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  1. 1. Letter To You - Bruce 2. Starting Over - Chris Stapleton 3. Re-Unions - Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit 4. The Unravelling/The New Ok - Drive-By Truckers 5. Never Will - Ashley McBryde 6. Imploding The Mirage - The Killers 7. Folklore/Evermore - Taylor Swift 8. Twice In A Lifetime - Roachford 9. Good Years - The Shires 10. City Of Love - Deacon Blue Some I got recently that look really good are Cornershop, England Is A Garden, The Dirty Knobs, Wreckless Abandon, Frazey Ford, U Kin B The Sun and Waxahatchee, Saint Cloud Bossman
  2. His delivery of it is SO good! I went back to the you tube of the piano version and whilst I understand the comments saying that is the ultimate version, I can’t believe how good this one sounds too and I think I prefer the new one overall. Would love to hear a cleaned up version of the original too in Tracks 2 too sometime... Bossman
  3. E Street Fans still doing them https://teespring.com/stores/e-street-fans?page=1
  4. Had a listen on Spotify- I prefer it to The Unravelling Bossman
  5. And one that’s not been a single as yet
  6. I doubt there are any/many fans of Andrew Roachford here, but just for the record, the new album ‘Twice In A Lifetime’ is really good, for me as good as he’s done... Bossman
  7. I liked ‘Bible Belt’ the debut best, but would buy the new one to see how it compares. Bossman
  8. Well the next one should be 4 days before the 43rd anniversary of Elvis’s death if it sticks to the 2 weekly pattern. Bossman
  9. Not in any order 1, Jason Isbell - Reunions 2. Ashley McBryde - Never Will 3. Deacon Blue - City Of Love 4. Butch Walker - American Love Story 5. Margo Price - That's How Rumours Get Started 6. The Shires - Good Years I like Dylan too but not much use in the car. Too slow Bossman
  10. And what about this for a final offering?
  11. That was amazing. One of, if not the, best tribute show I’ve seen Bossman
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