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  1. Well the albums pretty good in the first listen , picks up where raising sand left off really , just 14 years later, maybe a little more relaxed though. Had an e mail about the tour , a few USA and euro dates, but no Uk headline shows (the e mail states this as a fact) , just the eagles support at Hyde park, bit of a darned poor show really , as the 2009 (?) shows were really wonderful , BUT of course they may not happen anyway I guess. any one else heard it yet?
  2. Yes indeed, 8 from the new album and thus 8 live premieres. Just Bobby doing what he does , it is the rough and rowdy ways tour I guess.
  3. And off we go, interesting set list , from boblinks.
  4. They are supporting the eagles at Hyde park in the summer apparently….. Tour incoming I guess!!
  5. Yes Spurs does seem to be the venue of choice at the moment or perhaps West Ham, I know Spurs need the revenue given the new stadium costs and the effects of the pandemic. All the same there are numerous rescheduled gigs there already new summer. On a gig related note just seen the eagles are playing anfield next year. I think we will hear soon, maybe not today but pretty soon I reckon / hope. Could / should be the first time I can take my son.
  6. It’s a bit of an in joke dating back to around 2008 or so and it rears its head every now and then. one day we will be right!
  7. I had an e mail from badlands touting their fan club yesterday, so I expect something might come soon, as they often sell tickets and might potentially know something more then we do. Of course it’s probably clever marketing too, but I will probably rejoin just in case!
  8. Just managed to listen to the 2cd set and yes it’s very nice indeed. I be think I have neglected this era’s studio albums myself for a while too. I must rectify that. I will move into the full box as and when time allows.
  9. He did actually high five a few people as he walked out , not sure about the one in the photo above though. Seems he popped into badlands records in Cheltenham in the afternoon too. Didn’t get changed though!
  10. Here’s Stevie In Bath from today , very entertaining 90 mins of chat!
  11. Wow, you were lucky, hopefully whoever it is is ok and safe and not too I’ll. glad the show was good for you!
  12. Well Stevie is! Cos he is here in Blighty! Not 100% sure about us mere mortals going the other way! Here’s Stevie with Sarfraz from yesterday’s event!
  13. Well he’s here in the uk on his book tour, he’s been in London today I think! Seeing him in Bath on Saturday
  14. I think he tweeted that he was interviewing Stevie today on his book tour …….
  15. Well she said he was ok last week so finger crossed for you, she agreed on the set list too!
  16. Oh dear, my sister said they were glad that they went the first night, she suggested his voice was ok then, but she has reservations on whether it would hold out for the rest of the tour! Perhaps even the limited run of shows is too much for him?
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