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  1. Another musing on listening to the album, they absolutely nailed the drum sound! Max sounds so good, you can hear everything he is playing very clearly. In fact the overall sound captures the band so well, it's not overproduced in anyway
  2. All valid points @Thunder Roadie! I wouldn't expect everybody to feel the same of course, as you said '... that applies in all times to different people in different ways'. And I too would be cautious making grandiose statements; is this his best, his worst? That's down to personal taste, and probably too soon to really say where it fits quality wise in the scope of all his work. But am I, personally, getting something more from this than other recent albums? Definitely. I think that's a wonderful thing, how albums or songs can just strike a chord at just the right moment. Personally this year
  3. Sometimes an album will come along and its release is coincidentally timed with an event, either personally or on a larger scale, of significant importance. And it becomes a musical time capsule of that time and event, and what you were feeling then. Letter to You is one of these albums. This year is arguably the most dramatic, traumatic and significant years of our time. A global pandemic, a death toll of 1.15 million so far, turmoil in America for a multitude of reasons, a majorly important election looming, Brexit... the list goes on. Then in the midst of all these things we are gifted
  4. This probably has been mentioned already, but the final line ''I'll See You In My Dreams' is such a beautiful way to end the album. Dropping the band out just having Bruce and the piano; pure soul and raw emotion pouring through the speakers. A fitting end to an album which echoes these feelings throughout.
  5. And also Graham Norton tonight too, again hopefully the full interview will be uploaded by someone. , again
  6. Bruce was on The Late Late Show here tonight. Hopefully the full interview will appear soon
  7. Agree with what everyone has said about this. I feel this is one of the best interviews with Bruce I've seen. The questions asked were just right, Bruce seemed so relaxed, and like he was really enjoying it himself. Credit to Zane for that. Roll on Friday!
  8. Yeah definitely hearing that, I couldn't quite think what it reminded me of but that's it. Mediocrity borrows and genius steals, as they say...
  9. Love this song. Really love it. Exciting time to be a Bruce fan. Feeling a lot of Stevie on this one, its right up his alley in terms of sound and catchy melody I think. I'm very happy they filmed the sessions as they did, there's something wonderful seeing them all together in the studio again
  10. "'Ghosts' is about the beauty and joy of being in a band, and the pain of losing one another to illness and time. 'Ghosts' tries to speak to the spirit of the music itself, something none of us owns but can only discover and share together. In the E Street Band it resides in our collective soul, powered by the heart." - Bruce
  11. Not sure if anyone mentioned already but I'm feeling a lot of Lucky Day video similarities
  12. Ron has responded to a few people on instagram One asked about there being sax on the album and he said there is. Interestingly someone asked about the mic that was used for Bruces vocals, an SM7B, and if it was Ron or Bruce who chose that. Rons response: 'it was a practical decision. His vocals were cut live with the band playing at the same time. I wanted him to feel like he was on stage... his comfort zone'
  13. Very excited for this now after reading the press release! Recorded in 5 days all live, has a lot of potential to really capture the live E Street Sound here Question for some, not trying to stir anything but just genuinely curious. I get the covers thing, and delighted there aren't any covers on this. But with the three old songs, why are some people very against them? I believe they are to be re worked, and will be re imagined from what we know, and they will potentially fit into the album arc very well. Is it the fact they were heard before in a previous incarnation? Or as been
  14. Have to agree. Seeing the band together there, new music (which after one listen I'm into), knowing thats just happened with all going on now. Gives a great bit of hope, a boost and a lift that is well needed. Thank you Bruce!
  15. Don't think anyone would be really disappointed with a re-recorded version of this gem (as it seems some might already be)
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