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  1. That would be a good day, can we add Brian Fallon to that too?
  2. Yes I thought that , especially as it was titled the early songs of Bob Dylan. Not sure how the oh mercy track crept into that, but hey Bob does what he likes I guess (see above) .
  3. New album coming in October, plus some UK live shoes too. https://www.thewarondrugs.net/news/2021/i-dont-live-here-anymore Sounds cool to me! No nearby gigs though. Maybe I can travel!!
  4. Or the digital deluxe set is ~ £19:99 , but without all the extra stuff obviously.
  5. Double cd ~ £17:99 , 5 cd deluxe in the region of £119:99 , will have to think about this, I think. A proper look at the tracklists might be needed for sure.
  6. Yes it’s a film, rather than a concert , but it works very well and is probably all the better for it, given Bobs age and so on.
  7. Thanks for that! Not a secret this one was coming but will be good to see what’s on it!
  8. Yes I thought that too! No drums either! It suggested some aspect of it was recorded in France I think!
  9. Well I just watched it, it’s about an hour, all in black and white, artfully shot and very very good. Set in a club style setting with people at tables and dancing , 12 songs, with the newest being from no mercy , Bob’s actually in fine voice and the tracks have new arrangements as you might expect. I would catch it if you are Dylan fan, there are lots of better reviews out there if you care to look. Here’s a picture or two off my phone of my pc screen. I wonder if we might get a later career version at some point too?
  10. I think I will watch it on Monday, that’s the current plan at least!
  11. It’s this weekend if anyone’s planning to watch! I may well do so!
  12. Surely any news of this magnitude can only be released at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, none of this early morning breakfast show malarkey. if you know, you know!
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