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  1. I believe I saw these guys supporting the mighty Robert Plant at a leisure centre in Newport in about 2015? they were great!!!
  2. Got it on now, sounds lovely , I see what people mean about the shift in style, still very nice!
  3. I have it on cd, but not heard it yet as despite being on lockdown in my house, my 7 year olds not giving me much free time just yet! Gah!! Glad people are liking it though!
  4. Review from the nme.....
  5. So in these interesting times Nine Inch Nails have added two new albums to the ghosts concept Download here for free or for some reason buy them from iTunes one is happy , one is not , according to Trent , not heard them yet though.
  6. Interesting take on it from the guardian website. I have heard it once and do like it, more plays and decoding needed though.
  7. Thanks Bobby, I will check it out later! Come on Bruce, let’s have some stuff from you to help us through theses times too!
  8. Various Floyd related stuff for RSD 2020 , from Floyd themselves, roger waters and nick mason.
  9. Alice live in Glasgow from 1982 for record store day..... I think I would like this!
  10. No I don’t think so, I think his son is drumming...... like I think he did for his solos shows a few years back.
  11. Approx £69 to £186 plus fees. Or there are those expensive hotel and premium packages too! I did the kindly brotherly thing and got my sister 4 for her and her mates this morning in a presale for Birmingham, my credit card said ouch! She saw Phil a few years back and was keen to go again so I guess all is good for her!
  12. Rumours suggest they might be announcing a reunion tomorrow morning , 3 of them........ We will see!
  13. Here’s the details of the cd release of the show ..... it’s in various formats." plus apparently there will be a cinema showing too....
  14. Wow, bet that was good, how was Mr Gilmour? Apart from the above obviously! There's apparently a tribute album coming too, with some of the concert people on it too.