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  1. Thanks! I suppose anything's possible and I'll cling to that tiny chance like the sweet nectar it is.
  2. Thanks! It's just me being greedy at this point. My Bruce count is in the double digits. I shook the man's hand. Was front row at VH1 Storytellers. Seen him at LOD twice before, and with Joe G at least three times. Less than some, but many would love to have had my opportunities. So why do I still crave more? I think the older we get, the more we sense the things we love coming to an end and how little time we really get with them. Hope to see some of you in AP this weekend!
  3. The minute I fly back into town for LOD, Bruce decides to high tail it outta there. I always knew his love of horses was going to do me in.
  4. I'll be back in town on Friday for LOD. Sounds like another year sans Bruce but I love me some Grushecky and, more importantly, there's nowhere that feels more like coming home.
  5. Anybody have 7/28/05 Pittsburgh from the D&D tour? Much thanks.
  6. Love this thread! Keep 'em coming. Won't be back 'til January and need something to tide me over.
  7. I went to the '11 and '12 shows when I was living in New Brunswick, NJ and was down to AP on regular basis. I got lucky and Bruce came to both. But I love him backed by the Houserockers. I even went to Pittsburgh for Soliders & Sailors just because I like Bruce & Joe Grushecky together so much. So even if Bruce doesn't decide to show for the 20th, I'll still get to see Joe and spend some time in the old haunts. Probably gonna check out the exhibit at Monmouth too. Wasn't open yet when I was back this summer.
  8. Did anybody else grab LOD tickets this morning? I haven't been since 2012, and I know Bruce hasn't shown in a few years, but I figured with it being the 20th Anniversary I'd come back out for this one. To be honest, being back in AP and seeing Grushecky is worth the trip for me alone. And you never know, Bruce could consider this a warm up for the hopefully impending band tour. I wouldn't consider it likely, but it's not like he hasn't been busy the last few years. Anybody else grab tix? I'd love to have to drinks and or meet up with old friends and/or Lakers I've never met in person.
  9. Here's a fun little item for you: Handwritten Lyrics Handwritten. Only $2500. Might be lyrics, might be a grocery list. Who knows.
  10. Though it was written in the '90s, it might be the best song Bruce has released in the 21st Century.
  11. FIRE ON THE WING. That is all. The Great White Whale of the known but unknown WIESS outtakes. The released outtakes from this period are some of the most inventive, unique and wildly romantic of Bruce's career. After BTR, he would never again write this way or with this fervor. When Landau came on board, Bruce began to scale back, reign in and favor the songwriting approaches that came to define the transitionary period between DARKNESS and THE RIVER, eventually becoming the writer we know today. So even though this unknown song could be a complete dud, based on period and title alone, it's the one outtake I want to take a chance on more than any other.
  12. Hey,

    Can you PM me the link to that storytellers vid file that you posted for me? Looks like it was deleted in the thread. I figured it might be a grey area. Though the uncut version I would think would qualify as a bootleg considering it was never sold or released.