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  1. You need to cancel this now, you should be saving for 2020.
  2. It was still there this morning, I was going to put it with the other vinyl, but then noticed, it had its own label. I did look at a record player, space would be the problem.
  3. I am more than totally confused, think I need a break.
  4. Just hope someone has bought it when I go back tomorrow.
  5. Sainsburys had the vinyl copy today, I picked it up and the put it back down.
  6. I think playing in the mix doubles has shown the lighter side of Serena. I am a Novak fan.
  7. He is going to support the other team next season.
  8. I am with you 100% I have never like a Bruce song, just because it is by Bruce.
  9. I am the same, never even realised what my initials meant.
  10. I have earbuds, (never called them that) I use the ones that came with my iPod and a better pair when sitting on the sofa. We can't all like the same thing, but I really love this CD.