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  1. jmw

    Happy Birthday Bruce

    Happy Birthday Bruce from the garden of England.
  2. Nearly at the bottom of page 1. I didn't notice any puddings on the menu.
  3. I am sure animals are like human and get bored with the food they eat sometimes, hopefully things will improve.
  4. I have been a veggie for many years but I used to buy cooked chicken for my dog. Glad she is home and is on the mend.
  5. Anne, I am sure it is going to be as good as the first, thank you for organising this.
  6. Yes we have and we have stood next to each other at a concert.
  7. I had another e-mail, saying if I couldn't find anything that I liked let them know, which I though was really nice.
  8. Hopefully this will work.
  9. I had a very nice e-mail from the restaurant about veggies options.
  10. Glad she is home Daisey, hopefully you will be soon. Does the other half not shop?