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  1. Anyone found the new Soulfire in the UK?
  2. Any news on the live Blu-ray UK release?
  3. Going to buy an internet radio. Any suggestions for Bruce heavy channels?
  4. In London with work next week 25th and 26th September, any recommendations?
  5. Saw him in Birmingham last night and agreed. Make sure you see him next time around.
  6. Simone Felice album The Projector is fantastic. Give it a go.
  7. I thought the only half price sale was in November?
  8. I was at both and they were both great but Cardiff among my top 3 out of 80+ shows. Intensity is the word
  9. Did anyone in Europe/UK get a code? If not we will have same issue with the extra dates
  10. Steve said after as he was happily signing and taking selfies they were looking to come back later in the year so the above list of dates may well be correct