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  1. I looked back at the isis webpage today , and they have updated it to include a photo of the said box set as an advert from the new tour programme (new programme, not new tour) , must be an announcement due soon! I guess it’s all Netflix related! The mojo mag feature is nice too around 8 pages I guess. I haven’t played the cd , yet , but it’s a different version of Hattie Carrol from the night before the one on the official bootleg Rolling thunder version , supposedly quite different! Maybe a random Instagram picture of circus tent or a white faced clown might help?
  2. Off topic maybe, but.... Cardiff 2013 , I am sure people know what I mean!!!
  3. Today could and should be the special Easter hip hop loops and beats albums release date! But then again maybe not?
  4. It’s always 2pm (somewhere) on a Wednesday isn’t it for new album news?
  5. So Roger joined Nick in New York last night for a run through of “set the controls for the heart of the sun”. With a bit of gong action too! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess!
  6. There’s a track from it on the free cd with the magazine too I think!
  7. So I just randomly stumbled on this today, no mention on his site or social media, Roberts new band : collective playing in Frome in Somerset , seems they have played a few small shows elsewhere too! I am now going! But haven’t told the wife yet! It’s a little seated venue! They are called. Saving grace , still a few tickets left, £25 plus fees.
  8. Bristol might be nice , but I am not sure at the moment. Oh the pains of family life and choosing what gig to use my time for! I guess they are with a band rather than solo ? New solo album out at the end of the month! What I heard on the recent tour was pretty good,
  9. The 1966 one wasn’t “too” bad I don’t think, in context.
  10. So , and it was posted on April 1st , but on the Dylan isis Magazine blog so probably true, that this is coming soon, maybe May, 14 cd set of live discs from the 1975 rolling thunder revue tour , a bit like the live 1966 box, tied in with the Netflix special I believe. They have pictures over there but ask people not to steal and re post their content so I didn’t! I think it will be announced when the Netflix show is in all probability. Not an official bootleg release but something outside of that I guess. Not sure I need 14 docs , but we will see, ££, may be the main factor I am sure!
  11. Cardiff castle!! 2 days before Glastonbury! Tickets on sale on Friday I believe!
  12. Yeah I agree, he drove himself to the living room show we saw, in a tiny hire car, and he is a big guy, set up all his own gear ? Played, then chatted for ages afterwards and posed for photos and answered all manner of questions general and Bruce and Clarence related. Brilliant night , great guy!
  13. I wonder if there’s a release coming to go with this? Only seen a living room show of his, but that was understandably great! Shame he is not too close to me though.
  14. Only saw brief snippets of this but what learned was U2 have played I will follow- over 800 times....