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  1. Another vote for not liking the repetition in the outro. Otherwise, I like the rest of the song.
  2. Got a ticket at 6.15 after queuing for just over an hour. Had a wonderful night. What a heart warming film. In the Q and A Bruce confirmed that he’d be back with the ESB.
  3. Hi Jan

    Had a great time last week at Coventry. Wembley was even better.

    Thanks for the message about another FoS ticket. Did it work out? 


  4. I thought you were already following me:lol:

  5. Hi Lorraine

    Sorry you didn't have any luck today but I don't believe that all tickets were released today. I got great seats for Coventry near the stage a week before the concert. You just have to keep trying. There will be drops.

    If I hear anything I will text you straight away


    Elaine x

  6. Just heard that tomorrow's show has been cancelled. Gutted for you.

  7. Yesterday, with my phone The last time you rode a bicycle?
  8. Anchorman. I know 2nd is out at the cinema. Very funny. Also watched We're the Millers this week.
  9. false tpbm has bought something in the Xmas sales
  10. Mine too And me I think it's going to be great live. I just hope Morello isn't there. I'm also in the 95%.
  11. This is what put me off going to Kilkenny after experiencing standing at the front for 10 hours in Hyde Park last year. Although, sitting at home this weekend I felt sad not to be there.
  12. Got BTR at Coventry...............................but I still wish I was in Kilkenny tonight. Me too. If only to have heard Man at the Top
  13. Mr K's favourite. I had a sign for it in Leeds How many signs did you have in Leeds?! 2. Had a bit of a theme going on with mr k sitting up in 332. Don't want to talk about the other sign
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