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  1. Pastor Jeff

    netflex- any recomendations ?

    What is this "Secret Menu" site of which you speak?
  2. Pastor Jeff

    Gigs 2019

    Going to see the Tedeschi-Trucks Band in Sacramento in May. Just got tix this morning to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit in Berkeley in June. Can't wait.
  3. Pastor Jeff

    Post a song that's made you cry.

    Every. Single. Time.
  4. Pastor Jeff

    Lindsey Buckingham surgery

    Nah, but they did the public premier of "Lick My Love Pump." Solid gold.
  5. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 26 Predictions... 9 February  Fulham v Man United 0-2 Crystal Palace v West Ham 1-1  Huddersfield v Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool v Bournemouth 3-1 Southampton v Cardiff 2-1 Watford v Everton 2-1  Brighton v Burnley 1-1 10 February Tottenham v Leicester 2-1 Man City v Chelsea 2-1 11 February Wolverhampton v Newcastle 2-1
  6. Pastor Jeff

    True Detective S3

    By the way, the scene--finally!--with the 2015 old dudes was pretty great.
  7. Pastor Jeff

    True Detective S3

    I'm with you, Mr. Rat. I'm liking it rather well. It IS slow, but the way they're going about their business makes me LIKE the slowness. Now, are they ever going to solve the case? Who knows... it certainly doesn't appear that the solution is the main thing....
  8. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 25 Predictions... 2 February Tottenham v Newcastle 2-1 Brighton v Watford 1-2 Burnley v Southampton 1-0 Chelsea v Huddersfield 3-0 Crystal Palace v Fulham 2-1 Everton v Wolverhampton 1-2 Cardiff v Bournemouth 1-2 3 February Leicester v Man United 1-2 Man City v Arsenal 2-1 4 February West Ham v Liverpool 1-2 6 February Everton v Man City 0-2
  9. Pastor Jeff

    What series are you watching?

    I loved series 1 and 2! Series 3 was not quite up to the standard of the previous two, but it was still better than A LOT of other TV...
  10. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 24 Predictions... 29 January Arsenal v Cardiff 2-0 Fulham v Brighton 1-1 Huddersfield v Everton 0-1 Wolverhampton v West Ham 2-1 Man United v Burnley 2-0 Newcastle v Man City 0-2 30 January Bournemouth v Chelsea 1-2 Southampton v Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool v Leicester 2-1 Tottenham v Watford 2-1
  11. Pastor Jeff

    True Detective S3

    I'm enjoying it so far, though it may be a little TOO much like season one. We'll see how it goes...
  12. Pastor Jeff

    Official 2018 NFL thread

    Wow. Lots of time left, however...
  13. Pastor Jeff

    Official 2018 NFL thread

    The irony there was pretty huge. And did you see how Edelmann got leveled after the interception? Wow!
  14. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 23 Predictions...  19 January  Wolverhampton v Leicester 1-1  Bournemouth v West Ham 1-1 Liverpool v Crystal Palace 2-0 Man United v Brighton 2-0  Newcastle v Cardiff 1-0 Southampton v Everton 1-2 Watford v Burnley 2-1 Arsenal v Chelsea 1-2  20 January  Huddersfield v Man City 0-3  Fulham v Tottenham 0-2
  15. Pastor Jeff

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    Week 22 Predictions... 12 January West Ham v Arsenal 1-2 Brighton v Liverpool 0-2 Burnley v Fulham 1-0 Cardiff v Huddersfield 1-1 Crystal Palace v Watford 1-1 Leicester v Southampton 2-1 Chelsea v Newcastle 2-0 13 January Everton v Bournemouth 1-1 Tottenham v Man United 2-1 14 January Man City v Wolverhampton 3-1