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  1. Thank you for postings, if Dreams, doesn't bring tears to your eyes.
  2. Lady in my office had this on repeat on the way to work on Friday morning, her fav song on the CD.
  3. We were talking about him in the office on Friday.
  4. From this Brit, I couldn't be happier, my view, but and I say but, if you voted for the other side, that is your choice and we are all entitled to to choose who we vote for. We are friends. Hopefully this isn't a political statement.
  5. I had never heard the song before the new CD, very casual fan.
  6. I really didn't like this the first time I heard.
  7. That is so nice,if I ever make it back to dear old St Lou, we have a lunch date.
  8. Being British, I have now say, but! Love the new CD, even the songs I didn't like on first listen.
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