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  1. Her Majesty sets a fine example for the world as usual - I was always fond of her. Right on Daisey ...
  2. What do y’all think of this? I don’t think the dude has skipped a gig since 1972/ever!! Anyone know better? I forgive him - these guys aren’t teenagers anymore and this virus is no good for older folks, let alone the rest of us. But he was missed. Rock On Gary!!! Stay healthy brother .... Suzie as well. Brad
  3. HOLY SHIT THEY ROCKED!!! They all looked so happy to be on that stage - I’m so happy for them. Poor Gary though ... Brad
  4. I recently heard he didn’t make any money on the BIUSA tour - thus the shirt from the closest garbage can he could find WTF were they thinking lol
  5. Nice dude! I’m a week behind you in Baton Rouge - they were on fire last month and this one as well! Brad
  6. "Cover Me" Just threw on the second set: 12/02/84; Baton Rouge Brad
  7. I’ve never found what Lennon wrote about Bruce to be derogatory; it was just a very negative outlook/attitude. It’s like: "Oh, just wait until after your so successful to see how bad things get ?!?!" Or "Just wait until your fans are too old to hear about girls/cars", etc ..... Meanwhile, the dude was wrong because we never stopped loving everyone who was on that stage in December 1980. And didn’t we all freak AT FIRST when we first heard the "Tunnel" album - yet - only to embrace the maturity of the new music, let alone that tour?!?! At 17, I know I did, although I’ve come to appreciate (understand/relate) that particular album more as I’ve gotten older. The ENERGY of ALL the Beatles together is still something to be impressed by! But there’s no doubt he was a fucking strange guy. God Bless Him, Brad
  8. I wonder if we’ll get that 75/CW Post show some day as it’s where the "Santa Claus" single comes from we hear every holiday season?!?! It certainly means there’s a good recording of it somewhere lol Brad
  9. It’s on Sirius! Fucking sounds amazing! Always so cool to hear upgrades of what you’ve had all these years ..... they are in MUCH better form than that first night! He’s in a very loose/wild mood this evening ..... Brad
  10. Nope! Can’t find - oh well ..... let’s just enjoy London 75 today! Thanks for everyone’s help, Brad
  11. Meanwhile - I never knew he played a venue so small (after the 70’s) until someone on here (a few years ago) showed me a killer picture of the boys playing with nobody behind them that Spring; thus - I inquired! Maybe those corespondents are still here in my account - I’m gonna go look. brb
  12. Hey Nick, I think your correct - but I’m still pretty sure there was a show that Spring/Summer that only held like 5-6k people.
  13. Nick21, hey dude - wasn’t that show in Birmingham played in a very small arena? If so, it’ll remind of the 'Leeds’ show we got from 2013. Thx/Brad
  14. Up to this point, I think we’ve been given an excellent overview of his career by NUGS. Hence, 100 Years from now - the people who’ll have an interest in studying Bruce Springsteen will get a good understanding of what it was like for us who were there. Although, they’ll NEVER be able feel the energy we felt. With that being said: FUCK THAT!!! I want something from LATE 1984 (10/31 on ...) or a show from early 2012. Brad
  15. I haven’t seen a post yet for this VERY important person in all of our lives’ hobby/passion, so I wanted to take a second and congratulate him on a special night/honor. Everyone of us here owes him our thanks! I don’t know how well Bruce’s "Business" would have run without him but Landau always got him incredible marketing/advertising/promotion; especially this century when Bruce wasn’t as popular as his younger days. I can’t say I agreed with everything, especially on some of those singles released in the radio days - but it’s all turned out great for all of us. Best wishes dude, Brad
  16. Best leg of the tour: Oct-Dec, 84! I’d give a testicle to have been there! Brad
  17. Thanks Sean! Brilliant indeed! Always is though. Right?!?! lol Brad
  18. I’m sorry for your loss dude ... Cancer sucks! I lost my father to that back when I was 21, almost 30 years ago now. But like the songs says: "The scars remain but the pain slips away” ... it’s true and you will go on to live a long, happy life with terrific memories. "Daisey Jeep” .... your words are beautiful - this is what the power of music does for us all and the true purpose of what we are all doing on this site. Brad PS: I’m not sure the 'Tunnel' album is what you wanna listen too with regards to any couple having a good relationship lol
  19. Fantastic record (B+/A-) It’s not gonna reach "Masterpiece” for me because I have issues with too many songs. However, for the eight songs I do like - I REALLY love them!! So, I think we all have some new classics on our hands that we’ll be excited to hear live over and over again. Issues: 1) While I like "One Minute You’re Here", it shouldn’t be opening an album. 2) Burin Train - lousy tune. 3) "Janey” - Been listening to this for years but he over sings it here, especially on that last verse. 4) “Rainmaker" - I don’t think I can recall a song this out of place musically (on a new album) since "Real Man”! It sounds like a distorted version of "American Beauty”. If anything, this deserves to be either a b-side or something to throw on the next "Tracks". Every other song on the album just blows me away!! This is the way they should have been making music all along this Century. Also, Jake’s solos are terrific!! I’m so happy he included the horn for this album because that’s really the backbone of their sound ... I also think he’s using one of his Uncles actual instruments as well ?!?! "Priest”; "Last Man”; "Power" & "Orphans" are all instant classics! Great album! Congrats to the crew .. Brad
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