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  1. Bristols Is very tempting? But with maybe Bruce touring we will see! hmmmmmmm
  2. @Eileen heard the news....... here it comes indeed!! The killers return! In style!
  3. No it seems not, there are loads of (Smaller) bands doing it nowadays......., Retrotastic! Shake your moneymaker was a stunning first statement though wasn’t it!
  4. The people who manage to combine all three.....,
  5. This is why I can’t be arsed to post too much anymore .... To half quote the famous and vaguely related song - what will be will be, (even it it ain’t Wembley )
  6. Thought so but hadn’t bothered to check, It’s all conjecture at the moment isnt it really! thanks anyway
  7. Hey Kev, good to see you back , you may have been back for ages but I am a bit fleeting in my visits To the main board these days , do you mean there won’t be a Wembley show, or as I read it if there is one there won’t be a GA line due the the “issues” they cause nowadays. And of course if you know this what else do you know?
  8. As opposed to Mrs Ginger Wildheart? I saw them in Liverpool in 1991 , great show I seem to recall I had been at uni Up there about a month!
  9. So it’s seems that The Black Crowes are reuniting for the 30th anniversary of their debut album, 6 years after splitting I think! 2 x USA dates only at the moment but I guess time will tell....... @J this might interest you I feel.
  10. Well maybe @Daisey Jeep didn’t / doesn’t like it , but that brings back some wonderful memories from twickenham in July 2017 , not exactly the same but not far off. The opening 8 songs in that order and context are awesome!
  11. I was just wondering who might be going to these shows, hope those who do go all have a great time it’s a great show, seems weird that I have seen and an innocence and experience show last year since this JT tour was in the Uk in 2017!
  12. I agree it’s far superior and much more enjoyable than the rugby! Not heard all of it yet though!
  13. It’s here!! Maybe later after the rugby!
  14. It’s seems to have been, here’s a review from a British newspaper from 2002 , Not sure why it’s never been mentioned before. I think it might be good to hear!