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  1. I think we're gonna see much of the same as we did for the last tour. I also think the days of back to back shows are gone. That sucks for fans like us who travel; look for changes or simply fucking hates waiting!!! lol

    I've seen over 123 shows and I can DEFINITELY tell you that a second straight nights energy is MUCH more on fire than if he skipped an evening. 

    Personally, I'd like to see them play arenas but loose the behind the stage seating - simply keep the show front/center. That would also keep him less active, thus preserving him for the 2025 Tour!! Now, if we can only keep him from spending so much time in the audience, as he has this past decade - then we REALLY have a chance haha



  2. Minus, "Burnin Train" & "Rainmaker" ..... as well as moving "One Minute Your Here" to another slot in the song order - I love this record and listen to it all the time!


    Ya know, come to think of it: I sorta think he's fucked up a bit this century on song order. Meaning, "The Rising" is FILLED with classics and is a GEM as a whole. But I'm sorry - the song order sucks on that record! Hey - maybe it's all mental because of the way he wound up presenting those songs on stage back in 2002 and as you fellow tramps know: WE PAY MUCH MORE ATTENTION to his live stuff! Who knows - Whatever - I understand he's portraying his message as an artist but, so what - song order sucks anyway and the same goes with LTY's song order hahaha (As if I've sold 100 Million of anything) lol

    I think "Magic" and "Wrecking" are solid. As for "WOAD" and "High Hopes", those are mostly outtakes - so I don't really see them as their own. However, they are both terrific with certainly - HH leading the way.



  3. All I know is that most of us here have watched they're kids grow up (albeit from a fans distance) and I cant be any more proud of her! This is the biggest honor that can be given to an American Athlete and she has for sure worked her ass off for this!

    As for who can/cant attend - Covid sucks, but its just our times. 

    Good luck Jessie!!!



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  4. Wow …. The second show was my first bootleg! I was 11 and my neighbor had it on a record - as time went on, I discovered he did shows that went over three hours haha

    I was pumped when NUGS gave us the audio but I’m even more excited for this video, although I was never a big videoleg guy …. (FYI: However if anyone ever finds an ENTIRE professionally shot Fall 84 show - please let me know).

    Whats amazing - is when I look at all the other artists that participated in this project - they ALL have hit songs besides our boys!!! You younger folks wouldn’t understand but in those days - there were no Music Videos! So, if you didn’t hear someone on those piece of shit radios from the 1970’s - then the only way you saw your favorite artists face was in a magazine or on an album cover! Therefore, the band’s reputation as a live act was already FAR in place!! 

    That’s the power of live music!!!




    PS: Enough nostalgia - Bring on the 2022 LTY Tour!!


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  5. I’m not sure I’m following this correctly - he did release a lot of albums during those years! No, he didn’t do what Billy Joel did - which was basically release something nearly every year (maybe that’s why that guy hasn’t written one new song since 1993), but the years your mentioning were very productive for the guys. 

    However, I don’t think anyone here doubts his success would have been more than what it was before 1984 had he released "The Promise” in 1977; which - as far as I’m concerned - is truly the fourth album.



  6. On 6/14/2021 at 7:34 AM, Frank said:

    I guess the price issue is real. ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ is a priceless experience for any die-hard, but it is a “Broadway” production only in name (and to be honest, there was/is no reason for the residence to take place on that street at all, except for the prestige of its name). It’s basically a ‘Devils and Dust’ ticket paid 8-10 times more. Does it really make any sense? And if it does, at what price does it stop making sense? $1000? $2500, $5000?

    It’s definitely NOT a D/D show, let’s get that straight. The 2005 shows were "Concerts” - this a production. Regardless - the dude belongs running around the stage with an electric guitar!



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  7. 15 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

    I enjoyed listening to the first half on ESR earlier. And I have purchased it and will give a proper listen tonight and tomorrow. 

    But really don't I already have this in Atlanta? 15th Winterland? There will never be anything like 9/20/78. That was the height of Bruce. 

    You have most of the same songs from each night but you don’t have the same show: BIG DIFFERENCE! 

    Normally, like on the boots - you’ll feel a different audience with the music each night and it makes the songs (and the band’s energy) sound/feel different. Hence, this is what gets lost sometimes with soundboards.



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  8. 18 hours ago, el sergio said:

    Indeed nice piture though. For what its worth, here some background about this picture from the Rolling Stone august 1978 cover story "Bruce Springsteen Raises Cain" by Dave Marsh

    Phoenix, Saturday, July 8th. It’s not just that it’s another fantastic show. This is another goddamn event, and it goes farther than the Roxy, with all of the show’s intimacy, innocence and vulnerability, but with an added factor of pandemonium. It’s the sweetest-tempered crowd I’ve ever seen, and at the same time, the most maniacal. Bruce dedicates the show to the town in memory of the time “when this was about the only place I could get a job,” and the crowd gives it back. During “Prove It All Night,” three extremely young girls in the front row hold up a hand-lettered sign written on a bedsheet. Quoting the song, it says, Just One Kiss Will Get These Things For You. And he gets them, during “Rosalita,” one after another, as they race up to kiss him, lightly, on the cheek. A fourth darts up, and just…reaches out and touches his hand. And finally, three more race up and bowl him over. (“This little girl, couldn’t have been more than fifteen, and she had braces on her teeth,” Springsteen exclaims later. “And she had her tongue so far down my throat I nearly choked.”)

    I’ve never seen anything like this in such a big hall. Before the encores–which include “Raise Your Hand” and the inevitable “Quarter to Three”–are over, not seven, but seventeen girls have climbed up to kiss him, and there are couples dancing, actually jitterbugging, on the front of the stage. The cameramen are torn between filming Bruce, who is pouring it all out, and simply shooting the crowd, which is pushing him father and farther.


    Oh nice!!! Where’d ya get that video? I went to Arizona State University and I saw some shows there: What a horrible arena haha



  9. Just now, cobalt said:

    C’mon people! It’s Bruce Springsteen, performing live!

    Some of you are acting like he’s pissed in your Cheerios. I probably won’t be going this time, though I’d like to, but I’m ecstatic to know he is performing live again “in some fashion”. 

    Dude …. We wouldn’t be Springsteen fans without whining about something … that would take all the anger out of it! 

    But you know what … all we’ve had are "Highs and Lows” since after the original 'River’ tour back in 1981 so why should we even be surprised with this turn of events? However, it’s enough - it’s time to call the boys and play the new album!!

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  10. 16 minutes ago, Frank said:

    Well, he probably just wants to play live before 2022 (or 2023). The Broadway format allows him to do it without planning a 300’000’000 dollar tour.
    It makes a lot of sense to me.

    Then go play "The Palace” on the beach …. Me not happy :( 

    But yea, your right - it kinda makes sense. 

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