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  1. FUCK YES!!!!! I was there and it was magical!! To finally hear IO57st after seeing so many shows throughout the years leading up to that was simply awesome!! Great performance in every way - this is a must have!!! Brad
  2. I was just thinking the same ....... I’m all excited to get the answer because it sounds like something that’ll go well with the THC Gummie I just ate with my breakfast Brad
  3. This Stockholm show has a good set but "Downbound" doesn’t work well as an opener or in this acoustic arrangement. I loved the 05 Tour - I hope he does another like it soon, BUT ONLY AFTER an ESB tour! Brad
  4. People, that amazing app 'Bruce Fanatic' is no longer available on ISO - sucks because it was the best place to get any info you ever wanted about the tours. Where can I go now to check previous tours, etc? Thanks, Brad
  5. I was there and totally freaked when I heard that ... especially because he just added it and it wasn’t done in Atlanta. Brad
  6. Dude ... be happy you weren’t born yet! Just look at the shit we were all wearing then! WTF Brad
  7. He simply spoke too soon last year - seriously, when was the last time this dude took a year off? Take a look at this century and I think you’ll find maybe a handful of years COMPLETELY off the road: 2001; 2010-2011; 2015. Meanwhile, during those off years - he was making records! Whatever the case is for 2020, I think we can all say the same-thing: "We understand but it sucks!" Brad
  8. Dude - WTF is with Gary’s bass on this number back in 88? It’s turned up way to high!! Doesn’t he have respect for the people in the audience recording the show?? I’ve been turning that down in every car I’ve owned since then!! lol Brad
  9. The dude in "Shut Out” IS the EXACT same guy as in BIUSA; both were/are still 'Nebraska' tunes. Brad
  10. Good morning Zoom .... This tour has always been special to me: I saw three in a row as a teenager: Both Atlanta and then Lexington. I agree with what your saying but I never understood why "War-USA" was ever played at all! Sure sounds good - but what do they have to do with a shitty relationship with a chick or the fundamentals of a relationship? I guess if we dissect a song long enough, we can find it means all kinds of stuff! But I’d rather he chose different songs here/there in the first set - even 'Darlington County’ into 'Thunder Road’ could have worked; let alone "Protection” somewhere. Good read Zoom, Brad
  11. How could I have not known that - now I feel stupid lol Im serious too ... Brad
  12. Well said dude ... I don’t know what OSU stands for but I certainly get where your coming from. Would have been nice to hear Lucky Man; Valentines Day and When Your Alone ... possibly even Two For The Road as well. Whatever the case, it was a good time! PS: How about switching out "Roulette" for "Protection" for a few nights? Or "Give The Girl A Kiss" instead of "I’m A Coward" .... just saying lol Brad
  13. I’m having the best time with this show: Last night me and another Tramp ate three Marijuana Gummies, had a cocktail and talked about the tour for hours while it was playing over the speakers! So fun!!! I saw the Atlanta shows a few days prior but I always thought the ones that followed over the next few weeks were better. In fact, if you really wanna jam out, check out the next night here in Detroit! Also, I was totally blown away with the soundcheck of 'Reason’!! I knew he was goofing around during some of them (Ramrod was sound checked in Atlanta) but I NEVER knew anything from 'Nebraska' was even remotely thought about, let alone rehearsed!! Eric Flannigan (in his traditional write up/press release) said it perfect in that’s its similar to what he eventually played in Madison Sq Garden two months later: Guthrie’s Vigilante Man! Bruce just knew what he wanted us to hear from the start. 1988 was special and I’ve been happy to see the tour get the respect it deserves over this past decade. Brad
  14. These will be the final days of Bruce singing the way he did for the entire 80’s - in another couple weeks he will start singing more harsh and hard for the rest of his career! Listen to this show carefully. Then listen to how he sounds in May/88 and so on. Why the sudden shift in tone/pitch will always puzzle me. This is the way he should have stayed. Great show here - best tour - the band was so tight! Brad
  15. I heard it this morning as well; I don’t think anything will be happening with them this year after all. Something unexpected must have come up. I just can’t believe how long it’s been since "High Hopes". Brad