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  1. When this story takes place - he was the most respected and powerful man in the business, save for Michael Jackson or Madonna. But in Rock/Roll - there's no questioning it. This movie makes it sound like "Tom Joad" was released the previous day.
  2. I saw the movie last night and loved it! It was very cool to hear the songs we all grew up with (and still love) from such a different point of view. However, why the writers led the audience to believe that Springsteen's popularity faded in 1987 ("Someone our parents listened too") was not only misleading but an outright lie! Did they really need that dialogue to have this movie make sense? And then to say the "Wembley/88" show wasn't sold out - is simply ridiculous! In 1987/88; Springsteen was just getting off from releasing the biggest live album ever and then having a #1 record (TOL) that saw three top 20 hits! He was the most powerful man in Music and certainly the most respected. So, if you take the movie for what it is - it's fantastic! But I'm sorry that future generations (even now) won't be able to look back years from now and see what the times really were, musically speaking. Brad
  3. Too bad they cut Clarence out on the dudes-shirt on/for the promotion poster!..... I don’t care how the original album cover looks; he should be in full view! He’s plays on 90% of the movies songs. WTF Brad
  4. PS: Ya know - fellow Lakers, remember what I'm about to say here: The shows we all love so much (any listed above) are loved not just because of what was played that particular evening BUT also because of the audience participation!!!!! Hence, NUGS doesn't give us ANY of that!!!!!!!! Of course it would be wonderful to hear our favorite shows in perfect clarity but just remember the shows that NUGS will release won't be anything like the recordings we came to love. Brad
  5. OMG - look at all those shows representing the 3rd, 4th and 5th albums!! As if the dude never played again after 1981! Wow. Ok, your all entitled but here's my requests: October 2, 1985 - LA (I dont know how this hasn't been released yet but I thought it would be on the new box set) October 31st, 1984 - LA (Best Ever!) October 1, 3/4, 2003 - NY (Any of these) May 3, 1988 - Mountain View November 24-26, 1996 - Asbury Park NUGS: You need stuff from EARLY Rising; Magic; Working and Wrecking Ball tours!! Brad
  6. Ok, thanks - I'm on it now ...... will let you know ..... thanks so much, Brad
  7. So nice of you, thank you! But I realized I cant download this sorta file - I need them to fall into a ZIP ... Would you have that way?
  8. Hows the sound on this one? I've gotten so fucking spoiled since the downloads lol
  9. Denver (25th) and the Shea Stadium gigs - these are around in incredible sound as I used to have them on CD. Let me know if the Flacs are available. Thanks again, Brad
  10. Hey buddy, how are you? I can use MP3 ...... that would be so cool! Thank you very much. I should have been at these two shows back in the day, Brad
  11. Is the 16th available? I've wanted these for a while now ...... thanks, Brad
  12. Those Asbury shows back in 96 are tremendous! It’d been a long time since we heard some of those numbers. I was actually at those two 1990 shows but I would take any 'Devis' show over anything solo he’s done. I loved that tour and it was much better than the "Joad” tour. Brad