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  1. Roulette Incident Drive All Night Loose Ends Meeting Across the River followed by Backstreets
  2. Pre sale starts this morning. Anyone have the pre code? I can’t seem to find on any of usual spots unless Jason tweets it himself later. A PM would be appreciated
  3. 2 new tunes just in time for The Brooklyn Shows https://theholdsteady.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6c47186abd0569f582ae12e8a&id=2e45c353b3&e=5a6c8b9491
  4. Something interesting with Tyrion. It is his idea to capture a dead soldier to show his sister. The result of the trip kills one of the dragons which in turn is the reason the Night King breaches the wall and can infiltrate the North and south of the wall. After Tyrion tells John Snow that sometimes it is best to lie, he meets with his sister and she basically comes down to the group and lies. Cersei has no intention of honoring any part of a truce or agreement. It appears that the trip beyond the wall and the visit to Kings Landing did nothing for Danny and John Snow except make the Night King and even stronger threat. Does Tyrion have bad luck with his plans or are they calculated?
  5. My predictions for the final Perry Is the murder victim Jane Kills him the Twins are Amabell's bully's
  6. Hope it was the extended version that includes Lennon's guest appearance at MSG
  7. Just a little thing I noticed on the second viewing. When house Stark and house Bolton meet on the eve of battle Sansa rides away from the group and is not there when Ramsey says how he has starved his hounds for 7 days. But she references that conversation at the end?
  8. Hey I've done that. Also try Southeastern and SMTF together on shuffle, that's pretty special.
  9. This is an awesome album. I remember RS had it in its top 100 of the last 20 years which was in 1987. According to Rolling Stone it sold 6000 copies. I went out and found a copy. It was a re issue with a few additional cuts but it Is a favorite. "I'm straight , like Hippy Johnny"
  10. Greetings. No advanced copy for me. I quoted J's post. I am looking forward and will continue and already pre-ordered. BTW- Southeastern is tremendous and will be a tough act to follow
  11. Looking forward to this release. A little less then a month.
  12. What a heartwarming thread and such a sad time on the lake. It is apparent that Mark had made a connection in some way with many Lakers as well as myself. I started lurking around here sometime in 1999 and I am not sure at what particular point, but I became a fan of his posts and writing. When Mark was on the lake, the lake was better. I like a lot of you would follow threads that he was heavily contributing to just for the entertainment value. I remember when the board blew up when he posted RIP Ringo when Yasser Arafat died. That thread went on for twenty pages or so. Or the very moving Christmas story at the bar down the shore. It was amazing how the words just flowed whether he was pushing your buttons or tugging at your heart strings. If he wanted to write, he was Hemmingway, if he wanted share his love for music he was Lester Bangs, and if he wanted to push your buttons and fuck with you he was Andy Kaufman. Hell if the guy made movies the soundtracks would rival those of Martin Scorsese and Cameron Crowe. It was truly enjoyable to watch from a computer screen. I like many on the board are one of the mignons that he turned on to The Hold Steady and that did not happen overnight over one post. It was a series of posts that conveyed the passion that he felt about this band, and that is where my connection is with Mark. I don’t think I would ever have found The Hold Steady that led me to The Drive by Truckers without reading Mark. A little over a year ago after The Hold Steady released Teeth Dreams there was a little bit of chatter on a few threads regarding reviews and the usual that we do here on the lake. About a week later I posted a statement that I thought Teeth Dreams was their best release and elaborated on a few other thoughts I had about the record and the band. A few minutes later I saw that Mark “liked” my post, and I got a big charge from that. Here’s a guy that entertains so many people with his words over the years and he got me going without using a single word. I felt that my music opinion was validated by someone whose musical opinion I had the utmost respect for. Well, tomorrow I am going to see Jason Isbell with Craig Finn opening. A show that I would never even know about unless I came to Greasy Lake and started reading the posts of Miami Mark/Welby. There is that connection again. My thoughts and prayers with Marks family and friends. He will be missed. Tomorrow at the show during Craig Finns set, I will think of you Mark, raise my glass and smile The Lake will never be the same
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