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  1. No worries thanks for being so quick with the other one!
  2. A couple bizarre requests. 03/23/09 and 08/25/09
  3. High Hopes was essentially tacked on as an extension of the already massive Wrecking Ball tour though right? At least in my mind it is.
  4. Genesis just announced arena dates for the end of this year. Does Phil know something we don’t?
  5. I learned my lesson trying to find the leak of WOAD all those years ago.
  6. I can’t find it and I’m supposed to be the age that knows how to use the internet.
  7. Thanks so much! I’ll do deep digging for the other one.
  8. Hey everyone! Today is the 15th anniversary of my first (alive) Bruce show. (There was an “in utero” show a few weeks before I was born. Actually the 9/02 Tinley show requested above.) Idiot’s Delight was the first song played and that’s where my name comes from I’m looking for both audience recordings of the 10/13/05 Chicago United Center show. I wanna try and mix a best possible version of this. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks! Sorry I thought I had posted the date as well.
  10. Is it bizarre to just request one song? Because I need the Portland 78 version of Independence Day. I’ve got it on a cassette but I don’t have a functional deck anymore.
  11. I feel like there’s no way this song was written in 1979/80. At least not the lyrics. “Kensington Blue” is right from 07/08 Bruce vernacular.
  12. Unfortunately he was only provided with a “ruff” mix.
  13. I really need to dig up the artwork I made for this in 2008. Once you see it I really don’t know how anyone could believe it’s real.
  14. It’s different now. I joined over 12 years ago after a year or so of lurking and, to be honest, I think NS81 broke a lot of people down.
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