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  1. With that in mind, I probably ought not to moan that he always seems to start in the USA these days should I! Joking aside it’s sucks it’s only been to South Africa once , and that was 18 years ago.
  2. Indeed!! Roger does a great job at creating a show though doesn’t he, especially if he has a narrative to work from......
  3. It would be good, but it won’t happen will it. But a new show / setlist with a few more unusual choices from his whole career wound be great.
  4. There’s some interviews out there about it, not seen them yet though!
  5. So Rogers back on tour, and in the round! New show , new stage , new set list (maybe?) This is not a drill (is the title of the tour) US and Canada dates late summer onwards dates on sale from the 31st of Jan.
  6. Why not? It’s entertaining!! and actually I am not guilty Of it at all really! when it’s officially announced it will be every where like crazy!
  7. That’s cos no one really knows anything, but we all really want to know something, anything, so we just let conversation wander! it’s a Wednesday, something may happen somewhere today! 3pm perhaps? but if they are only recording at the moment, I feel it may be a while in reality!
  8. Perhaps he will go all modern on us and just drop it unannounced!! ha ha!
  9. Are Nine Inch Nails mainstream? Glad they (Trent really) got in, but I agree some of the general choices are baffling In who gets in and who doesn’t and when all of this occurs!
  10. It pretty weird though because if you go into Finnish ticketmaster independently (ie not following the quoted link) and search for Bruce then this does come up. But it won’t go any further than that page. It’s very doubtful obviously, but weird none the less!