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  1. Yes that’s very nice and different from the released version
  2. So, the first posthumous release arrives, Thanks for the dance , 22nd of November Not sure how much there was before he passed away and how much had been added since then. Hopefully the good intentions transfer to the final product. I am sure that there many more informed voice in here than mine. Just passing it on.
  3. 1st of nov 3cds , JWH, through Nashville skyline , in Johnny cash outtakes and so on! not too bad price wise actually,
  4. More nick mason shows for 2020 in the Uk. On sale today (Thursday) at 10am they were great when I saw them in 2018, and as they are playing bath it would be rude not to I guess!
  5. Just playing it now’. Yep I likes it!
  6. Yeah I like it quite a lot too! Plus I am ready and willing for the Cardiff show too.
  7. Well spiritualized were awesome, it was billed as with 1001 candles, and didn’t disappoint! 90 mins of acoustic emotional beauty,
  8. Don’t get out much, but.....
  9. 13 for me I think, But some of those bands I do have more albums by that are not on the list.
  10. The green day single didn’t grab me on first listen, but I am sure it will grow over time! They put on a great show , don’t really know too much about the other 2 though! Lets see!
  11. New Mega disc box set from the Floyd ,(well some of them). Covering the laters years to complement the early years box from s few years back. B07WP7568V&linkCode=as2&tag=braindamage-21 now i like Floyd , but I think this might be s bit too much of a rather limited era , 2 disc highlight set to compliment it too, that might be much more like it! Nothing from live 8 or the endless river stuff , it’s a Roger free zone too. I guess the middle Mega years have also been covered in various stand alone releases too (around 2011 ish) , all apart from animals which has a rumoured 5.1 release coming at some point!
  12. Sounds very very much like the hold steady!
  13. Got an e mail about this today, the Uk cds and vinyl direct from the band have been delayed, but they sent me an early link to the mp3s as an apology, so I can have this on on the way home from work today. Anyone else had the same?
  14. With a $2 charitable donation from each purchase!