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  1. Well we all wanted intimate shows didn’t we...... time will tell I guess.
  2. It’s Wednesday, how about a 3pm drop for us!
  3. All this talk of weather reminds me of this...
  4. Isn’t it George at ASDA though? Not Alan?
  5. It will be 3pm on a Wednesday at some point, Alan’s mate Dave has just sent me a fax.
  6. Surely any announcement comes at 3pm on a Wednesday, not on a Friday, surely?
  7. Apparently they are on a bbc radio 2 thing on the tv on the 12th of sept! Just seen it on that there twitter thing.
  8. That would be 2 shows released in a row that I was at so fingers crossed! Not holding my breath though, but maybe the delay is just getting it ready for us!
  9. Or last months was so delayed that they haven’t caught up yet?
  10. Sad times, I knew it was coming from the twitter info but still very sad. 34 years, and many great Bruce (and others) features too. Used to buy this a lot, but not so much recently.
  11. Just seen on Twitter it is now August 21st, not too long then! Hurrah!
  12. Just had a proper listen, Like em both, nice. Album 11th sept think! it’s a rather a year for comebacks, bright eyes, secret machines and now doves!