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  1. Pastor Jeff

    Favourite show of 2018.

    Metallica. Unbelievable metal from some old guys...
  2. Pastor Jeff

    Metallica return!

    Jimmy, if you have the opportunity, I would ABSOLUTELY advise you to go see Metallica. They are pretty awesome, and the show is UNBELIEVABLE. You won’t regret it!
  3. Pastor Jeff

    Metallica return!

    FINALLY saw the Metallica concert last night in Sacramento. Good grief... what an incredible show! Music was great, the "theatrical show" was spectacular, and I got to share the experience with my kids--fantastic! Setlist Hardwired; Atlas Rise; Seek and Destroy; Shortest Straw; Unforgiven; Now That We're Dead; Confusion; For Whom the Bell Tolls; Sanitarium; Whiplash; Creeping Death; Moth Into Flame; Sad But True; One; Master of Puppets; Battery; Nothing Else Matters; Enter Sandman Honestly, one of the best concerts I've ever seen. \m/ \m/
  4. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 16 Predictions.. 8 December Bournemouth v Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal v Huddersfield 2-0 Burnley v Brighton 2-1 Cardiff v Southampton 1-1 Man United v Fulham 2-0 West Ham v Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea v Man City 1-2 Leicester v Tottenham 1-2 9 December Newcastle v Wolverhampton 1-1 10 December Everton v Watford 1-1
  5. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 15 Predictions... (almost forgot!) 4 December Bournemouth v Huddersfield 2-0 Brighton v Crystal Palace 1-1 West Ham v Cardiff 1-0 Watford v Man City 0-3 5 December Burnley v Liverpool 0-2 Everton v Newcastle 1-0 Fulham v Leicester 1-2 Wolverhampton v Chelsea 0-2 Man United v Arsenal 1-2 Tottenham v Southampton 2-0
  6. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 14 Predictions... 30 November Cardiff v Wolverhampton (apparently I forget that Friday games exist...) 1 December Crystal Palace v Burnley 1-0 Huddersfield v Brighton 2-1 Leicester v Watford 1-1 Man City v Bournemouth 3-0 Newcastle v West Ham 2-1 Southampton v Man United 1-1 2 December Chelsea v Fulham 3-1 Arsenal v Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool v Everton 2-1
  7. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 13 Predictions... 24 November Brighton v Leicester 1-2 Everton v Cardiff 2-0 Fulham v Southampton 1-1 Man United v Crystal Palace 2-1 Watford v Liverpool 1-2 West Ham v Man City 0-3 Tottenham v Chelsea 1-2 25 November Bournemouth v Arsenal 1-2 Wolverhampton v Huddersfield 1-0 26 November Burnley v Newcastle 1-1
  8. It was... enjoyable. But it didn't take long to make me mad... I won't really "enjoy" it until Brenden is free. And after season 2, I'm beginning to believe that Steve is innocent, also...
  9. Pastor Jeff

    Gigs 2018

    In less than a month, baby! That Struts show was pretty awesome, though...
  10. Pastor Jeff

    Gigs 2018

    Saw The Struts on Sunday night in Sacramento. Sold out club, fantastic evening! Loved the show, the musicianship, the crowd interaction, the entertainment... And as a nod to Greasy Lake, they did a long, great rendition of Dancing in the Dark! As an aside, the opening band also was pretty good. I hadn't heard of them before--a band called Thunderpussy. Four ladies who can flat-out play rock and roll. Check 'em out...
  11. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 12 Predictions... 10 November Cardiff v Brighton 0-1 Huddersfield v West Ham 1-1 Leicester v Burnley 1-0 Newcastle v Bournemouth 1-2 Southampton v Watford 0-1 Crystal Palace v Tottenham 0-2 11 November Liverpool v Fulham 3-1 Chelsea v Everton 2-1 Arsenal v Wolverhampton 2-1 Man City v Man United 3-1
  12. She toured with him before she achieved any popularity. She actually replaced Sinead O’Conner on that tour... Yes, ALL those shows are pretty great.
  13. I have on blu-ray Live in Athens, Secret World Live, Growing Up Live, and Back to Front. All are fantastic shows. What makes Secret World Live my favorite is probably that Paula Cole is the back up singer--her vocals are INCREDIBLE. I certainly mean no disrespect to his daughter or the main back up singer on Back to Front, but Paula Cole is head and shoulders above them. Listen to her on "Shaking the Tree" or "In Your Eyes" or "Don't Give Up"--she's mesmerizing. I do love Back to Front, though. The song list is great and the show itself--with all the lighting and video effects--is awesome. Love me some Peter Gabriel... Yeah, Secret World is pretty good.
  14. Pastor Jeff

    2018 College Football

    I'd like to say, "That's wrong!" but it probably ain't...
  15. It's the "creep" factor...