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  1. Fantastic release and a tremendous show at that! An awesome "Cover Me" was played the way it should always be played. Also nice to have those Bonds songs on Nugs as well. Brad
  2. When I first Met Bruce, one of the first things I absolutely couldn’t believe was just how small his hands were! I mean, ridiculous small! My hand, which is also small - wrapped around his callused filled hand! Rough stuff like a baseball players hand would be. This being many years ago after a show in LA/92. Anyway, speaking of hands lol Brad
  3. Frampton has a new album on the way titled 'All Blues'; it’s a record of covers. One of the songs is 'Cant Judge A Book By The Cover’ - I’ve looked everywhere to see if it’s Springsteen’s but can’t find it as the album isn’t released yet and there’s no liner notes anywhere! Bruce and Frampton started around the same time. Perhaps an oldie like 'You Cant Judge' would make sense for Peter? I don’t know - if anyone finds out who’s song it is please let us know. Brad
  4. If James Brown; Brian Wilson and Southside Johnny mixed their genes together and produced a child - I’d say Van Zandt would be the offspring. Listening to him just makes me feel like I’m in another time. He’s awesome though. Brad PS: Maybe even a little Paul Simon/Graceland too on this new record lol
  5. "Art is an absolutely necessary part of the quality of life and it also helps kids learn. It gives them a comfortable place to learn from." He said that to some reporter and I felt it should be shared here. It’s a great quote. Brad
  6. Hey y’all - is this available in Flac/MP3? This was a serious night! Thanks, Brad
  7. I’m thinking this stuff goes with 'American Beauty’ Brad
  8. 'Seeds', I think can be thrown into the Mix here bring it was on the 86/Live album. We all thought for sure that would be on TOL. Same with 'Man At The Top’. The truth is, we’re not talking about 'that many' that were battle tested but he still does. Cool thinking though ... Brad
  9. It’s hard to explain to the young folks who were either not born yet or too young to remember all the hoopla surrounding this tour, let alone those that became fans after the reunion. I saw over 25 shows on this tour and each night was wonderful, there’s no doubt. These shows were simply fun! But it was very frustrating following the tour (by collecting tapes or learning the truth about what actually got played) that Fall 92: He was playing nearly IDENTICAL sets on a nightly basis and we just went through that on the previous tour in 88. Those two albums were not satisfying after that long five year wait. What kept us all on our feet was the fact that he was out playing and new music was at hand. Basically: We didn’t hear from him for so long! Life was much slower back then and 4-5 years then felt like 10 years! These days, 4-5 years can feel more like 2-3. It’s hard to explain to the younger folks. We had to call the 'Backstreets’ hot-line every morning (and sometimes wait HOURS to not get a busy signal) just to learn what was played the night before! If it weren’t for the 'Backstreets Magazines' - NOBODY would have known what got played in order to collect new tapes; etc. Then after waiting so long to hear the set - always left by either Jon Pont or Eric Flannegan - you’d be so pissed cause it was the EXACT same as the previous evening! Evenstill - collect cassettes we did - lists came through the mail from friends (Karsten especially - my good friend, didn’t we search all over for the latest buddy - lol) every day and that made it all so fun! But who would have ever guessed it would be until 2002 to actually get a new rock album? 'Tracks' saved us all and while the 95 tour was fun - it wasn’t the same. Anyway, this latest release brings back many memories of my last year in college; sleeping in cars and getting stoned in airport bathrooms. We even drove two Europeans we never met before but were Backstreet readers from Orlando to Miami - stayed up all night just bullshitting. Good times. That band he put together sucked! Nothing was worse than '57 Channels' every night and why he didn’t play a few more from 'HT' each night was also strange! We never did get a chance to hear 'Soul Driver' as it was done on the album and 'The Long Goodbye' and 'All Or Nothin' we’re done very infrequently. Whatever. It’s hard for me to listen to this tour nowadays but it all feels like yesterday. Brad
  10. Sirius’ show starts in 5 min!!!! It’s ALWAYS the new download - wtf!!
  11. This is just rude!! Don’t they know I have an appointment at Noon!!
  12. Never enough my friend - should I mention I heard every night of the tour as well lol