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  1. i just watched your cover of rosalita, it was really good! but you've gotta tell me where you got that hat man ;)

  2. hey man just thought i'd make a cover request for and acoustic "frankie" if i might. i've been trying to figure out how to play it myself and it struck me you could probably do a good job of it!

  3. genric witty bruce related comment

  4. no i'm a staunch rangers fan.....................ha! of course i like celtic, it's obligatory in this country! although i have to admit i'm a bigger united supporter

  5. i don't mean to be rude but i feel compelled to ask you, are you really from freehold?

  6. woops! sorry, you don't see "drumbum" in too many baby girl name books!

  7. good spot man, i put up a post yesterday to see how many irish lakers there are but so far all i've gotten back is some1 talkin about gay cowboys. worrying...

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