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  1. Another musing on listening to the album, they absolutely nailed the drum sound! Max sounds so good, you can hear everything he is playing very clearly. In fact the overall sound captures the band so well, it's not overproduced in anyway
  2. All valid points @Thunder Roadie! I wouldn't expect everybody to feel the same of course, as you said '... that applies in all times to different people in different ways'. And I too would be cautious making grandiose statements; is this his best, his worst? That's down to personal taste, and probably too soon to really say where it fits quality wise in the scope of all his work. But am I, personally, getting something more from this than other recent albums? Definitely. I think that's a wonderful thing, how albums or songs can just strike a chord at just the right moment. Personally this year has turned my whole life upside down, Covid has resulted in my business collapsing and I've had no work since March, I've felt very lost these last seven months, and I still don't know what I'm going to do next even now; this is exactly like you said, probably quite selfish in that way, I'm lucky to have my health. When WOAD was released I can't remember specifically what was going on in my life at the time of release, Wrecking Ball I have no idea, High Hopes the very same. But this release feels important to me right now, and for that I am thankful.
  3. Sometimes an album will come along and its release is coincidentally timed with an event, either personally or on a larger scale, of significant importance. And it becomes a musical time capsule of that time and event, and what you were feeling then. Letter to You is one of these albums. This year is arguably the most dramatic, traumatic and significant years of our time. A global pandemic, a death toll of 1.15 million so far, turmoil in America for a multitude of reasons, a majorly important election looming, Brexit... the list goes on. Then in the midst of all these things we are gifted with 58 minutes of escapism. Bruce Springsteen. The E Street Band. An album. A film. When these songs were recorded Bruce could not have imagined the world in which they would be coming into. The melodies and words will forever hold memories of this moment in time, and in the years to come they will take us back to this weird time in our lives. Listening to the album on repeat since Wednesday (when I was lucky enough to end up with the vinyl in my hands two days early) I find I have been through somewhat of a roller coaster of emotions. At times I was looking back to both recent memory, and further back in time, as is natural to do with some of the subject matter here. And at times I was firmly in the now thinking of all that is happening and that has suddenly changed around the world, and in my little world. Some parts of this album hit me like tonne of bricks and made me want to cry, other parts filled me with euphoria and joy. I also found myself looking to the future, and I remember that what is going on currently is only temporary, a short blip in our lives. I imagined someday being in a room (or a field), filled with like minded people while Bruce and the band take to the stage. It gave me hope. The power of prayer in 180 seconds. The power of Bruce. I feel right now is a defining moment in all of our lives, and we are lucky to have this album. As the years go on hearing these songs will bring us right back to this time. Then we can look back, and it will all seem funny. But for now it's 58 minutes of escapism. The power of Bruce.
  4. This probably has been mentioned already, but the final line ''I'll See You In My Dreams' is such a beautiful way to end the album. Dropping the band out just having Bruce and the piano; pure soul and raw emotion pouring through the speakers. A fitting end to an album which echoes these feelings throughout.
  5. And also Graham Norton tonight too, again hopefully the full interview will be uploaded by someone. , again
  6. Bruce was on The Late Late Show here tonight. Hopefully the full interview will appear soon
  7. Agree with what everyone has said about this. I feel this is one of the best interviews with Bruce I've seen. The questions asked were just right, Bruce seemed so relaxed, and like he was really enjoying it himself. Credit to Zane for that. Roll on Friday!
  8. Good point about the 2021 rescheduled shows. I think it would be very hard for an artist or band to organize a tour for 2021 as pretty much every tour from 2020 has been pushed to 2021, which would make it very difficult to organize a full tour around the few free days that venues would have available. And if things don't improve and 2021 shows start getting pushed again, 2022 seems to be the most likely for a fresh booked new tour I feel if we're lucky.
  9. Yeah definitely hearing that, I couldn't quite think what it reminded me of but that's it. Mediocrity borrows and genius steals, as they say...
