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  1. I lived in New Brunswick, NJ when the Big Man died. Got the notification while riding the train home that night. Drove down Route 18 and headed to Asbury Park the next day to pay my respects. The Pony already had a tribute up on their signs. It was a tough day in AP and I remember it like it was yesterday. RIP Big Man
  2. I wanted to see a jumping horse on the Asbury Park boardwalk. People are starting to forget he's from Jersey and we must stop the bleeding.
  3. I love Electric Joad. Harry's Place and Heaven's Wall don't do a whole lot for me.
  4. I agree with most of this. Thought High Hopes was great for what it aimed to be. Only bummer was it didn't include a version of the '95 Homestead which would have fit in perfectly.
  5. It was written late '90s, but I'd still consider that later career Bruce personally.
  6. The Wall is some of Bruce's finest late career writing and lyricism. Any album, no matter the genesis, that contains it is a-okay in my book.
  7. It's as much of a regular album as WOAD. I'm not sure anybody would confirm it, but it's pretty obvious WOAD is comprised mostly of the cull list from Magic.
  8. Maybe you should try him again if you still have his contact info? I think a lot of us here would be interested in prints. The BTR set was fantastic.
  9. I'm ambivalent on both. There are tracks I love on both and also a number of duds on each. They are both very orchestral, so in a sense they are similar. But so was Magic to an extent and it's a brilliant album. Magic and WOAD both played on that Pet Sounds style, but WOAD's content was pretty much the b-sides to Magic. Though WS is orchestral in its own right, it's of a different approach ala Glenn Campbell, Jimmy Webb, Laurel Canyon stuff. I'm not saying it's my take, but I do think its perfectly fine to like one and not the other.
  10. I lived in Central Jersey for the better part of a decade. There were as many country music fans there as anywhere else I've been. It's really not regionally specific and given how diverse Jersey is in general, there are fans of all types of music. And people act like the entire state of Jersey is Springsteen fans just because he's from Freehold. I'm sure many Bruce fans from New Jersey are prideful of it, but I highly doubt that in and of itself made anybody into a fan. 90% of the people I still know from back in Jersey have no clue and/or couldn't care less about Bruce. It was the Minnesota transplant to Jersey that was the mega fan.
  11. Won't know how I feel until Friday. That being said, some people just can't get over the fact that he'll never write BTR or Darkness again. The bottom line isn't that he couldn't or that he's lost it, rather that he's just not that person anymore. Most of us evolve with age and that's generally considered a good thing. This is who Bruce wants to be right now. Some people need to make their peace with that and let him.
  12. Thanks for posting! Love them. Obviously it's Rosie, Wild Billy's, Kitty's, and E Street Shuffle? I can't quite remember the BTR set. Somebody out there has to know the guy or gal who did this art?