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  1. I can't believe

    my best friend just got engaged to that total k**b
  2. The version of Because The Night by 10,000 Maniacs from their MTV Unplugged performance. I dug it out the other day because I remembered I bought it when it came out in 1993, unaware it was a Bruce song. Strangely, I didn't buy my first Springsteen record until two years after that. I remember I really loved it at the time but I'm disappointed listening to it now. It hasn't got any of the passion or energy that a Bruce performance has. Oh well, I've learned a lot since then!
  3. who or what are you thinking about right now

    How my throat hurts and I don't much feel like working tonight. Or for the remaining 13 nights of my two week shift for that matter - especially when everyone and their mother is going to Jersey.
  4. things i need

    A lottery win so I can go to a NJ show
  5. Happiness is...

    scoring 100% in the Bruce quiz on Greasy Lake facebook
  6. Songs that link

    L.A. Is My Lady
  7. Confessional

    I shouldn't have gone out. Alcohol is not my friend. I am never drinking again.
  8. Confessional

    I'm hungover but will be going out again in two hours.
  9. Songs that link

    Dirty Diana
  10. the question conversation

    Yup - I've raced a camel! Ever swam with dolphins?
  11. Ha! Just loaded that up - cheers dude! Man At The Top....now The Price You Pay Nothing getting done today
  12. Songs A-Z

    I Won't Back Down
  13. the question conversation

    white Dogs or cats?
  14. 4 word feelings

    need a cigarette now
  15. who or what are you thinking about right now

    my ex-boyfriend who's coming to visit tomorrow