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  1. 34 minutes ago, rosiejaneymary said:

    Don’t know if I can adequately put it into words.

    For one thing, as Sally said...keep in mind this is not a concert.  

    So if you go in wanting that type of Bruce experience or thinking that’s what it is, you’re going to be very disappointed.  

    All I can say is sitting in that small theatre listening to Bruce himself share his life’s experiences was indeed transformative.  

    First and foremost, in my opinion, he is a master storyteller.  

    Be it in song form or in the narrative of his B’way show.  So that of course was a huge part of it.  

    I just loved hearing how Bruce became Bruce. 

    How all of his experiences gave way to how he became Bruce the man, Bruce the musician, BRUUUUUCE the performer, Bruce the son, father, brother, husband, band leader, friend  etc...

    Also, it was very moving hearing him express his gratitude to us fans, and what he hopes he’s done for us.  

    All of his narratives interspersed with so many beloved songs, in such an intimate setting, was, in a word... magical.  

    Another piece... and I can only speak for myself, but while he was taking us on his journey, I was reliving all the decades of my journey as a fan: 

    -Everything he and his music has meant to me for pretty much my entire life; the endless memories attached to him and his music. 

    -The many, many deep friendships either originally made or made deeper/stronger because of him; and sharing the live B’way experience with 3 such individuals was part of the magic.  

    As I’ve said before; there are TONS of other bands/singers that I absolutely adore.  That music also means a lot to me.  

    I’m extremely blessed to have seen just about everyone I’ve wanted to see live, and have throughly enjoyed every one of those many, many non-Bruce shows.  

    But for me, Bruce and his music is in an entirely separate category.  I’m not exactly sure why, but that’s just the way it is and always has been.  Since 1974.  

    Also, B’way has always been, since I was a very young child, a special place to me.  (I LOVED the last two shows I saw; Ain’t Too Proud (love Motown!!!!!) and Come From Away.)

    Anyway, as much as I love other bands/musicians, I can’t think of anyone else I’d be interested in seeing a one man show like Bruce’s.  

    So I understand why others might not be interested in SoB.  

    You simply may not wish to sit through listening to hours of him telling stories.  

    I found him able to bring us to tears in one breath and be hysterically funny in the next. 

    Other criticisms I’ve heard are ‘his stories are in the book,’ or ‘we’ve heard most of them already in various concerts’, etc... 

    Very true.  But this was different.  Again, it was not a concert. 

    I’m also aware that lots of people don’t care for acoustic Bruce or acoustic versions of his full band stuff.   

    As has been said before, a lot of why those of us who loved it as we did is something you feel.  

    So while I tried to explain (in this rather looooong post!!) as I said, I think the crux of it can’t be put into words.  

    Bravo. SOB was brilliant. There's really no other way to put it. Bruce was honest, self-deprecating, and genuinely looked like he was enjoying relaying to us how it was that Bruce Springsteen came to be. 

    I was at Storytellers in Red Bank '05. You could see the beginnings of what would eventually become SOB. But as great as it was to be there, Bruce was in his own head too much at that show. Obsessed with trying to explain his metaphors literally, and it often came across as too esoteric. Some of that carried over to the D&D tour, some of it he improved upon as the D&D tour went on. But years later, SOB became the refined vision, the final product. With it, Bruce wasn't attempting to explain everything about each song. Instead, he mostly let them stand on their own merits, allowed the explanations breathe, and filled the rest of the show with touching anecdotes, jokes, and refreshing observations about what it's like to be him. 

    Sadly, I didn't get to see SOB live. I had left New Jersey by then, and the $$$ involved in doing so would have been outlandish. But not a day goes by, especially after watching the Netflix special, that I don't regret that decision. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Bosstralian said:

    Are you the person who made that funny comment on BTX the other day about trying to find people who actually like Bruce on a Bruce forum? And someone replied that if you want that you should go to Greasy Lake (because, apparently, we are all fawning non critical Bruce sycophants over here).

    That was hilarious. If that was you, welcome. Even if it wasn't you, still welcome

    To be fair, we are pretty civil here compared to BTX. That place has mostly been a dumpster fire for a while now. 

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Rizla said:

    Oh Lord, do we have to explain Fire again?   p020.gif

    Have you never heard the Pointer Sisters' version? 

