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    i only recently realised it actually sways
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    BRUCE! and soccer and gaelic football. i like basketball too.
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  1. Okay, got it! Labhras is gaelic for Laurance. Had to ask my relatives in Cashel for some help. What part of Ireland are you from?

  2. Apologies...it was an attempt at the Hammersmith 78 look but the band refuse to let me wear it ever again! You have a thing for hats I see.

  3. i just watched your cover of rosalita, it was really good! but you've gotta tell me where you got that hat man ;)

  4. hey man just thought i'd make a cover request for and acoustic "frankie" if i might. i've been trying to figure out how to play it myself and it struck me you could probably do a good job of it!

  5. genric witty bruce related comment

  6. no i'm a staunch rangers fan.....................ha! of course i like celtic, it's obligatory in this country! although i have to admit i'm a bigger united supporter

  7. if your irish i hope your a celtic fan.....lol

  8. i don't mean to be rude but i feel compelled to ask you, are you really from freehold?

  9. woops! sorry, you don't see "drumbum" in too many baby girl name books!

  10. good spot man, i put up a post yesterday to see how many irish lakers there are but so far all i've gotten back is some1 talkin about gay cowboys. worrying...

  11. I was thinking by your username that you are Irish!

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