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  1. Casual fan that I am, I don't really know much about Nukes. (Sorry) I need to go and write lines of shame.
  2. jmw

    Euro 2020

    Normallybig tournaments are played after the football season is over.
  3. jmw

    Euro 2020

    Hopefully not as stressful as the Tennis.
  4. Yes he does, he won Queens, it will be an interesting future .
  5. They both played well, I thought he was going to lose, I think the Italian is another player who we will be seeing a lot more off. I remember back in my youth, I was a Connor and Mac fan, so never really gone with the favourites. We can't all like the same people. We have seen lots of new talent this year.
  6. Sorry, not really keen on most of the ladies on radio 2, I like Claudia.
  7. Should have been back. I am sure he will at some point.
  8. Big Novak fan. The young man will be bad.
  9. jmw

    Euro 2020

    I had no idea who John Stones was, just watched him doing a press conference, comes across as a really together bloke. I have Italy in the office sweepstakes, I hope I don't win.
  10. jmw

    Euro 2020

    That is what I have said from the start.
  11. Apparently I have just earned the dedicated badge.
  12. Apparently I got a very popular badge.
  13. I laughed out loud reading this, I remember the cicadas from my visit to Missouri.
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