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  1. I like many others was in a London hotel on this night, and set it to record on the various channels bbc was using, I think I got most of what was shown but not in any consistent order. I don’t have it anymore. I do have this ... which isn’t the whole show but is taken from the Bbc footage , not watched it for an age though. Obviously we have the Hyde park show from the night / day after officially too.
  2. Because the night, no surrender and dancing in the dark. I miss you Clarence, But he didn’t look well.
  3. At least you are honest!! I rather like it myself , only heard it once though. I did note on the cd version that murder most foul is treated as a separate entity , As well as sitting on its own separate disc the cds are also labelled differently, and it says murder most foul rather, than rough and rowdy ways disc 2. There’s also the cover art for that song on the back of the cd too. Minor Point but there you go!
  4. Thanks for the initial updates all, can’t wait to get my copy on the go! Sounds good!
  5. Lots of 5 star reviews rolling in, not read them in depth yet, Apparently the one on Uncut is 3000 words long. It’s a 6 page feature. 9/10 They say.
  6. With the new album out next week , I for one can’t wait for that, here’s a rare new print interview with the man himself from the New York Times. Some interesting thoughts on various things. Have a look to tide you over till next week. Has anyone seen any album reviews yet?
  7. Rough and rowdy ways , out 19th of june 2 cds, with Murder most foul on the 2nd disc alone I think. On vinyl too from the official site. New material including these 3 new songs, First set on new stuff since 2012’s tempest.
  8. New album 19th June!!! wooooooo hooooo!!!!
  9. Order done!! Very good cause too. Yes we are all ok thanks! All things considered! stay safe!
  10. Looks great, , I will get onto this later today! Don’t suppose there are kids ones are there? I guess it’s not viable really is it? cheers , ukj
  11. I agree in that they may be tempest era I think.....
  12. I quite like in on play 1, it almost has a chorus!