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  1. So firstly apologies I know there are other threads on these guys, but I can’t find them and keep getting error codes. 3 bits of news! Rogers is and them film is on sky arts in the uk tonight. Whoop! It’s not out other than digitally till next week. https://www.brain-damage.co.uk/latest/uk-television-showing-roger-waters-us-them-on-saturday.html The Floyds (3rd generation) remix / remastered delicate sound of thunder gets a stand alone released in various formats. https://www.brain-damage.co.uk/latest/the-restored.-re-edited.-remixed.-delicate-sound-of
  2. Well we all wanted intimate shows didn’t we...... time will tell I guess.
  3. It’s Wednesday, how about a 3pm drop for us!
  4. All this talk of weather reminds me of this...
  5. It will be 3pm on a Wednesday at some point, Alan’s mate Dave has just sent me a fax.
  6. Surely any announcement comes at 3pm on a Wednesday, not on a Friday, surely?
  7. Apparently they are on a bbc radio 2 thing on the tv on the 12th of sept! Just seen it on that there twitter thing.
  8. That would be 2 shows released in a row that I was at so fingers crossed! Not holding my breath though, but maybe the delay is just getting it ready for us!
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