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  1. I cant believe I used to have this on my record player as a kid. Where does the time go? Will Sirius have it on tonight at 8pm? I cant buy it yet cause Im at a fucking camping ground for the holidays! I’m so pissed - but, if they dont play it tonight - Im gonna jam to this great BIUSA show from Chicago 84 thats on YouTube from the Rosemont. I think its the second night of the three he did. I’m good no matter what. I have my two best buddies and their familes here, some good steaks and a bag of weed! Heres to 8pm and the kids crashing early! Brad
  2. NO MORE NOSTALGIA: New Record/Tour Needed!

    That was really super nice to say dude; well put.
  3. NO MORE NOSTALGIA: New Record/Tour Needed!

    Don’t misunderstand me friends: I’m happy he’s staying busy! It’s a cool thing doing a tour for an older record and playing a ‘Broadway’ gig. I’d just rather have new music and the band - that’s all. Brad
  4. Ya gotta love the old man for his work ethic but three years of oldies is getting on my nerves a little. I love 21st Century Springsteen/EST music and I’m anxious for new tunes and a Jake solo on tape! Rock On ...... Brad

    Oh no ..... sorry about that as I’ve been away for a while. My bad. Brad
  6. Backstreets magazine

    The Internet changed everything and Chris is a great guy ..... but I didn’t realize their still taking subscriptions. They should just charge for any new copies they put out and take donations; etc. But yea - it was always awesome to get the new copy in the mail. I miss that too. Brad
  7. Fuckin incredible song!! Sirius is playing it ... absolutely fantastic song - it’s gonna win 100 awards. Very powerful tune - nice job Bruce! Brad
  8. That link was just beautiful - great job. brad
  9. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Without a doubt - one of the best from this tour and a TREMENDOUS audio/ald mix has circulated for many years. Id be happy with the Hartford shows the following May, but this night in LA is simply unreal. Brad
  10. New Archive release - The Stockholm show, July 3rd 1988

    I’ve been away from ‘The Lake’ for a while but it’s so nice to read all the posts about this show: Everyone seems so happy! I like that. Talk about ‘Unfinished Business’ ...... this show always drove me crazy cause the second set wasn’t aired that day and all the boots sounded just awful for the ‘Other’ set. The main thing about the Summer Of 88 is this: Bruce starting changing his singing voice! It’s this Summer Tour Voice that will define the rest of his stage career .... listen to the first few weeks of the tour. Then listen to this show. Personally, I like the voice he was using prior to this Summer. It was a voice we NEVER heard again. Granted his voice always starts to strain as a tour progresses but if your an aficionado of his stage career then you’ll know what I’m talking about here Also, I believe this is the first outdoor show the archives have released - let me know if I’m wrong on that. Now, they need a good show from ‘Fall 1985’ ... certainly that last night in LA was recorded and probably what should have been officially released instead of ‘Live 75/85’. Anyway, I have so many personal connections to the ‘Tunnel Of Love’ tour and album so this was just wonderful. Hopefully something from 2002 is coming next; we all should send emails for it to Nugs. Have a good day, Brad
  11. New Archive release - The Stockholm show, July 3rd 1988

    Funny ...... I was on my own too for the first time that July; just a few weeks early I had graduated from High school.
  12. New Archive release - The Stockholm show, July 3rd 1988

    FANTASTIC CHOICE!!!! I remember this well and my second set bootleg always sounded like shit. I really thought Barcelona/2002 was coming today and I’m surprised they picked ‘The Rising’ to come out last ... but I feel completely satisfied with this release. I have always felt they never sounded better than on this tour and that without a doubt, 88 had the best encores - the shows simply never ended. brad
  13. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    The ‘Barcelona 2002’ show will be the one as it’s already mixed; mostly represents what he was trying to get across back then and would prevent boots taken directly from the DVD. Nice to be back on here. Brad
  14. I'm in South Florida and was gonna start driving for the show tomorrow morning; but we canceled our plans - sucks! They have a 100% Chance for rain Saturday and although the band will be covered (along with the folks in the seating area), many people won't be. So, if the Ampetheater is not being used already for the 17th - chances are that will be the night they close the tour. I'm Miserable: It would have been my 120th Show. Brad
  15. The fact is most people don't know anything played during last nights first set; you can't take $150.00 from someone and do that. Europe, maybe because a lot of folks don't speak English - don't give a shit and just take the show for a show! MANY MUSICIANS have said over the years how much better their audiences are. I have never been to one but I have heard at least 600 and they sure sound like their having more fun than what happens here in the states. Whoever is reading this must understand that there's only a few thousand of US TRAMPS in an audience and Bruce has about 20 top 20 hits. Many pissed off people after last nights show. Yes, he looked great. Yes, it was a good time - but a couple who bought two tickets; parking and a shirt for a $400 night - should get one of those top 20 songs in the first three hours. Personally, I don't give a shit - but these ticket prices are pathetic and getting even more pathetic. Make the casual fan happy dude! 'Hungry Heart' and 'The Rising' aren't enough. Just think what they will cost on the next tour after this acoustic tour coming up. Their gonna be $200 per ticket. You'll see. Brad