tour Confirmed -

    Not in Europe at least. Not sure what that situation is like in the U.S. I believe that system was abonded over there as well
  14. European Tour Confirmed -

    Pearl Jam fans adopted the system as well Altough, more people in the PJ community oppose to the roll call system, where, unfortunately, most Bruce fans like it.

    M My mistake, but still no headliner, and apart from New Order maybe, no names for the mainstage