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  1. Anyone have 2 for the Premiere of Western Stars in London on October 11th? Bossman
  2. will be great if you have the right one, or if he goes to all 3 though. And He'd be lucky to meet you too. Bossman
  3. Not a sniff of a ticket! I don’t suppose anyone has 2 spares? Lol Bossman
  4. Agreed, they are really good, and so is the album.
  5. Out today. Terrific! Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires and Natalie Henby - give it a go
  6. & Superfly Terraplane
  7. Love On The Wrong Side of Town from last night.
  8. Watch out for Bossman if you know me and are going to Cardiff tonight.
  9. There’s a house not far from me, where they have gates at the entrance to the short drive in front of the house with ‘Bobby Vee’ inscripted on them. I never realised he was big enough a name for that, but I think it’s kind of nice they like him that much...
  10. It’s the ‘69 Sessions for me recorded in Memphis. everyone knows Suspicious Minds, In The Ghetto, Kentucky Rain and Don’t Cry Daddy, but so many of the rest are magnificent too. Long Black Limousine, Only The Strong Survive, Wearin That Loved On Look, Any Day Now, and so many more. His voice was at it’s absolute peak then and he was fully invested in the sessions and the material.
  11. Don’t know much Randy Newman so unable to say.
  12. Yes, I am mate. Maybe catch you there. They were terrific in Bristol
  13. Seems to be quite a buzz building for this guy? Echoes of Bruce and The Killers perhaps? Bossman
  14. On first listen, it’s really good. Could be one of my favourites this year. Bossman