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  1. My album of the year was ‘Blood Harmony’ by Dave Hause, closely followed by Pressure Machine by The Killers and Sad & Beautiful World by Jesse Malin…
  2. I like this one a lot… https://www.banquetrecords.com/the-retrospective-soundtrack-players/it's-a-wonderful-christmas-carol/XMR096 Bossman
  3. Deacon Blue from Plymouth. Still pretty decent….
  4. I really like it too mate. I also don’t mind that song being 3rd up cos Ode To Freedom is a fitting finale imo. Little Things takes me back to childhood before they hit their Abba heyday stride in tracks 4-7. I think I’d place it 3rd in their catalogue behind Arrival and Super Trouper and that’s not bad going 40 years later. Bossman I really rate tracks 4 through to 7
  5. My Grandmother’s favourite. Always makes me think of her. Bossman
  6. Great news. If it’s half as good as Raising Sand, it will be very good
  7. Brilliant venue for sound. I’ve seen Bruce (D&D Tour), the Beach Boys (50th anniversary tour), Jake Bugg and Jackson Browne there and they were 4 terrific shows. Bossman
  8. I just booked my first show for over a year. Martyn Joseph at Topsham nr Exeter on 27th Nov. I have other shows before that that have been postponed once or twice already the first of which is Drive-By Truckers still scheduled for 2nd June as far as I know. I figured MJ at Topsham has a chance, less than 200 I imagine in a local hall and if anything it’s likely to be postponed rather than cancelled. I remain quite reluctant to book bigger shows until previously cancelled stuff happens and until I feel ok to attend them Bossman
  9. I think there’s another elephant in the room nobody’s mentioning. If they’re not planning dates/itinerary/venues, and if existing tours do not go ahead or get further postponed, they’re likely to encounter huge problems securing places to play by leaving it too late. I’ve already had shows postponed twice so that some 2020 shows will be in 2022 if they don’t get cancelled or postponed again. Other artists are already booking venues for 2021/2022. I fear even if they decide they want to take any risk and tour in 2022, it’ll be logistically impossible when they try to arrange the bookings. So I tend to agree with all those who say let’s wait and see what happens. Just glad I got my 50th show under my belt when it was easier. Bossman
  10. I saw them once at Totnes and they were good... Bossman
  11. Haven’t ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ split up? Bossman
  12. On my first listen. Hoping it’s a grower. I liked Thrashin’ Thru The Passion on first listen more than this one, half way into it... Bossman
  13. Now that we appear to be back on track, one of my five was Chris Stapleton who I’ve loved ever since someone on here posted a thread about his debut album ‘Traveller’. Late last year he put out his 4th ‘Starting Over’. It gets better with every listen imo. Here’s the rocky ‘Arkansas’ Bossman
  14. For those of you that know me on the lake, please be assured that I have no idea who ‘Eddie’ is. I have never pm’d him abusively on here or on any other fan forum. He appears to think I’m some guy called ‘Bill’ but you all know that not to be the case.

    I am thinking of giving up my membership if he continues to make these allegations and accusations as I have no idea what he’s going on about and do not wish to be associated with this.

    Mark (Bossman66)

    1. jmw


      Don't go Mark, we have lost enough people. You have shown me nothing but kindness. Take care.

  15. I don’t care what they think Eileen. I do care about the people that know me putting the fellow straight so thank you. It’s one thing if he doesn’t care for my taste (which of course is class) but to make unfounded accusations quoting posts elsewhere by someone other than me is tantamount to libel. lucky I’m so easy going Bossman (MARK not Bill to those that know me and I respect)
  16. Didn’t ask for your input, but I quite happily posted my fave artists to get attacked by someone who seems to have mistaken me for someone else. I see nothing wrong with defending myself from an untrue allegation, but thanks for your input. Happily there are plenty of members here that I expect to vouch for me mate. Bossman.
  17. Right back at you with the rubbish comment....
  18. I was just gonna say does anyone think they’ll buy a Jeep as a result of this, but you shot that comment down, lol. oh well, back to work... Bossman
  19. Just to say Deacon Blue put out a continuation to City Of Love today ‘Riding On The Tide Of Love’. Only 8 tracks but continues their run of decent recent output. Here’s ‘Send A Note Out’...
  20. I have so many that limiting it to 5 is almost impossible but 5 I’m currently enjoying might include: 1) John Prine 2) Frank Turner 3) Bleachers 4) The Beatles 5) Chris Stapleton I love many of those listed by others too Bossman
  21. Really like this. Moving song and video too. Bossman
  22. 1. Letter To You - Bruce 2. Starting Over - Chris Stapleton 3. Re-Unions - Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit 4. The Unravelling/The New Ok - Drive-By Truckers 5. Never Will - Ashley McBryde 6. Imploding The Mirage - The Killers 7. Folklore/Evermore - Taylor Swift 8. Twice In A Lifetime - Roachford 9. Good Years - The Shires 10. City Of Love - Deacon Blue Some I got recently that look really good are Cornershop, England Is A Garden, The Dirty Knobs, Wreckless Abandon, Frazey Ford, U Kin B The Sun and Waxahatchee, Saint Cloud Bossman
  23. His delivery of it is SO good! I went back to the you tube of the piano version and whilst I understand the comments saying that is the ultimate version, I can’t believe how good this one sounds too and I think I prefer the new one overall. Would love to hear a cleaned up version of the original too in Tracks 2 too sometime... Bossman
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