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    Nils! Bruce springsteen.Jesse Malin. Marah.Southside Johnny. Neil Young. Gaslight Anthem. Arcade fire.Bright Eyes.Ryan Adams. going to live gigs. Watching my 2 sons play guitar for me.
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  1. It will alll come out in the wash as my dear mam used to say. We.ll find out soon enough, whether theres anything or nothing. Stop Fretting. Thanks for making me laugh when I got home from a weekend of nights and just catching up.
  2. ooooo! Thanks Kev! should I phone the boss now,say I might be late for work, cos I got tshirts to order :)
  3. Haven,t had chance to look yet, just got in from work. had sneaky look on fb page last nite on mobile. Saw the excitement building! hopefully link will be posted before I have to go back this aft. Well done Mrs crusty oh and mr and kev. Its been brilliant and exciting watching all this unfolding since 3 weeks ago, I,m sure I spotted one at Cardiff in pit queue
  4. Kev, Best of luck to your daughter for the next chapter in her life! Absolutely gorgeous photo of your beautiful boy!!!! xx Take as much time out Kev. You and your family deserve it Once your children start secondary school time flies quickly.before you know it their at Uni.then graduating!
  5. Brilliant news! I,m on the estreet fan page as well
  6. sounds like a great idea.Thought it was a lovely touch by Bruce for doing it.
  7. Thanks for the setlist, and the laughs.What will we do now? I know.I,m going on youtube!
  8. Lol! I couldnt reply cos the lake was real busy tonight! You know at Leeds ,when he gave someone his harmonica, and The thing you strap it to yourself with! I dunno what they call them. Then hes given a guitar away tonight> think he,ll have to go shopping.and why won,t my damn smilies work
  9. Hahaha.. Didnt notice on the night but just seen Bruce mimicking hes hand movements..... Great moment FunnyYea I noticed that on the night. He,s gorgeous
  10. Tonight? Really? Bruce will have nowt left.Gave his Harmonica and thingy away other night!
  11. Oh, my! I was just gonna press the Like button, but thought I might as well give everyone a second look Well, the ladies anyway! Seven Nights? Thought he might do that one. Say my name, Bruce, say my name! I just can't stop looking at it! ...IT!!! Give oer Sue! Didnt ou get an eyeful at Leeds!
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