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  1. From someone who has trouble sleeping I might check it out, if the brain is working.
  2. Listening now, I love Bruce's laugh. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I can remember the first time I tasted one, an American family I worked for, back in 1974, I was 16 years old and my first job, I have loved them since.
  3. I met 2 friends today for the first time since early March, it was so nice , we all said how it had lifted our mood.
  4. I have all three CD s , some really nice music.
  5. I do order, but they now have a new click and collect type system, just need to check it out.
  6. I need to work out how to order books from the library.
  7. At that time they could play the complete recording.
  8. I know, I have set it to record and will listen on Saturday.
  9. Just heard that the radio program in on after sounds of the 90's Friday night, said it was 12 programs.
  10. 3-4 am on Sunday morning, I have set box to record series link.
  11. I have recorded shows on radio 2, it's 702 on my tv.
  12. Sad to miss it, work 50/50 . I hope it has cooled down a little, Carol was telling me how hot it was at the weekend.