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  1. I'm in, just tell me where, when & how. 

  2. J.

    What I ment is listen to an older Album, like Born to Run. You see his creative side really explode into (excuse the example) American consciencness. Growing up in the Tri-State area during that time he really struck a cord with a lot of people my age. Sorry for the vagness of the response.

  3. Poor man wanna be rich, Rich man wanna be King, and a King ain't satisified till he rules everything.

  4. Going away for a few day, Can't wait till Thursday!

  5. Okay, got it! Labhras is gaelic for Laurance. Had to ask my relatives in Cashel for some help. What part of Ireland are you from?

  6. Black Belt Test -August 27

  7. I just don't feel like playing today.... I miss Clarence!

  8. Happy for the people of Egypt!

  9. is celebrating the New Year!

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