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  1. Seriously - that’s the funniest thing I ever heard hahahahahaha
  2. You gotta be shitting me?!?! WTF is the matter with him: MORE NOSTALGIA TO COME! Seriously … doesn’t he wanna play some Rock/Roll? I don’t get it. If he likes playing like this so much why not do another tour like he did in 2005? Whatever - I think this sucks; even IF he plays a new song up there. Brad
  3. This is a good thing .... same audience; albeit ours is bigger Brad
  4. Anyone know the story behind the cover shot that Annie Lebovitz took of him Ice Skating? Brad
  5. Seriously ..... that's hilarious lol I live down here in South Florida and I think I heard that his current wife won't leave the house he owns here? Whatever .....
  6. Omg - I actually have the original CD's - I remember it sounded incredible! Second show of the tour I believe.
  7. Anyone know where I can get a huge copy of this cover? He’s on Ice Skates. Please message me …. Thank you Brad
  8. I have to tell ya … I’ve been listening to Springsteen shows for nearly 40 Years and until I saw Steve play solo in Atlanta a few years ago - I wouldn’t have known he was such a great player!! I was totally taken aback - so if you wanna see/hear how good Little Steven really is then check out his live cds from his last solo tour. Brad
  9. In those days Bruce (mostly) used the same guitar on each song with slight adjustments on what we now see in the Rock/Roll Hall Of Fame. With the exception of Seeds/88; BIUSA solos and so forth - the 1980’s really weren’t his time to shine on guitar. Certainly there were some good one-offs like 'Candy/84’ and 'Adam/88’ sounded terrific too! But his guitar playing picked up TREMENDOUSLY throughout the 90’s and into this century. So, I can understand what your hearing on those older tapes but make no mistake … haha … ain’t nobody topping Nils my friend. But if you really wanna hear him play - check out some of his pre-E Street music. Brad
  10. Good post dude …. As far as I’m concerned the old man (sometimes) forgets how good his 21st Century music really is! WTF happened to "Further Up The Road"; "Let’s Be Friends”; "Living In The Future” and so many more …. Like, how about some of those killer 'River' outtakes we never got to hear last time around?!?! He was far too much into those first 6/7 albums on the last two tours. Your 100% correct on what the entire evening will cost: I’m figuring it’s an EASY $400-$500 for two people: tickets; parking, etc. Hence, if your gonna follow the tour - you might wanna consider breaking up with your spouse now haha But this will for sure be a LTY tour along with whatever other goodies he’ll release this year on Tracks/2. Also, I have no doubt we’ll hear some of those gorgeous 'Western Stars' tunes as well; hope so! I always like hearing the new stuff. Brad
  11. PS: The last show of that stand was one of the best ever! It needs more attention. Well, certainly more than its cousin (12/13/92) that we all just got stuck with lol Brad
  12. People, let's just hope our boy has some say in the ticket prices we're all about to pay for the up coming tour! Holy shit .... Genesis is asking RIDICULOUS prices even for the "Bleeds" .... floor is easily $400/Tic!!! Meanwhile, Phil Collins cant even stand or play drums anymore - the dudes gonna sit in a chair; sing and let his kid drum-away for the band! God Bless em ... I love that band and more power to them ...but seriously ..... are they broke? I'm sorta hoping that having so many acts out on the scene (At the same time) that the price for a ticket would go down! However, I love our boys more and they need to hear us on this: I KNOW SOMEONE IN HIS ORGANIZATION IS READING THIS ....FUCKIN SAY SOMETHING TO JON; BARBRA & BRUCE!!! Please keep the prices reasonable people! Y'all need to understand tramps like me have no life; need to attend as many shows as possible while at the same time be able to support my Marijuana habit! Jeez .... Remember "Bankers Hill" !!!! Brad
  13. This song should have been the second single released after the title track ... I always felt it belonged on the radio. The album probably would have done commercialy better released on its own.
  14. I just hope NUGS won't list this as an E STREET show like it did with 6/24/93 ....... Brad
  15. This show lacks new material from "High Hopes" which doesn't make me happy at all!! However, there's a tremendous "Prove It" played and an outstanding "Bobby" after B2R (aka, Europe/85) which makes the night worthwhile. "Blinded" was ok (6/27/00 is the best version along with 10/23/99) and a nice change. Nice review dude! Brad
  16. Thats easy if your anywhere near my age (51): Every time he played "57 Channels" ..... minus the first time he played it in 1990, which I saw live. Brad
  17. Buddy I hear ya ...... however I must say that Chris (and Charlie before him) are due so much credit for keeping our "little world" together all these years. Hence, It's my pleasure to send this guy whatever I can no matter what he can/can't deliver. But again, I understand where your coming from and don't blame your feelings. Yet nobody, especially Chris - would ever do anything on purpose to screw anyone over, etc. If it wasn't for "Backstreets", especially in those first two decades - I doubt any of us would be on this board now. Back then, especially between 1989-1991 - when Bruce was basically on vacation - "Backstreets" was all we had. It seems like those years moved much slower than they do now: I don't know if that's because I'm almost 51 now or because information moves so fast these days - but I will say this: those years after the "Tunnel" tour seem SO MUCH longer than our current wait since they all walked off the stage back in 2017/Australia. Brad
  18. Yo, anyone else just hear that guitar solo into "Prove It" ? Fuckin incredible! Brad
  19. Anyone else feel they can see "Protection” before “Cover Me”, possibly moving "Roulette” down a notch while loosing "Seeds” or “Give The Girl A Kiss" instead of "I’m A Coward” out there? So: Tunnel, Be True, Adam, Two Faces (When Your Alone), Heaven, Darkness, Roulette, Protection, Cover Me, etc, etc Tougher (Paradise By C), Ain’t/She’s The One, You Can Look, Give The Girl A Kiss, etc .... Brad
  20. It’s funny you say that: I’ve seen over 120 shows and there have been times he just came out and played all sorts of different stuff and the show didn’t flow well, even if some of the songs weren’t played since Lincoln was President! The truth about this tour is that if you stick your head out the window you can probably still hear the encores going on! The shows on this tour - in and of itself - is probably the best they ever sounded and they were all in amazing shape as well! I miss this era. I saw three.
  21. Thats the best version ever dude! Don’t listen to the 78’ers out there haha Regardless, he combining tunes is something he’s always been known for.
  22. Agreed but that second night in Mountain View would work nicely!
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