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  1. "University?” Why bother - it’s so much easier to sit on your sofa smoking dope, eating pizza and listening to Bruce!
  2. Hey DJ ...... sorry so long in responding ..... I felt safe there and because I've already had the virus, I personally felt even safer. However, here in South Florida, as usual - things are out of control because of Spring Break. But I did drive by the Boca Mall yesterday and saw absolutely no line at all for COVID testing whereas just 6 weeks ago, it took over two hours to get a test! So, perhaps things are getting better. Hope your well, Brad
  3. Thanks buddy - I'm all outta sorts this morning: Instead of eating my daily Centrum Vitamin gummy - I ate a fuckin THC loaded gummy instead; I'm trashed and ready to hit the beach to jam to this new download! PS: I hope your all enjoying that snow and cold weather; let alone work! hahahahaha
  4. I saw Max play last Saturday night in Boca Raton to about 100 people and his hair was long and SOLID white! However, he played great: "She's The One" was unreal and because I asked for "Roulette" - he played the opening drums for the tune but left it at that (He did the same for "Candy's Room) ...... he knew them in a snap! "Man, was that powerful! Y'all need to hear those opening drums in a small venue! Also, in the audience was Billy Joels original guitar player: Russel Jarvis! He came on stage and they played "You May Be Right" - the dude nailed his guitar solo like it was the "Glass Houses" tour back in 1980! Max said "He'd never played that song before" either! Other stand outs were: Thunder Road; Pink Cadilac and Tom Pettys "American Girl" ...... I advise ALL of you to catch him and his Jukebox band when/if they come to your town. Max also expressed a lot of faith that the ESB will be back next year and how much he loved making the new album. Brad
  5. OMG .... look how young they all look in that picture! - I was at all MSG/00 shows and this one will be nice have! Brad
  6. That was all bullshit!! They never sounded better .......In those days, magazine sales were everything dude ..... things started to change but NOTHING was ever apparent from the stage.
  7. Don't tell that to the folks who created "Blinded By The Light"!! They made it seem like Bruce was old news back in 88
  8. Thank you Sunshine ..... I will indeed remember next time .... best wishes
  9. 88 Version Rocks! Ain't Got You -> She's The One, to me - has ALWAYS blown anything else away!
  10. Anyone remember waking up the next day and hearing what was played at this first show of the tour? I almost flipped when I heard "She's The One"; "Adam"; "Roulette" and "Be True" were all played. But what I couldn't believe was all the rehersals done for the show!!!! He never did anything like it/this before ..... or really since! We couldn't get tapes of these first three Mass shows fast enough lol I think the encores are still going on, lol Brad
  11. Anyone with a good sounding Baton Rouge: 12/02/84 or LA: 10/29/84 in MP3? Thanks, Brad
  12. Buddy, he doesn't give a shit - Rockers are kinda supposed to be a little different. He just wanted it to go away .... shit happens! Stay Positive! Brad
  13. “Mr. Springsteen I need to ask you how long you need to pay that fine?” Mautone asked. Springsteen replied “I think I can pay that immediately,” while allowing a smile. The judge set Wednesday as the deadline for paying the $540, which includes $40 in court fees. CLASSIC! Brad
  14. Fucking "NY Times" confirmed it ...... this isn’t good but it will blow over soon. Brad
  15. Well, now he’s got a real story to tell before "Open All Night (84)" Its really not cool but our mans never fucked up before - unless adultery counts (jk) - so, hopefully he won’t do it again but I’m not looking at him any differently because of this incident. Certainly, he would NEVER have gotten that commercial from "Jeep" had they known so I’m expecting a law suit pretty soon from them. Too bad the local Police couldn’t figure something out more private for the old dude .... chances are, they like "Bon Jovi” Drive safe Bruce ..... try smoking some good marijuana instead bro Brad
  16. It’s the tour that never ended haha .... who the heck thinks of these lesser known shows ?!?! This is a nice addition to the collection - my old tape of this sucks!!! Brad
  17. 'Ghost’ is a great song that reminds me of what could have been a single in the late 80’s.
  18. How can it not be? 'Western Stars' is a masterpiece on its own and the Grandson of "Tunnel Of Love” ... with that being said: YES - TOL is an ESB record! Period. lol Brad
  19. Whoops - a little drama there: I think Steve is trying to down play the incident but Gary didn’t want anyone to think he bailed at the last second.
  20. I don’t know about you but I feel angry that I can’t go see some shows after watching that!! Max looks like he can play those songs in his sleep: he was perfect tonight?!?! They all were. I hope he doesn’t release another album before he tours this one and just releases another 'Tracks’ until then. Brad
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