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  1. Bobby had announced a live stream show http://veeps.events/BobDylan_SE 18th July I think….. interesting!
  2. I think have a crystal cat cd they could borrow, for a reasonable price. hopefully it’s not due to those 2 ladies talking during incident that I mentioned previously.
  3. Here’s the killers stuff …… plus more. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/bruce-springsteen-talks-broadway-killers-mellencamp-tour-1234993677/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. There’s nothing to complain about with that show, so all is good! . Well apart from the 2 women who were talking next to me during incident, but I am sure we won’t hear them.
  5. Just saw that on Twitter, still won’t be able to make it though, even less chance than last time! Interesting, many different thoughts and comments will be incoming I feel….
  6. Roger just won’t let it go , but at least we do finally get the Animals 5.1 mix. Can’t wait for that!
  7. Growing on me, yes indeed it is growing on me , anyone else got any views on it?
  8. Well, the live album that comes with this set is pretty urgent shall we say, a Saturday night show in the their home town as they sat on the cusp of bigger things, and it shows! A nice 3 disc set for the price!
  9. Pretty good on first play, but yes needs more listens!
  10. I order direct from nugs when I do get the cds , easy enough to do and they have all arrived fine so far. I have the London show too. They are not super fast but otherwise all is good!
  11. Not yet, but I am tempted on what I have heard about her. I have the album she did with Conor Oberst (of bright eyes fame). That’s pretty good.
  12. These are rescheduled dates, they should have been Dec 2020, they moved to April 2021 and they have just moved them again, optimistically I agree. I know as I got tickets for my (much) elder sister and her mates to go. They “sold out” pretty quick I think. I think Phil’s son is playing drums.
  13. I think the deposit was “only” £50, I am not 100% sure though, But with Glastonbury the tickets are very very highly sort after do I guess most people would rather hang onto them than get the their money back and then try to re book next year.
  14. I think it might just be the deposit rather than the full price.
  15. Is that you Bernie? Or just a brilliant disguise?
  16. It’s cheap as a dvd /cd combo now then too! sorry for any confusion, doh!!
  17. Oh interesting , I guess the stand alone audio cd is new though isn’t it? I have the soulfire live cd box but not the dvd / blu ray. Thanks for the clarification !
  18. So out on the 29th of jan on cd and dvd combo pack there’s a release of Stevie’s lunchtime show sometime in 2019 at the cavern in Liverpool and a guest spot with macca too , covering various Beatles and Beatles related tracks. I think that the soulfire live boxset is also getting a re release around the same time with this Macca to Mecca disc in it too. Should be fun!
  19. Yes indeed, I can still recall the joy of the first few spins all those years back!
  20. Wow it is that long? I feel oh so old. 30th Anniversary edition of shake your money maker - with b sides , alternative versions and a live show too. Might be tempted if the price is ok, which I think it might be. £20 ish I think on cd. https://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/the-black-crowes-shake-your-money-maker-30th-anniversary-reissue/
  21. So the guys are back with a new album , open door policy, out on the 19th of Feb. Great news in my eyes. The 2 singles sound good I think on an initial listen, there’s no doubting who they are based on the sound. Cant wait for this , nice news!
  22. Yep it’s pretty fantastic on first listen!
  23. Arrived yesterday, not played it yet but looking forward to it!
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