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  1. One ticket for sale face value plus fees £29.50. Have to enter at same time as me says on tickets
  2. Have a spare ticket for the Manchester Victoria Warehouse gig on the 15th September should anyone fancy it
  3. Have done Milan, Barcelona, Gothenburg and Stockholm. For me and it’s always personal of course Gothenburg would be the one I would choose again if I could only do one. As a surprise Cardiff 2013 got a phenomenal show. Irish shows Should not be discounted either. Been lucky enough to do a nice selection of cities in the US as well. If pushed would go for New Jersey or Philly.
  4. Taking a while to fix? Millennium bug finally kicking in?
  5. Lucky enough to get two tickets the day before in a mini drop. Also got a wristband to red carpet walk on, he signed loads of autographs there. Bruce was sat a few feet in front of me, his head was bobbing up and down at parts and he seemed to be singing along great to see him enjoying his own music like that. Managed to get a couple of really nice autographs including on a baseball cap which also has Clarence signature on looks great. Happy to be back in Bruce mode again
  6. Simone Felice album The Projector is fantastic. Give it a go.
  7. And there is a casino there somewhere
  8. Cheers that was an excellent choice
  9. Where is the Premier Inn on this photo?
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