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  1. I totally missed these when they have been coming out. Thanks for posting them!!
  2. After reading this I was sent down the wormhole of looking back on the last leg of 2016 when they were back in America. How wild were them shows. I can clearly remember reading on here following the SLV threads and trying to watch the periscope streams, and really being blown away by the setlists. What I wouldn't give to have been at any of them shows on that final leg.
  3. I am really impressed by these, love them!! Great work. Would love to be able to do these for some of the shows I've seen
  4. Twas the RDS 2012, first night during American Land. 5:15, her fall is just off camera but can see Bruce and the rest joining her. If I remember right Bruce also took a slip on the wet stage during the show too . 5:
  5. Gotta say @Paolo's Circus Story, you're knocking it out of the park with artist predictions!
  6. Out of all the songs and artists you listed, who'd of thought this would be the one he'd play hahaha
  7. I was looking for this interview to post that I remembered was in his studio and actually found this video where you get to see, although briefly, a bit more of the studio than was on the interview
  8. May 29 2016 Wrapping another beautiful two nights in Dublin. There was a heat wave that weekend. And Croke Park this time, my side of town. Being able to stroll down and back from home for roll calls was a luxury I had yet to experience. It'd be hard to beat that first night, which is still possibly my favourite show I'd seen. Starting off with solo piano Incident and finishing with an acoustic Thunder Road were fantastic bookends to the evening. After Incident a triple header from Greetings followed; Spirit > Growin' Up > Hard To Be A Saint (and a slightly slower version that the absolutely rip roaring speed of the night one version). We got an appearance from Bono on Because The Night. A very impressive Independence Day and Point Blank which had not been featured the night before. His voice was audibly going a little bit by the encores unfortunately resulting in swapping Backstreets for BIUSA from the on stage set. Met some great people outside queuing and inside waiting for the show to start, which was great as I was flying solo on this instance. If my Bruce live experience was to be finished with a very emotional solo Thunder Road, its a pretty great way to finish off the journey
  9. I've seen people make signs for songs that are played during a soundcheck after hearing it whilst in the line or in the pit before the show with the hope of Bruce picking their sign knowing it is likely to be played that night
  10. Was just about to say that about Twist. He started with the end of the song that was cut out in Hyde park, then done it again near the end of the show. Both times with a big power switch on the stage, and a police man during the second time. A great response to the Hyde park incident
  11. Could be just a little fun pun. The first one has chords, the second is drum notation and the third is lots of instruments on sheet music Chord chart, Drum chart, Mozart Whether that might mean symphonic E Street remains to be seen
  12. Both max and Roy are playing on the recording of that song, a good ear you have noticing the similarity there!
  13. Great song, album and tour! Can't go wrong with Stevie and DOS That song always reminded me of Van Morrison's Madame George too
  14. Great stuff, forgot this was going to be on. Thanks for posting the link, very enjoyable indeed