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  1. Haha that’s funny! However you feel - not many can sing as well as him! Brad
  2. Yea man! I went back and jammed to it .... I still wish I was there though .... Brad
  3. Dude, how can a Costello show be bad? Just watching Pete Thomas on drums already makes it fantastic! Brad
  4. Dude, how can a Costello show be bad? Just watching Pete Thomas on drums already makes it fantastic! Brad
  5. Didn’t it rain in Saratoga that night? I think I remember something messing up my tape from that night ?!?! Brad
  6. I remember you! Happy to see you’ve been well and all is good ....... Hope you’ve purchased every archive release! lol Brad
  7. Thank you for that Nick21 ... makes sense to me. I always wondered (back in the tape trading days) why there wasn’t any soundboards from that tour; there are some that are pretty close: Certainly that second night in Pittsburgh and Tallahassee come to mind. But that swing through the Midwest saw incredible audience recordings as well: KC; Lincoln; Ames; Denver. I like the 'Devils’ & 'WOAD’ tours .... I like them all! But these days I’m looking for rare 80’s stuff. Thanks again, Brad
  8. Hey, what the fuck does “There are no multi-track recordings from 1984, besides the Jersey stand” mean ?!?!? Please don’t tell me it means another "Rising Tour” dilemma !?!? This 'Laker’ NEEDS 10/31/84 and/or ANYTHING from the next month!!! If there was ever a time I wish I was old enough to go on the road to see shows - it would be the month of November, 1984! Sure, I have every night on tape from that month but it’d be cool as shit to have something official! Great release today! Brad
  9. How cool would it be to see ONLY the original guys out there with just Jake? Bruce; Steve; Max; Gary; Roy & Jake !! Love ya Pat; Nils & Charlie .... but it would be awesome one last time .. Brad
  10. Omg ..... I know, he’s had so much trouble with addiction. Sucks!
  11. Agreed! Just release that stuff on a separate box set or something ...... he’s been doing this more and more throughout this Century: Songs coming from nowhere written years prior! There’s a BIG DIFFERENCE playing "Independence Day" two years before release; etc, etc and stuff written MANY YEARS prior, like say "Down In The Hole" or "Harry’s Place". How can a song from 50 years ago work on a record with brand new tunes? Brad
  12. He did ..... sad ..... but a good reason to keep writing! Strange how one can be considered an artist and just STOP his work forever! I thought this shit was in their blood ?
  13. Haha ..... it’s too bad, he was a terrific song writer - I think the dude lost a few marbles when Christie dumped him back in 94 or so .... I know I would have lost it lol Brad
  14. Hey look at it this way: Billy Joel hasn’t written one new song in 28 Years lol
  15. Imagine if that’s the same "Broadway Motors" shirt he wore on stage back in 84 lol Brad
  16. Good seeing everyone .....Steve, loose some fucking weight dude! Lay off the CBD/THC lol Brad
  17. That’s just insane to say lol ....... "High Hopes” has so many great songs on it! But then again, we all have our likes/dislikes/loves .... Brad
  18. Yep! Great song! Too bad he played (basically) none of those box-set River outtakes last time out. Brad
  19. HAHAHAHA!!! I thought the EXACT same thing!! I fucking love my download days lol Brad
  20. I second that AMBER438 .... this is a FANTASTIC thread and awesome it’s allowed here! Brad
  21. It used to always be on a Tuesday .... it was so much fun skipping school to buy the new release and jamming in the car afterward smoking a joint! Brad
  22. What’s up with that blog mentioning another multi-disc ‘Tracks’ album? We all know the guys recorded tons of songs that didn't see the light of day, with many still out there waiting for release - but do you really think there’s another half-dozen (or more) discs that can be filled at this point of unreleased tracks we haven’t heard of yet? Brad PS: Here are the ones I need: Protection Preachers Daughter Lonely Nights In The Park Sugarland Follow That Dream
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