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  1. I broke my leg really bad once.
  2. My mother in law suffered terribly from cripling arthritis She always wanted her grandsons to provide some herbal relief Hope you can enjoy it Welby And I.hope your nurses are kind and terribly attractive I am married to my nurse. I also have a number of family members who fit the bill who have been saints.
  3. Anyone who has have ever had the chance to experience the medicinal qualities of pot while undergoing treatment for cancer.....you don't need a lot to be changed to the believers. To quote Craig Finn....."One time baby, 1 Time!!!!"""
  4. Looking forward to more drugs Eilleen
  5. I was just trying to be as succint as possible while tossing in a bit of levity. So here we go: yes I have a terminal disease It ain't getting better. I won't be answering question about it. I have no time limit, but it's around the same as Freebird If there is a tour after this, please, no bedsheets. That is all You may not get born again/ but at least you'll get high as hell.
  6. Further proof that Dan puts up the best unintentionally funny stuff....ever! That or he's off his meds again. I always like to visualize Dan running down a Main Street, carrying a fire hose, threatening to set himself on fire if somomeone will lend him some matches.
  7. It ain't gonna be that simple.
  8. People call me LL cause I aint really ever left. But now its time. Not by my own accord but because of that simple little thing called fate. I'm riding the midnight hauler on a snowy night. Brakes are shot and the lights are dim. I had at least 15 years of fun here. Met some cool people and most importantly, laughed like hell. I know I've ruffled some feathers both as Miami MArk and Welby, but more importantly I hope I have helped us all look at ourselves a little less seriously. Thats what this place needs more of. Nothing makes me laugh more than a line like "The king racist prick is back...Long live the king". Aim low bucko's and you'll one day hit stars. I also wanted to say that 95% of the stories I wrote here were true. The other 5% were lies, lies, lies. They were the shit ones. So with that, I say "enjoy the ride". This train carries everyone. Enjoy Every Sandwich. Yours in time--
  9. Thank you very much....thank you very much.
  10. I take a lot of pride in being put on ignore.
  11. they still think Bruce is a rock god.
  12. Boys and girls in America have such a sad time together; sophistication demands that they submit to sex immediately without proper preliminary talk. Not courting talk real straight talk about souls, for life is holy and every moment is precious.- kerouac There was that night that we thought John Berryman could fly But he didn't, so he died -finn
  13. Ferguson, MO

    Oh Jesus. Go round in circles much? Guy was a criminal. Now he is dead. Cop was cleared in every conceivable way. Then certain residents of his town proved just how dangerous it is while police showed remarkable restraint. Enough already.
  14. Ferguson, MO

    Cops who assume criminals are not armed usually wind up dead.
  15. Ferguson, MO

    The problem is it really is simple. Man commits crime, police officer stops him, man assaults police officer, police officer justifiably shoots him. If you had no race involved it's very simple. If it were a white officer and white perp you'd never have heard of this.