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  1. I read this very early this morning thank you for posting, I visted the wall when I was 23 very moving. (1980)
  2. jmw

    Just BRUCE!

    Bruce you need a shorter lenght in trousers. (This from a shorty)
  3. jmw

    Just BRUCE!

    Bruce in a blue shirt.
  4. jmw

    Just BRUCE!

    You like it?
  5. jmw

    Just BRUCE!

    Not sure about the top.
  6. jmw

    Andy Murray

    Hope he can make it to Wimbledon.
  7. jmw

    Just BRUCE!

    When you see Bruce smile, you just have to smile back.
  8. I think it has probably happened to all of us.
  9. I stood next to a man who started to cry when this was played.
  10. jmw

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I just wish the CD's that I ordered would arrive.
  11. jmw

    Bruce in therapy

    Very true Rachel.
  12. jmw

    The Manchester United thread

    Back in the days I did support a football team it was Liverpool.
  13. jmw

    The Manchester United thread

    I want mention the recent form of your team, my neice went home early on boxing day to watch football becuase big sister didn't have Sky.
  14. jmw

    The Manchester United thread

    Ok, I know something, that they are paid a lot of money and should be able to play who ever the manager is, as and behave like a spoilt child. And to you.