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  1. I went for a run this morning and listened to letter to you in full and it’s just such a joy, I love it! i then put my playlist on shuffle and Burnin train came on near the end of my run. I can confirm that it is a cracking song to get you through the last part of your workout. interestingly gypsy biker came on after it and they both seemed to work well together.
  2. I think it’s the industry taking advantage of the resurgence in vinyl unfortunately, which you can understand to an extent, I just can’t see why every new album and most reissues have to be on double or triple vinyl. Bruce’s merchandise is always pretty poor to be honest, surprising as it’s always an easy money maker for artists! i’ll carry on collecting vinyl for certain artists but will go back to CDs or just streaming for others.
  3. Hi all, I’ve been collecting vinyl for about 20 years now, but recently I’ve become pretty disgusted about the price that you have to pay for a new record. Bruce’s new album is around £30 for 3 sides of music!! Seems like every new album these days has to be a double or triple vinyl set. im seriously considering going back to CDs, I can get letter to you for £9.99 on amazon, if I get the coloured vinyl from Bruce’s website it costs £37 with P&P! Crazy. anyone else who collects vinyl feeling this way? cheers
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