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  1. I love Roy's contributions on the Dire Strait album. He has been such a gift to the music community. Brilliant individual.
  2. Yes, indeed, but it wasn't Letter To You that got me into Bruce twelve years ago at the age of 19. It was more like Darkness, WIESS, Born To Run and the live 1978 performances . If I hadn't gotten into Bruce then, as a "neutral" music listener, I would have probably played LTY out of interest, listened to it a couple of times and moved on to something else. A lot of people my age or younger would consider LTY "dad rock" now I reckon.
  3. Let's face it, the current world of music does not revolve around Bruce and few people would have even listened to the album outside of us fans, especially anyone under 30/40. The youth of today is on a completely different wavelength regarding music tastes and I for one am happy to see that. It amazes me how people on here seem so surprised by that though. Letter To You is a very enjoyable album but as an avid music listener, I don't see how it offered anything new or groundbreaking in any area? There were a lot of better albums released out there last year in my opinion.
  4. This whole thread has been quite a laugh. From the dramatic overreaction of some, to the high and mighty attitude of others, to the total ignorance or innocence of some posters regarding the dirty deeds Bruce has probably done already in his life, and finally the puns and word play. Can't stop laughing. Thank you all.
  5. 1. Saint Cloud – Waxahatchee 2. Bob Dylan – Rough and Rowdy Ways 3. HAIM – Women in Music Pt. III 4. Taylor Swift - folklore 5. Laura Marling – Song For Our Daughter 6. Matt Berninger – Serpentine Prison 7. Bruce Springsteen – Letter To You 8. Destroyer – Have We Met 9. Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters 10. Rose City Band - Summerlong 11. Bill Fay – Countless Branches 12. Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman 13. BC Camplight – Shortly After Takeoff 14. The Killers – Imploding the Mirage 15. Woods – Strange to Explain 16.
  6. Is The Wrestler E-Street though? I thought that was just Bruce solo. I would defo consider it top 5 though along with Last Carnival and Moonlight Motel.
  7. I am going against the grain here as I know it gets a lot of love on here but Ghosts is just a Bruce/E-Street by the numbers song in my opinion. The lyrics aren't that great and his voice really grates at the beginning of the song. I skip it every time now unfortunately. I'll See You In My Dreams is good but I actually think would have benefitted from being more stripped down as the lyrics are stronger but the melody and music is fairly run of the mill Bruce (all in my opinion of course). The other songs listed - LOHAD and MCOR - are much stronger lyrically and fresher sounding reun
  8. Been on repeat for the last half hour. The song could definitely benefit from extra 30s seconds of extended outro. Love it.
  9. That was so great!! Live version is better than the album version for sure.
  10. The 'orse jokes got boring a year ago to be honest.
  11. Western Stars by far and I really like Letter To You. It will be interesting to see how this vote will change in a year after giving LTY some time to digest.
  12. I still haven't figured out what the lyrics are about. What has the chorus got to do with what the rest of the song talks about? Any ideas?
  13. Agree with that. Long Walk Home was the stellar track among the three.
  14. Bruce does a great job here with Bono in this one. Love it:
  15. Have to agree with this comment. I never listen to the album but the songs live are just fantastic. WIESS is brilliant, enough said.
  16. In my opinion, the three old songs are still far ahead in terms of quality and repeatability. They just sound so fresh and unpredictable. You uncover something new on each listen. The others are good I think but fairly standard post-reunion Bruce tunes and not too different from recent albums. I love the piano and Bruce's voice on Power of Prayer. One of his best sung songs in the last two decades. Reminds me of Kingdom of Days or Queen of the Supermarket from WOAD. I find both singles (Ghosts and Letter to You) to be quite weak lyrically and awkwardly structured so hardly go back to them
  17. Great thread this and interesting discussions. Janey is probably my favourite song from the album together with Song for Orphans. It is the reason why I always go back to storyteller Bruce - especially late 70s and Nebraska Bruce - because the lyrics are poetic and harder to interpret while portraying strong accounts of how life was back then. I actually find it weird how people are saying that the lyrics to this song are poor because Bruce was young and naïve and still finding his voice. I think that does his younger self a great disservice because Bruce was probably far more in touch and exp
  18. After my fifth listen, I am still undecided about this album. I love the three old songs - really epic and intense- but not yet convinced by some of the new tunes just yet as it feels like I have heard it all before on previous albums but perhaps they will grow on me. Enjoy all!
  19. I had no idea comparing a new album with the previous album would cause such a stir on here . Isn't it natural to do so?
  20. Have to agree with the general sentiment on here. A little disappointed after the fresh-sounding treasure that is WS. Mind, Ghosts is much better than Letter To You, which was a truly forgettable by-the-numbers track. I also agree with the person who said the song structure is generic yet clunky where the lyrics seemed forced into the verses i.e. the syllables are drawn out where they shouldn't be and vice versa. Let's see what the rest of the album is like but for sure this is looks like a nostalgia-led project.
  21. Yes, I would have to agree with this but definitely looking forward to the rest of the album.
  22. My City of Ruins (melody) and Land of Hope and Dreams (lyrics) taken from the superb song that is People Get Ready by the Impressions.
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