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  1. Good tab resource?

    Hi, Has anyone found a better site for Bruce tabs than Ultimate Guitar? I've been trying to learn a few Bruce bits from various youtube videos (there are some amazing tutors & performances out there - prove it all night 78 intro especially) but I can't find (for example) a decent tab of the more simple because the night solo - 75-85 style not the Nils epic (I know my limitations) but Ultimate Guitar doesn't have it. I contacted a chap via his prove it all night youtube video and he was generous enough to send me the tab which is great. So if anyone else can share any tabs I'd really appreciate it. I use this forum for advice on various songs - be great if some of that insight was added to the chord library - harmonica keys, tabs, amp settings etc and I'm sure there are lots of people noodling away at guitars, playing favorite songs who would value the insight of some of the very talented guys who contribute here. Thanks all
  2. Stopped by to read reactions to the interview - thought it was fascinating. His voice is brilliant - is he doing the audio book? Great to hear Brian Fallon get a mention as well. Love know what all the questions sent in from lakers were. Mine were (not used as far as I know)- Do you ever lose track of time when on stage and end up thinking 'damn I meant to play that song tonight.... - mentioned because of the 2012 Hyde park McCartney curfew power off incident. and the slightly low key ending to the Olympic park gig where he played a short acoustic Lucky day when everyone was waiting for Thunder Road. Would he consider booking an O2 arena, Prince style residency for all the European fans. Stadium shows are great but we rarely get to feel the power of the band indoors. Was the song Man at the Top more confessional that it first appeared?

    Great topic - and an excellent read (doesn't sound as good playing on jukebox in Liverpool is hilarious). Scarecrow is a great belting raw album that I really rate, Rain on the scarecrow, Small town, lonely old night, ROCK , stand for something are superb - the real gem which passed me by in the rush until I heard the stripped down acoustic version on Rough Harvest is Between a laugh and a tear which is very Springsteenesque (not sure that is a word but it probably is here). I think JCM could have been bigger than he was but he was always a bit ore mid west small town and didn't have the power of the E st por the touring stamina. Whereas you heard a bruce hit (DITD for example) and delved deeper and pretty soon you the river, darkness and BTR albums which opened up new sounds, horizons and possibilities. JCM was a bit more reflective and small town romantic / angry wheres as BS had the ocean to fuel him. Lonesome Jubilee and is a great album - 3 top 20 hits (according to wikipedia) so he's well worth exploring and he hasn't done badly - Rock n roll hall of famer it seems. Its a top 20 non bruce album in my book and the opening chords on smalltown are great to thrash out.
  4. I have a playlist called (imaginatively) 'Lucky touch' which is made up of songs from this era as I feel there are some real gems hidden on these albums – yes the production isn’t great but the writing is solid with some great lines. Better Days Lucky Town Living proof I wish I were blind If I should fall behind With every wish The big muddy Human touch 57 channels (the quiet brooding album version not the LA riot remix ‘thank you disperse’) Just imagine if he had included things like Goin cali, Gave it a name or When the lights. I often think that had these songs been a solo album it would be as respected as Devils & dust/Joad or even Tunnel. A lot of the bad feeling stems from the ‘other band rather than the songs themselves. Good to see so many picking out Big muddy – one of those songs that floats in my mind from time to time.
  5. Still on that devils and dust compilation - just had a great moment where I couldn't work out what the song was and then clicked "I came by your house the other day....." great version of Bobby Jean, no idea the song would work in that country rockabilly style. love the versatility. Will try it later.
  6. Am listening to a devils and dust live compilation - currently Across the Border, just heard terrific versions of Because the night and living proof. Great antidote to man-flu.