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  1. I haven’t seen a post yet for this VERY important person in all of our lives’ hobby/passion, so I wanted to take a second and congratulate him on a special night/honor. Everyone of us here owes him our thanks! I don’t know how well Bruce’s "Business" would have run without him but Landau always got him incredible marketing/advertising/promotion; especially this century when Bruce wasn’t as popular as his younger days. I can’t say I agreed with everything, especially on some of those singles released in the radio days - but it’s all turned out great for all of us. Best wishes d
  2. Best leg of the tour: Oct-Dec, 84! I’d give a testicle to have been there! Brad
  3. Thanks Sean! Brilliant indeed! Always is though. Right?!?! lol Brad
  4. I’m sorry for your loss dude ... Cancer sucks! I lost my father to that back when I was 21, almost 30 years ago now. But like the songs says: "The scars remain but the pain slips away” ... it’s true and you will go on to live a long, happy life with terrific memories. "Daisey Jeep” .... your words are beautiful - this is what the power of music does for us all and the true purpose of what we are all doing on this site. Brad PS: I’m not sure the 'Tunnel' album is what you wanna listen too with regards to any couple having a good relationship
  5. Fantastic record (B+/A-) It’s not gonna reach "Masterpiece” for me because I have issues with too many songs. However, for the eight songs I do like - I REALLY love them!! So, I think we all have some new classics on our hands that we’ll be excited to hear live over and over again. Issues: 1) While I like "One Minute You’re Here", it shouldn’t be opening an album. 2) Burin Train - lousy tune. 3) "Janey” - Been listening to this for years but he over sings it here, especially on that last verse. 4) “Rainmaker" - I don’t think I can recall a song
  6. Oh that’s fucking awesome!!!! I’m so pumped to hear these songs - they sounded so good on the movie! Hit me up! I’ll be on .... Brad
  7. Just a fantastic set of songs here ..... haven’t felt this way since hearing “The Rising” record for the first time!
  9. HOLY SHIT WHAT A GREAT SONG!!! JAKE SOLOS MID-SONG AND CLOSES!! UNCLE WOULD BE PROUD!! This could be the most "E Street" sound we’ve heard in a while: I actually feel some similarities here with those last three songs from "Magic". Awesome! Brad
  10. Wait a sec ..... are you saying there are ZERO sax solos on this album? Not one that follows a quite riff? If that’s the case, there is no way it can sound E Street! Maybe a song can sound E Street, but it’s not about a song - it’s the record! Again, if there aren’t a few good sax solos then the album in its entirety can’t be the sound we’ve all come to love! While I love TOL (which the band plays on), "Be True" was needed to make it complete ESB. Brad
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