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  1. Future Live Releases?

    I love that Nugs & Bruce are releasing shows from the BTR era. While I know I'll buy one of these shows, I just wish they were a little more diverse, I mean when you look st the playlist for the two nights, they're the same. Is there some reason to buy both nights, if it's the same show.
  2. Didn't love the book

    Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who came away slightly disappointed.
  3. Give it to E Street Radio. That would be a great home and all of us would benefit from it. Impressive collection.
  4. I'm in, just tell me where, when & how. 

  5. E-Street Radio

    I've found that my radio listening time (and pleasure) has become exclusively E-Street Radio. I listen to it in my car, at home, even on my I Phone where I have the Sirius XM app. Basically all Bruce, all the time. Life is good. It's gotten to the point where I gotta have my Bruce or I go through withdrawals. I know that there are other like me out there. (For the folks over in Euroland, I know there are plenty of you who are just like me, but, alas no XM Radio) My question is "What don't you like about it?" I don't work for XM, this is just for my personal information. Would you like to see other programming? Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to see E-Street Radio start a program called "Greasy Lake", but what would it be about? The "Wild & the Innocent" does a great job, but is something missing?
  6. How ?

    Bruce, just a Rock & Roll guy?
  7. Born to Run - The Book

    His mother got the author she always wanted. I guess we just have to settle for Rock n Roll! Have a good day my friend!
  8. Men - do you cook?

    I cook every Sunday during Football Season. Buffalo Wings, Chili and chicken with mozzarella & red pepper on toasted garlic bread. Awesome!
  9. Been listening to E Street Radio, so I can't narrow it down to one song?
  10. I finished reading BTR this weekend and I must say that it really opened my eyes to a man I look to as my hero. I knew about the problems with his Dad, but now I know the inner working. To have to deal with that kind of disfunctional person in your family is just hard. I myself come from a dysfunctional family with my Dad being an alcoholic, so I kind of know what he went through. Bruce has been a lucky guy, and has had a lot of good breaks, but it's amazing how strong he was to not follow certain things, like drugs or alcohol. Overall, I like the book, I like the subject matter. To know that he worked on Human Touch alone was amazing, it's such a good Album. To know that he and Clarance were not the closest of friends, or that he and Steve had their own issues, was interesting. After reading about Adele, Bruce's Mom, I love her too! What a great person. Also his sister, Virginia sounds like a strong woman. She dealt with a lot of adversity and got by it, and to know that she loved "The River" was touching. If you haven't read the book, read it. Any fan will enjoy it. If your not a fan of Bruce, read it, just to know about his life. Life is funny, you always look at the other guy and think, wow! What a great life he must have! Then again, when you look closer a mans life is not always so wonderful as it seems. I hope Bruce keeps going till he can't go no more! Love ya Boss!
  11. "Westworld" on HBO

    It's going to be a great series, but I can see that, for myself, I'm going to rewatch the shows at least twice. I remember the movie and have been looking forward to it for months.
  12. NPR: The Limits Of Loving The Boss

    Hey "little girl " is your daddy home.....
  13. Costco Connection (article)

    I got my a few days ago, been so busy reading the book & Rolling Stone article that I just haven't had time to read it.
  14. "Westworld" on HBO

    Watching it now. I remember the movie from the 70's.
  15. I would live to volunteer my voice to read a chapter. It's a small thing for me, but for someone who can't, it's huge. Thanks for starting this thread.