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  1. Human touch is one of my fav Bruce songs.
  2. I was looking for the DVD and couldn't find it, then realised the CD and the DVD were together, really should wear my glasses.
  3. The cd was my choice to listen to while ironing today.
  4. That was the only one I could find, maybe someone else will have more luck.
  5. I think the version of should I fall behind, might be my fav. Nice way to start a day.
  6. Club no Theatre also no Arena also no First concert Emirates Stadium, so far back we were almost out of the stadium, 2nd concert Hyde Park, and 3rd, 4th and 5th Wembley Stadium. One day I will hopefully see him in a smaller venue.
  7. It is a CD I probably play more than any other.
  8. Steve makes me smile, almost as much as Bruce.
  9. It came on my ipod the other morning while walking, lovely song.
  10. Louise Penny, Kingdon of the Blind.