    The girl in the song is attracted to her boyfriend, she really does want to make love with him, but she is reluctant for some reason.  She may be worried about getting a bad reputation, being caught in the act, afraid of getting pregnant, she may even be married to somebody else ... or just playing hard to get.  It doesn't matter why.  What matters is that she is obviously willing but trying to hide her desires, rather unsuccessfully.  With the Pointer Sisters version, you can believe that she wants to be persuaded!  He knows she wants him, and she knows he knows. 

    It's a shame that people nowadays seem to see these situations as black or white.  This is not about rape, it's about seduction and the enjoyment of being seduced.  I think it's another one that only the women understand.

    That's all good and fine when it's sang by a woman from the woman's perspective. I'm not offended, nor do I think Bruce meant anything by it, but I stand by my claim that I'd have a hard time seeing it get airplay if it were sang by a man today.

  4. November 29th, 1999. The Last Show of the Century. Target Center. Minneapolis, MN. 

    You don't forget your first. ;)

    01 My love will not let you down
    02 Prove it all night
    03 Two hearts
    04 Trapped
    05 Darlington county
    06 Red headed woman
    07 Factory
    08 Point blank
    09 Youngstown
    10 Murder inc.
    11 Badlands
    12 Out in the street
    13 10th avenue freeze-out
    14 Where the bands are
    15 Working on the highway
    16 No surrender
    17 Racing in the street
    18 Light of day
    19 Hungry heart
    20 Ramrod
    21 Born to run
    22 Santa Claus is comin' to town
    23 Thunder road
    24 If I should fall behind
    25 Land of hope and dreams

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  5. Devil's Advocate: Has anybody considered that it's Stevie that can't go this time around?

    The guy did just cancel a huge chunk of his last tour. Maybe Stevie doesn't feel like he can hold up to an arena tour anymore? Or maybe Bruce has decided to tour with a different band structure? 

    '92 band? ... Tom Morello replacing Stevie? ... a reunion with Davey Sancious, Boom Carter, Garry, and Suki Lahav? Anything's possible with Bruce. 


  6. 14 minutes ago, Captain Chaos said:

    I’ve said it loads. He’s aged so quickly I just can’t see him handling a global stadium tour.

    He is 70.

    His level of popularity and fame, testament to the quality of works he still produces, makes it hard to scale down though.

    There's lots of variables, I guess. How many times have the guy's knees been replaced? You can't be Bruce Springsteen and do things the way Bruce Springsteen does things for 50 years and not have it take a toll. I don't care how good he looks on the beach. And yes, he's probably still in better shape than my sorry self in my late thirties, but that's irrelevant. I can't even think of another artist that has done 3+ hour shows with his kind of intensity over five decades. It's unheard of. The first time I really noticed the toll it has taken on him though, was when he did Tenth Avenue with Billy Joel at MSG a few years back. He was moving so slowly and meticulously. At first I thought he had just had a sore back or something, but it was worrying. It felt really off for Bruce. 

    But then again, there are things he can do to combat father time. If he needs to rearrange things, strip them down, etc., more power to him. He's earned it!

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  7. At the end of LOD, I felt a slightly nervous panic that this, indeed, might be the last time I ever hear him perform Thunder Road live. Don't know why I felt that way at the time, and it's probably unlikely to be true for many a reason, but there's a tiredness there whether we (or he) will ever admit it. 

    When I started going to LOD, Bruce was pulling out the likes of Save My Love, Hearts of Stone, and Frankie Fell in love. This year, they fell back on the usuals, which were great don't get me wrong, but the rust was evident in the vocals and overall comfortability. He will need some conditioning to get back to arena form. 

    That being said, I believe he can get back into it. But if he does tour with the band over the next few years, I have to imagine that's going to be it for E Street. Maybe some stripped down solo stuff. Bruce is smart enough to realize that if the product stops working like it used to, it's time to move on.

  8. On 2/6/2020 at 5:45 PM, JoleBlonAlba said:

    This inspired me to get onto Netflix and watch "Springsteen on Broadway" again, which was as touching and magical as ever, so thank you for steering me towards doing this.

    As an aside, I remember during discussion here at the time of Netflix showing this initially, someone was asking about the piano music that plays over the closing credits, and I don't know if it was ever answered satisfactorily but it seems to me that it consists of a variation upon the music played around the Nescafe factory anecdote when Bruce is talking and leading into playing "My Hometown". Does that seem right to anyone else?

