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  1. Live nation admit placing tickets directly onto resale sites...... well that’s a surprise isnt it! Although they say it’s a rare situation!
  2. They did a duet in Kilkenny I believe!
  3. I have been seeing Dylan consistently for the past 17 or so years , and I haven’t heard it sound like that . You have to admire his nerve and constant tinkering I suppose, don’t you!
  4. Oh, the fears came true then? The set list looks ok on paper! I thought the setting might not be ideal, I am sure I will hear more! There’s a somewhat basic review in the bbc site , With words like , Dylan does seem to be playing guitar anymore , it’s been quite a while really though hasn’t it. I was somewhat confused as you have changed your username haven’t you? You may have done it ages ago but I only just noticed!
  5. I can’t make this, but I hope all who go have a really great time tonight!!
  6. Yeah it’s great, we chat about it over here, and the box set too!
  7. I can 100% confirm that I didn’t buy a single one!
  8. So the sale was yesterday, total raised - $24 million , the Black Strat went for $3.9 million , that’s the most for any guitar at auction ever, One of the acoustics also set a record for the most money for an acoustic guitar. Money goes to charity (mate) , and also in the name of decluttering his house!
  9. Probably better places to start , it’s a big overview of that tour in 1975 , 5 full shows , plus rehearsals and rarities, quite cheap for what it is, maybe the official bootleg of that tour would be a good place to start!
  10. Yeah I saw that! Nice! I like the toom suggestion very much too!
  11. I think she was just rather rude to the other guests and just a bit random (again).