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  1. Well. I have now listened through the album couple of times. Still hear a lot of Bruce vibes. Musically the harmonica in "Quiet Town" and "Terrible Thing" is pure Springsteen. Lyrics also have "on the edge of town" moments that sound more than familiar. I really like the album so far. "Quiet town" and "Cody" hit me right away but I don't think that there are any really bad songs here. "West Hills" opens the album and is a bit different than the rest of the album to my ears. This record is very different than "Imploding the Mirage" that I thought was pure and brilliant Killers.
  2. I had time to listen to the first four songs from spotify. Sounds very, very Springsteenian.
  3. Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I last posted here. I'm happy that there are so many here who are enjoying the album. I like it also very much. I've been thinking about the lyrics to One Minute You're Here. I got this following interpretation from out of nowhere. In the first verse there's this "big black train blowing the whistle". Could this be Clarence? Then the autumn carnival. This could be Bruce and his mother "walking arm-in-arm". Bruce wrote something like this in his book when describing Wild Billy's Circus Story. "Red river running along the edge of town" could be Patti? It's where Bruce may lay his body down. I may be completely lost, don't know
  4. I agree with this. Between High Hopes and now Bruce has of course toured, released River box and other archival stuff. But anyway, this is soon the third longest break between studio albums. It seems a bit strange as the album is reportedly just waiting to be released. I'm beginning to think this new solo stuff will follow his many shelved albums.
  5. I think this song would fit better on Tracks 2 type of record. I have no idea what Bruce has in store, but if HH is on some kind of outtakes/covers album released in January, I'm very sceptical that there would be another record out in January. Why would he release this and not something from THE new album? I mean if there is not a second single release very soon.
  6. I'm glad if Bruce decides to release something 'cause I have rarely been disappointed before. I would love to get a rocking new album with new Bruce originals. However, I'm confident that if he puts out a cover album, it will be great. Only downside would be that we'd probably have to wait longer for the next album of his own material. I don't think that releasing an album of covers has anything to do with his songwriting capability. Because if he wants to put out an album with covers, why not now? Why later? Do you really think he has to put out one or maybe two more albums to show the world he can write songs. I actually really like High Hopes. I mean the version released with Blood Brothers video. Haven't seen the new live version and I'm not gonna watch it now because I want to listen to the new studio recording first. I'm a little surprised that people say they hate this song or that it is garbage. I'd like to know what it actually is that people dislike in it. Music, lyrics...?
  7. "Wrecking Ball" album has been getting a small sales bounce in Europe, nothing significant though. Yes, the 'Wrecking Ball' totals on PG-1 of this thread are up to date. Album has sold around 1.51 million (retail) to date, give or take 50k. The 'Wrecking Ball' album is now very close to Double Platinum (PLAT x 2) in Ireland, in fact it might already have passed it - maybe there will be some further info about that when the current tour reaches Ireland. Thanks. Keep up the good work!!
  8. I'd like to thank Earthslayer for this wonderful thread. I've been following this from the beginning. How is the Wrecking Ball album doing on the European charts right now. Has it re-entered the Swedish or Norwegian charts for example? Do you think that the sales info on the first page is up to date at the moment?
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