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  1. The Bath event suggested that there will be signed copies available, just not signed specifically at the actual event or personalised.
  2. Well I booked for Bath, 9th of Oct. let’s see I guess!
  3. Picked this up today, it’s quite a weighty affair! Not looked at it yet though!
  4. So sad, rest in peace Charlie.
  5. Just saw it, rest in peace Charlie , sad news indeed.
  6. Interesting, nice to hear a full band version, I think there’s 7inch single out with 2 different full band versions on it. Time will tell what I think I guess, No matter what the context , that’s a wonderful song in my eyes for sure,
  7. Nice photos. Here is a pic from the last time I saw them 2017 London (Olympic) Stadium. Musically they might not be that relevant anymore, but financially I think they are getting by…..
  8. I believe the alleged dates are April and May 1965. I think Dylan was rather famously in the uk at that time. However I won’t comment any further as I don’t know specifics of anything and I wasn’t even born.
  9. Oh it’s got Jack white and the war on drugs too! Nice!
  10. Thanks for that , I might get that edition of mojo, as it has a Dylan feature too, I get uncut on subscription but that looks good too, I am sure something will pop up on uncut too on both topics in the near future!
  11. Well it’s out, not played it yet, reviews seem good, anyone have any thoughts?
  12. It’s grown on me a little now , but it is still rather absurd to my ears. (See what I did there?) How can this come from the same band who wrote November Rain?
  13. Well according to Wikipedia he changed his name and “killed off”. his former self and has been releasing albums under his new moniker , he has 10 of these in addition to the 4 or 5 as TTD. I have no idea what any of this sounds like though! Fame is a strange beast is it not.
  14. After 14 years they are finally reunited , a follow up to raising sand a new 12 track album, raise the roof is released on 19th of November. T Bone Burnett is once again producing and here’s the preview single. I loved raising sand and was lucky enough to see one of the shows in Cardiff that was truely great too. Really really looking forward to this! It’s been a long time coming as someone once said.
  15. The new shows have been truly great, I saw one in 2017 and have one booked for 2021 in theory , but yes very expensive! This new tracks nothing compared to the majority of their previous output though unfortunately.
  16. Yes I agree, if they have managed to record one track and actually release it then surely there’s more to come? But this is Axl of course so who knows what will come next or when?
  17. So the first new track to feature Axl , Slash and Duff since about 1994, has appeared , played live the other night and now in official format too. It is what it is actually called in every sense, Absurd. Based on an outtake from Chinese democracy called silkworms, it’s a sweary vocal effected rant over some good riffing , despite being “new” I guess it sounds like when it was written with Axl searching for an identity for his newly formed replacement band. I need more listens but the vocals at odds with the music to my ears, I like the riffing though. Here it is anyway, caution with regards to the language just in case!
  18. That would be a good day, can we add Brian Fallon to that too?
  19. Yes I thought that , especially as it was titled the early songs of Bob Dylan. Not sure how the oh mercy track crept into that, but hey Bob does what he likes I guess (see above) .
  20. New album coming in October, plus some UK live shoes too. https://www.thewarondrugs.net/news/2021/i-dont-live-here-anymore Sounds cool to me! No nearby gigs though. Maybe I can travel!!
  21. Or the digital deluxe set is ~ £19:99 , but without all the extra stuff obviously.
  22. Double cd ~ £17:99 , 5 cd deluxe in the region of £119:99 , will have to think about this, I think. A proper look at the tracklists might be needed for sure.
  23. Yes it’s a film, rather than a concert , but it works very well and is probably all the better for it, given Bobs age and so on.
  24. Thanks for that! Not a secret this one was coming but will be good to see what’s on it!
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