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  1. Well the next one should be 4 days before the 43rd anniversary of Elvis’s death if it sticks to the 2 weekly pattern. Bossman
  2. Not in any order 1, Jason Isbell - Reunions 2. Ashley McBryde - Never Will 3. Deacon Blue - City Of Love 4. Butch Walker - American Love Story 5. Margo Price - That's How Rumours Get Started 6. The Shires - Good Years I like Dylan too but not much use in the car. Too slow Bossman
  3. And what about this for a final offering?
  4. That was amazing. One of, if not the, best tribute show I’ve seen Bossman
  5. Another one gone for me. Frank Turner at Exeter on Thursday. Expecting David Gray at Cardiff next Sunday to go the same way. Bossman
  6. No need to worry now as I feared. EC has announced the cancellation of the remaining 3 shows on Facebook anyway. Gutted given the terrific reviews, but fully understanding the reasons. Bossman
  7. Interesting. I didn’t really get ‘Believers’ but I adored ‘The Hipsters’ and enjoyed ‘A New House’. I’m really liking ‘City Of Love’ though and MCR Calling (to get back to the thread). Perhaps I need to revisit ‘Believers’ Bossman
  8. If the show is on, I’m going to Cardiff on Monday. reviews have been terrific. Bossman
  9. Updated Shows 2020 Steel Panther - Bristol 5th Feb James Blunt - Cardiff 21st Feb Dead South - Exeter 29th Feb Elvis Costello - Cardiff 16th March Frank Turner - Exeter 19th March David Gray - Cardiff 22nd March Roachford - Bristol 2nd April The Shires - Torquay 28th April Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott - Cardiff 1st May Show of Hands -Exeter 8th May Brian Fallon - Bristol 21st May Pet Shop Boys - Cardiff (I think) 3rd June Drive-By Truckers - London 6th June Deacon Blue - Plymouth 14th Nov Jason Isbell - London 17th Nov Katie Melua - Torquay 19th Nov Michael Kiwanuka - Plymouth 21st Nov Genesis - Birmingham 6th Dec
  10. The new single, ‘Hang In There Girl’
  11. Anyone else loving Ashley McBryde? In many ways the antithesis of a Nashville country music star, not particularly groomed, tattooed and not stylised her songs on the album ‘Girl Going Nowhere’ were mesmerising. The title track made the hairs on my neck stand up in the huge Arena at a London’s O2 at the Country to Country festival last year. I’m super pumped to see her again at Bristol this Autumn and the 4 songs previewed from the new album all are good, if perhaps not on the same level as the last album, perhaps they are just a little more leaning towards commercial. I really think she’s great though... sorry if there’s an existing thread. I didn’t find it. Bossman
  12. Ashley McBryde just announced 6 or so UK shows around September time and I will be moving heaven and earth to secure tickets for her Bristol show this coming Friday. She is terrific.
  13. Haha, well we have Brian Fallon, Bristol, DBT, London and Jason Isbell, London in common, so send us a message before Brian maybe...