  10. Love this song. Really love it. Exciting time to be a Bruce fan. Feeling a lot of Stevie on this one, its right up his alley in terms of sound and catchy melody I think. I'm very happy they filmed the sessions as they did, there's something wonderful seeing them all together in the studio again
  11. "'Ghosts' is about the beauty and joy of being in a band, and the pain of losing one another to illness and time. 'Ghosts' tries to speak to the spirit of the music itself, something none of us owns but can only discover and share together. In the E Street Band it resides in our collective soul, powered by the heart." - Bruce
  12. Not sure if anyone mentioned already but I'm feeling a lot of Lucky Day video similarities
  13. Ron has responded to a few people on instagram One asked about there being sax on the album and he said there is. Interestingly someone asked about the mic that was used for Bruces vocals, an SM7B, and if it was Ron or Bruce who chose that. Rons response: 'it was a practical decision. His vocals were cut live with the band playing at the same time. I wanted him to feel like he was on stage... his comfort zone'
  14. Very excited for this now after reading the press release! Recorded in 5 days all live, has a lot of potential to really capture the live E Street Sound here Question for some, not trying to stir anything but just genuinely curious. I get the covers thing, and delighted there aren't any covers on this. But with the three old songs, why are some people very against them? I believe they are to be re worked, and will be re imagined from what we know, and they will potentially fit into the album arc very well. Is it the fact they were heard before in a previous incarnation? Or as been suggested 'Bruce hit the creative wall'? Lest we forget Bruce has been recording and release 'old' songs his entire career, this it not a new thing. How many songs from The River were originally rejected songs from the Darkness sessions, or versions of songs played live before they were recorded/released - think Wings for Wheels/Thunder Road etc. Just curious as to why it seems to bug people. For me I love the fact they are there. They are three fantastic songs, and will be great to hear cleaned up new arrangements of them.
  15. Have to agree. Seeing the band together there, new music (which after one listen I'm into), knowing thats just happened with all going on now. Gives a great bit of hope, a boost and a lift that is well needed. Thank you Bruce!
  16. Don't think anyone would be really disappointed with a re-recorded version of this gem (as it seems some might already be)
  17. Wow i'm super excited. Western Stars was a great surprise when it was announced, as is this. Very interesting to see what we will know by tomorrow. If that song list is correct, I wonder will there be the Willie Nile cover an if See you in my dreams is indeed a Bruce song with the title being a nod to that old song. I would have no problems with the few unreleased ones there with a fresh take on them; will they fit in with the album theme or why were they chosen. Lots to dwell on. Waiting in extreme anticipation for the official announcement (hopefully it is tomorrow!!)
  18. That cover though... It looks more like a meme than an album cover picture. Surely there was a better choice of image there. I do love me some seeger, and the premiere of long walk home is great to have on there!
  19. So I was delighted to be able to get the first few shows, but then once e street radio was unavailable for me again I haven't heard any of them. And have been avoiding the threads as I was hoping to get to listen to them somewhere eventually. If anyone had figured out a possible way to listen to the shows when you can't get E street radio, or listen after they take air, feel free to give me little PM....
  20. I totally missed these when they have been coming out. Thanks for posting them!!
  21. After reading this I was sent down the wormhole of looking back on the last leg of 2016 when they were back in America. How wild were them shows. I can clearly remember reading on here following the SLV threads and trying to watch the periscope streams, and really being blown away by the setlists. What I wouldn't give to have been at any of them shows on that final leg.
  22. I am really impressed by these, love them!! Great work. Would love to be able to do these for some of the shows I've seen
  23. Twas the RDS 2012, first night during American Land. 5:15, her fall is just off camera but can see Bruce and the rest joining her. If I remember right Bruce also took a slip on the wet stage during the show too . 5:
  24. Gotta say @Paolo's Circus Story, you're knocking it out of the park with artist predictions!
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