    To me, Bruce seems to be homaging Elton John's "Blues For Baby and Me" with this intro. Makes me wonder if that was an important influence for him at one point in his life. 

  9. 10 hours ago, whispered secret said:

    @LoverInTheColdLove the smile on the video, what a weekend!

    if you are 3 from 3, I need to know next time you plan on going! I met someone last week who is 2 from 2 and I thought that was lucky...

    I'll let you know. :D

    I lived in mythical Central Jersey for most of the last decade, so that made things easier. And I just got lucky the couple times I was able to go. I actually would have been 4/4 if I had decided to go the year my daughter was born, but when you're a new dad changing diapers for the first time it's not exactly high on the priority list. 

    This one, I just had a feeling. 20th Anniversary. Bob. Tour upcoming. Nobody getting any younger. I don't think anybody can say for certain, as there's always a chance, but this (sadly) could very well have been the last one. Bruce looks pretty busy for the foreseeable future and he might be pushing 75 when the next opportunity comes. And that's if LOD isn't forced to do some reshaping itself over the next few years. 

  10. I saw Brandon Flowers in 2010 at the Stone Pony when he was touring for his first solo album Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. He's a huge Bruce fan and he even played Promised Land that night. While I had previously enjoyed much of The Killer's work, mostly Sam's Town and Day & Age, it was his first solo album that really sold me. He was electric that night, and WTFLV is a magnificent album. I didn't care for his other solo album at all, but give the first one a shot if you're not into The Killers, because it's more folksy singer-songwriter stuff. Magdalena is just awesome. As far as the Killers, my favorite track is probably A Dustland Fairytale off of Day & Age

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  11. On 1/20/2020 at 10:29 AM, berlintramp said:

    For some reason that made me cry like a baby. Must be the cold I've been nursing or something :huh:

    The vibe was pretty similar being there. It got me pretty good this time. Maybe because I've seen what Bob has gone through over the last 20 years. Saw him a few times last weekend, and he's pretty much confined to a chair now. He's so strong and determined, and if anyone can beat this it's him, but the clock is ticking.

    Maybe I just feel like the clock is ticking faster on everything these days. None of us are getting any younger and you never know when the last time you'll hear Thunder Road is. 

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  12. 16 hours ago, MagicRatAFC said:

    Way cool Chief, absolutely awesome.


    Loving the Asbury Park F.C. shirt.


    I actually own one but it's with my mother in law in Colorado (long story).



    I really want the APFC throwback Jersey but they're out of my size. Cool concept though. 

  13. Sorry it's taken me so long to post, but I've needed a few days r&r after such an epic weekend!

    Got into AP on Friday night, had dinner at the Wonder Bar and then to The Pony for the Asbury Angels show. John Eddie cancelled, but all the bands were phenomenal. It was my first time seeing The Weeklings and they didn't disappoint!

    On Saturday morning, I walked from The Empress over to Frank's Deli for lunch and by the time I got done eating the snow was coming down hard. Walked back to Convention Hall and had one of those bucket list moments. Went to grab a coffee and Joe Grushecky was just chilling with a friend. Some of you may know that I'm just about as big a fan of Joe's as I am of Bruce's. I said hello and introduced myself and he invited me to join them for coffee. Absolutely surreal and made my day week month year life :D. So I got to have a conversation with one of my greatest heroes. No biggie. 

    At about 4:00pm I made my way back down to CH. Even though things weren't looking good on Friday night for a Saturday appearance, with Bruce being in Florida and the weather taking a nasty turn, buzz started to build early in the afternoon that he was going to show up. Around that time I got a gut feeling he would indeed be there (call it my Bruce-Sense tingling), so I was ready and waiting by the stage doors of the Paramount to get confirmation. 

    I took this video at the moment faith was rewarded:

    My Reaction to Confirming Bruce was at LOD 20! via Paramount Soundcheck

    The rest of the night was a blur of great memories for an even better cause. I'm 3/3 for Bruce showing at the LOD's I've attended! Can't ask for anything more than that. And with my birthday this week, I couldn't have received a better gift than to spend the weekend in my favorite place in the world with some of my favorite people in the world. Love love love my Bruce community!


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