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  1. Does anybody out there have the DVD or video file of the 2011 Soldiers & Sailors shows? I think it was called "November Assault in Pittsburgh." Much obliged, LITC
  2. I'd love it too! Easiest tickets and pit experience ever. Weeds out the casual fans. I don't always love the material, but the experience was fantastic fun, and I didn't have to hear Dancing in the Dark for the 40th time.
  3. Bravo. SOB was brilliant. There's really no other way to put it. Bruce was honest, self-deprecating, and genuinely looked like he was enjoying relaying to us how it was that Bruce Springsteen came to be. I was at Storytellers in Red Bank '05. You could see the beginnings of what would eventually become SOB. But as great as it was to be there, Bruce was in his own head too much at that show. Obsessed with trying to explain his metaphors literally, and it often came across as too esoteric. Some of that carried over to the D&D tour, some of it he improved upon as the D&D tour went on. But years later, SOB became the refined vision, the final product. With it, Bruce wasn't attempting to explain everything about each song. Instead, he mostly let them stand on their own merits, allowed the explanations breathe, and filled the rest of the show with touching anecdotes, jokes, and refreshing observations about what it's like to be him. Sadly, I didn't get to see SOB live. I had left New Jersey by then, and the $$$ involved in doing so would have been outlandish. But not a day goes by, especially after watching the Netflix special, that I don't regret that decision.
  4. To be fair, we are pretty civil here compared to BTX. That place has mostly been a dumpster fire for a while now.
  5. That's all good and fine when it's sang by a woman from the woman's perspective. I'm not offended, nor do I think Bruce meant anything by it, but I stand by my claim that I'd have a hard time seeing it get airplay if it were sang by a man today.
  6. I've always been a little more worried about FIRE than I'M ON FIRE. I mean, he pulls her close, she says no, tells him she doesn't like it, then he calls her a liar and kisses her anyway. Wonder if that would get airplay these days?
  7. November 29th, 1999. The Last Show of the Century. Target Center. Minneapolis, MN. You don't forget your first. 01 My love will not let you down 02 Prove it all night 03 Two hearts 04 Trapped 05 Darlington county 06 Red headed woman 07 Factory 08 Point blank 09 Youngstown 10 Murder inc. 11 Badlands 12 Out in the street 13 10th avenue freeze-out 14 Where the bands are 15 Working on the highway 16 No surrender 17 Racing in the street 18 Light of day 19 Hungry heart 20 Ramrod 21 Born to run 22 Santa Claus is comin' to town 23 Thunder road 24 If I should fall behind 25 Land of hope and dreams
  8. Devil's Advocate: Has anybody considered that it's Stevie that can't go this time around? The guy did just cancel a huge chunk of his last tour. Maybe Stevie doesn't feel like he can hold up to an arena tour anymore? Or maybe Bruce has decided to tour with a different band structure? '92 band? ... Tom Morello replacing Stevie? ... a reunion with Davey Sancious, Boom Carter, Garry, and Suki Lahav? Anything's possible with Bruce.
  9. There's lots of variables, I guess. How many times have the guy's knees been replaced? You can't be Bruce Springsteen and do things the way Bruce Springsteen does things for 50 years and not have it take a toll. I don't care how good he looks on the beach. And yes, he's probably still in better shape than my sorry self in my late thirties, but that's irrelevant. I can't even think of another artist that has done 3+ hour shows with his kind of intensity over five decades. It's unheard of. The first time I really noticed the toll it has taken on him though, was when he did Tenth Avenue with Billy Joel at MSG a few years back. He was moving so slowly and meticulously. At first I thought he had just had a sore back or something, but it was worrying. It felt really off for Bruce. But then again, there are things he can do to combat father time. If he needs to rearrange things, strip them down, etc., more power to him. He's earned it!
  10. At the end of LOD, I felt a slightly nervous panic that this, indeed, might be the last time I ever hear him perform Thunder Road live. Don't know why I felt that way at the time, and it's probably unlikely to be true for many a reason, but there's a tiredness there whether we (or he) will ever admit it. When I started going to LOD, Bruce was pulling out the likes of Save My Love, Hearts of Stone, and Frankie Fell in love. This year, they fell back on the usuals, which were great don't get me wrong, but the rust was evident in the vocals and overall comfortability. He will need some conditioning to get back to arena form. That being said, I believe he can get back into it. But if he does tour with the band over the next few years, I have to imagine that's going to be it for E Street. Maybe some stripped down solo stuff. Bruce is smart enough to realize that if the product stops working like it used to, it's time to move on.
  11. To me, Bruce seems to be homaging Elton John's "Blues For Baby and Me" with this intro. Makes me wonder if that was an important influence for him at one point in his life.
  12. When Sam's Town came out, Brandon mentioned the album was heavily Springsteen influenced, which raised some eyebrows back then and was the whole reason I got into The Killers.
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