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  1. I saw this in a small local movie theater when it first came out! It’s was amazing - always loved this tape. Along with the Barcelona (02) DVD, this one from Hyde Park should be apart of the archive series. Brad
  2. Wow, another Darkness show that everyone already has - how original. Brad
  3. AWESOME SHOW TODAY!!!! This was very much needed - this was a terrific stand. Brad
  4. What a wonderful film to accompany a beautiful album. While I’ve enjoyed all the releases this Century and keep 'Magic’ & "Wrecking Ball” close to heart - 'Western Stars' is probably the most complete/perfect album since 'The Rising’ .... just a masterpiece of work and that’s not even 'My’ kinda music! Since I’m a kid, he always seems to surprise me. Brad PS: ‘The Promise’ record, while released this Century’, I don’t count because I will always see that as his true 4th album.
  5. It’s too bad cause that version of 'Frankie’ from the last night of the 'High Hopes' tour is probably the best I’ve ever heard! For whatever reason it’s not part of the live download series. But, it may be just as well because he played "Jump” - it’s the only time I’ve ever cut a song off a bootleg .... but still consider doing it for those horrible bullet mic "Reason To Believes" back in 05. Brad
  6. People, This podcast is the shit! This is the stuff that should have been on Sirius Radio all along ....... still can be! Finally - all talk about recordings; history and the songs!! Obviously, Flynn’s been around our circuit for many years now and he sounds great - it’s just awesome to listen to "Some Of Us” discuss what we all love so much: THE SHOWS!!! Dave/Jim (Sirius/E St Nation) do a good job of keeping things generic for the average person - but they are mostly about BRUCE - this podcast is about what’s done on stage and personally - that’s what I’ve cared most about all these years. KARSTEN: You should start a thread from the moderator for this podcast so we can comment back to these guys. PS: Flynn I know your reading this and I’m with you on "Only being able to listen to the professional recordings as well these past few years” (Episode 2) .... But I do miss some audience participation here and there. Also, the two Oakland shows and the one from Chicago - both 85 - sound fantastic! But yes - the LA/85 download IS like hearing that leg for the first time. Great job dudes - keep it up, Brad
  7. BS dude!!! Ya gotta get it anyway! Support the cause - I used to only dream of these things coming out like this haha Plus it sounds amazing lol Enjoy buddy, Brad
  8. O M G!!!!! What to do with my amazing mixed boot of this show now lol Great news people!!!! However, I’m starting to think they don’t have a good sounding tape from that 1981 LA run .... Brad
  9. Funny thing about this tour with me: I don’t really listen to many shows from it. While I attended 22 on this tour and have always advocated that he play material from whatever new album he’s touring behind (which he definitely did here) - the whole darn thing just reminds me of that horrible day in 2001. Hence, I’d rather listen to other tours where “Rising” songs come in and out of the sets. Pittsburgh/2016 (Fall) is a good choice. Even-still - “The Rising”, along with B2R and BIUSA are his true masterpieces. Brad
  10. Hey Lamp - believe me when I say "I hope I’m wrong” .... all I want is a fantastic version of “Protection” and "Sugarland” lol, Brad
  11. Good points my friend and all true; especially regarding the SOB record. I was thinking that his name is all over the media in 2019 one way or the other so perhaps they wouldn’t want anymore. Why? Because 2020 will be even bigger. Ive been on this train since I’m 10 (1980) and I’m dumbfounded as to the lack of promotion for WS! Where the heck was a song or two on late night TV? His typical Rolling Stone cover, etc. All I can think of is that they (Landau Management) are waiting for next year. One thing I do know is this: They know what they’re doing! His PR team does a great job - however, one thing I have ALWAYS bitched about since 1992 is they’re choice of single to release first for the radio, etc. It’s almost as if they don’t want new radio play? Hence, if they wanted really good PR - then “Let’s Be Friends” and "Girls In Summer Clothes” would be all over the radio. Didn't mean to go off topic, Brad
  12. Any good versions of 9-21-09 out there? Great show, thanks, brad
  13. While I love the 78 tour, it was never my favorite. But everyone here seems to want shows they already have - wasn’t it cool to hear Houston/78? He did a lot of good stuff on that tour and there are certainly others besides these radio broadcasts I’d rather have. Regardless, here’s to a Fall/84 show being released soon ... Brad