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  1. Yep it’s pretty fantastic on first listen!
  2. Arrived yesterday, not played it yet but looking forward to it!
  3. The new ones already out, lots of macca in that one!!
  4. Great show, I was on the barrier at the bit behind the main pit, I missed the pit by 3!! Gah! Shouldn’t have dropped my bag at the hotel first should I! But it was still brilliant, I have the cc boot , must pull that out again soon I think!
  5. So firstly apologies I know there are other threads on these guys, but I can’t find them and keep getting error codes. 3 bits of news! Rogers is and them film is on sky arts in the uk tonight. Whoop! It’s not out other than digitally till next week. https://www.brain-damage.co.uk/latest/uk-television-showing-roger-waters-us-them-on-saturday.html The Floyds (3rd generation) remix / remastered delicate sound of thunder gets a stand alone released in various formats. https://www.brain-damage.co.uk/latest/the-restored.-re-edited.-remixed.-delicate-sound-of
  6. Well we all wanted intimate shows didn’t we...... time will tell I guess.
  7. It’s Wednesday, how about a 3pm drop for us!
  8. All this talk of weather reminds me of this...
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