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  1. Hello,


    just saw that you're selling your collection. Only the whole collection or also parts of it?

    I'd be interested in the 2 CD3 blister packs and is one of theTougher CD3s the one with wrong track listing and without sticker?





  2. CD Collection for sale

    I have to part from my cd collection because of lack of space,old age etc. There are appr. 500 items
  3. The eBay Shuffle

    I have been looking for this particular item for a long time and finally...and the price is ok
  4. The eBay Shuffle

    It’s probably a fake.He is selling home made copies of Little Stevens Radioshows and he has recently lost a case to me, I got a refund, but he is out of Paypal now.Stay away,he is bad business.
  5. The eBay Shuffle

    That could well be the case with the "Dancing" shape, as this one was apparently reissued in 1985 (with no distinguishing feature to the initial 1984 pressing, so there's no way to tell them apart). Also, the original first issue of "Cover Me" that featured a wrong running speed imprint was withdrawn and later replaced with a corrected version - however, I have owned copies of either variant at one point, and both were discolored. Talking of discolored vinyl,I have two copies of "Tougher Than The Rest" cd5(BRUCE C3.Both of them are dark brown and unplayable.Any info about that?Steen
  6. This New Thing I've Found

    I also made a deal with Steen, winning all his three eBay auctions: - "Springsteen Pack" Ireland-only 4x7-inch - "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) / Night" Holland-only - "Hungry Heart" Italy-only 'DJ Special Service' promo 12-inch EP I hate that this is the second time I buy the first two; I had bought them before from someone who conned me. Don't worry,Eddy
  7. Hi Jacco,records is posted.Steen

  8. All I Need

    I can help(again)
  9. Hello Sietze1976-I have those two 12" in mint

    condition.Please give me an offer and I will reserve for you.Last time I saw them on Ebay

    the price was 200 and I think 125$. I will be gentle to you.Regards Steen

  10. All I Need

    I can help you out with those two and maybe a few more.I'm selling out of my vinyl collection.Steen