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  1. I enjoyed listening to him talk, even made me laugh when he went to find the books, probably had to find his glasses first.
  2. Just checked instagram and he has posted, sitting with a guitar but just talking, maybe someone could post it. Springsteenourboss
  3. We could, but we normally talk, I am just back from a really nice walk in the sunshine. A few people out and dog walkers.
  4. I normally walk with a neighbour in the evenings, but that isn't happening any more, I am just going for a walk on my own, with my iPod.
  5. This song seems to be being played a lot, I heard Zoe Ball play it last week , other stations apprently played it at the same time, Michael Ball played it as the last song on hs show this morning, both times I had macara on, this afternoon I am sitting without mascara on, so the flys in my eyes can run free. Stay safe my friends.xx
  6. I have a new car, and the salesman kindly set up the Audio thing on the car, the last music I played on my iPod was Branden, we had a nice chat about the Killers, he is going to see them at Wembley.