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  1. Oh that’s fucking awesome!!!! I’m so pumped to hear these songs - they sounded so good on the movie! Hit me up! I’ll be on .... Brad
  2. Just a fantastic set of songs here ..... haven’t felt this way since hearing “The Rising” record for the first time!
  4. HOLY SHIT WHAT A GREAT SONG!!! JAKE SOLOS MID-SONG AND CLOSES!! UNCLE WOULD BE PROUD!! This could be the most "E Street" sound we’ve heard in a while: I actually feel some similarities here with those last three songs from "Magic". Awesome! Brad
  5. Wait a sec ..... are you saying there are ZERO sax solos on this album? Not one that follows a quite riff? If that’s the case, there is no way it can sound E Street! Maybe a song can sound E Street, but it’s not about a song - it’s the record! Again, if there aren’t a few good sax solos then the album in its entirety can’t be the sound we’ve all come to love! While I love TOL (which the band plays on), "Be True" was needed to make it complete ESB. Brad
  6. Wow ..... the only album of his I ever heard prior to release was "The Rising". One of the fellows (can’t remember his name) who I saw at every show on the 99/00 tour came over to my apartment in Hackensack with it (CD) and we jammed like never before! I was beyond impressed, still am - with that record. Perhaps I’m getting old but for some reason nowadays - I don’t like when this shit happens. Oh well ..... hope everyone is happy with it. Brad
  7. Yea, this is my 18th year on the Lake and agree with everyone’s posts about Tim .... he seemed like a good guy and will be missed for the next tour and beyond. Sweet Souls Of The Departed, Brad
  8. Omg .... I’m just seeing this now lol, But I think everyone still understood haha Thanks Promise, Brad
  9. Seriously? I happen to think "Ghost" is a good song and would make a nice show opener! I think we need to wait to hear the new 9 songs to pass full judgement. But I have a problem with these three songs written during WW2 appearing on a brand new album! It’s one thing to play a new tune a few years before it’s release but the time span for these should have seen them on the next "Tracks" .... I have a hard time believing he didn’t have a few others laying around, etc. Brad
  10. I hear ya dude .... your probably right. Meanwhile the new songs rock, especially "Ghost” .... so much for taking more time to make a record lol Brad
  11. I’d say this is a shower opener! Great song! Sounds better every time ...... Brad
  12. Seriously, what’s with that top 500 list? I think it’s a bunch of politically correct bullshit made up from people all born after 1995! Pathetic
  13. I’m not digging these tunes ... however, I do like hearing them all playing at the same time in the studio - I think that comes through clearly. Brad
  14. Just, what’s with the rush? Meaning, how do you go from taking years to make a record to it taking less than a week? Again, I don’t know shit about making/playing music but something doesn’t seem right with this .... again, what ever happened to making a shit load of different songs to come up with something great? Brad
  15. ‘High Hopes’ is not his song as well as another couple on that album.
  16. While the average fan who purchases 'Devils’; 'Woad'; 'Hopes' and now 'Letters' .. won’t realize how old some of the songs are on these records, let alone if they are 'covers’ or not - us 'Tramps' do. I happen to love these albums, especially 'Hopes' - but for someone who’s been a serious 'Tramp’ since 1980, I have to say that I really miss him making CURRENT/NEW Material for albums. And I’m not talking about the tunes he’ll try out live a couple years prior to it’s release either like “Ties” or “Further Up”. The inclusion of these ancient songs on "Letters”; the 'covers’ & outtakes on 'Hopes’; the number of outtakes (let alone time span of writing) on 'Devils’ .... etc, etc - all make me feel that he’s rushing into releasing ANYTHING this century! This guy NEVER used to use lyrics from another artist for his music! I mean, when we saw that even Roy had credits to 'Roll Of The Dice' back in 92, we all raised our eyebrows! Basically, his records were current; his own and took time to make them so special. Even “Tunnel” took longer to manufacture than anything he’s done since 'The Rising’. I feel the Rising; Magic & for the most part - Wrecking Ball, don’t follow in this category. Those were solid, thought-thru - hard hitting E Street records! But what do I know? I’ve never written a song or played an instrument in my life! Hence, is he just fulfilling his contract with Sony? Is this what happens when you get older and better in your craft that what used to take two years now takes "5 Days” (are we supposed to be impressed)? Does he give as many shits as he once did? I mean, could he REALLY have not had another song laying around for "Letters” that he HAD to use something he wrote when he was 22?!?! Really? Whatever the case - new, old, ancient - I love it all! However, this 50 Yr old 'Tramp’ sometimes misses those old days ... Take the good with the bad, Brad PS: My above mostly pertains to his work with the band. Hence, I’ve always expected less from his solo work; as unfair as that sounds.
  17. Anyone else can’t stop listening to this? I’m a BIUSA tour-era fanatic and I’m loving this! Brad
  18. So much for my previous post asking if he had enough material for another multi-disc "Tracks" set. Brad
  19. Yep, me too! But the truth is this: It’s nice to have the audience participation in those good sounding boots because the official releases don’t do such a good job of picking that up. Brad
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