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    Born to Run
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    Clint Eastwood
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  1. The Promise 6 disk UK promo cd set The Ties That Bind 7 disk UK promo cd set I'm On Fire/Girls Got A Brand New Toy (by T.X.T.) 7 inch juke box promo single with holed sleeve with title strip CBS JC 15150
  2. Aint Good Enough For You UK promo cd American Beauty French promo cd Meet Me In The City UK promo cd single
  3. Finally I got something new 57 Channels (And Nothin' On)(album version)/Same(Little Steven Mix Version 1) - Edit Holland 7-inch promo COL PRO 691 Brilliant Disguise/Fake by Alexander O'Neal Italian 7-inch juke box promo in unique black- and white picture sleeve title strip missing CBS JC 15209
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