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  1. Roulette Incident Drive All Night Loose Ends Meeting Across the River followed by Backstreets
  2. Pre sale starts this morning. Anyone have the pre code? I can’t seem to find on any of usual spots unless Jason tweets it himself later. A PM would be appreciated
  3. Was at Summer Stage last night. Good Show. Big crowd but a large amount just wanted to take advantage of drinking outdoors and smoke cigarettes. Really too large to police for that. It was like what the bars used to be like. It was pretty inconsiderate. Two dudes in my area literally had a conversation during the entire show. Band does not have the same energy as they did the first time I saw them at The Wellmont a little bit before American Slang was released. Nice night though
  4. I attended one of the Zeppelin shows and a Yes shows that summer
  5. Well I never saw Lynrd Skynrd ,but I did see Molly Hatchet, The Allman Brothers, The Outlaws, and The Marshall Tucker Band
  6. The Rising My City in Ruins Code of Silence Lomesome Day Your Missing We Are Alive Jack of All Trades Kingdom of Days Long Walk Home Girls in Their Summer Clothes
  7. I got into this song after seeing the HBO special on Bowie’s last 5 years. You would expect something like this from Bowie. An anti gun song called Valentines Day which is about a serial killer named Valentine not a chocolate and flower holiday Is this life imitating art or a stupid coincidence?
  8. If your in the car on a long drive and the Live 75-85 version comes up on shuffle...It,s a great song
  9. My first concert at MSG in August 1976. Love me some 1970,s EJ a few time during the year. Captain Fantastic prolly my favorite. Might be a nice show to catch 42 years later.
  10. I always had an affection for Good Night from The White Album and as a young adult thought of singing it to my then to be born child. As I reflect today tears come to my eyes again as they did when I first rocked my new born son and sang him to sleep. That was 19 years ago and John has been gone 37 Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans
  11. With how last season ended, they are perfectly positioned to move on without him. Wonder if they seen writing on the wall?
  12. 2 new tunes just in time for The Brooklyn Shows https://theholdsteady.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6c47186abd0569f582ae12e8a&id=2e45c353b3&e=5a6c8b9491
  13. Miami Mark for the Hold Steady. Without the Hold Steady I don’t find The Drive By Truckers. Without the Truckers I don’t find Jason Isbel Lucero Amanda Shires A Dangerous Method Slobberbone Many Thanks to Mark