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  1. Someone got the deal of the year this morning. Sadly it wasn't me. Anyone here get it?
  2. Glad it made it there in good shape Peter! Happy to contribute to your already amazing collection Tim
  3. This is an example of a generic longbox that was used by the US record companies long after longboxes were done away with. They were made for certain retailers such as Costco and Wal-Mart that demanded the larger packaging for display and theft purposes. Inside these longboxes are later pressings of the CD, sealed just as you would buy in a regular record store. So, this is not a fake, but certainly not anywhere as collectible as the original longboxes with artwork. The seller claims it is "in the original longbox" but that is not the case. It is in a much later re-release longbox. I considered buying this one last night when I saw it, but decided against it. Cheers! Tim
  4. What do we know about these promo stickers? Can you post scans? They are right on the barcode, so it's not possible to scan the code. These stickers look like the generic promo stickers Sony has been using since the late 80's in the US on various formats. They appear on promo copies of box sets, VHS tapes, DVDs and some 3" CD singles, and now it looks like on some RSD 7" singles. These 2 singles are US pressings, correct?
  5. And already sold one in 2011 (may) Yes, this eBayer has been just about the only seller of this tape for several years. He seems to have quite a few. That being said, they do appear to be authentic.
  6. After 25 years, I finally got US Promo CSK 1031. And for the bargain price of $37 in MINT condition! :D
  7. I'm surprised to see that these didn't sell. If they ever get relisted, I'll try to get them as extras. They're COOL! Peter- I would have bought them both, but the seller was charging $19 US for shipping! I refuse to be ripped off on shipping
  8. Nice records! BTW- the outer yellow sleeves you got were used by some US record stores for inventory purposes. The regular company sleeve was inserted inside the outer yellow sleeve and then put in the record bin. When a customer bought the single, the outer sleeve was taken off and used by the store to order another copy. The stores would save up a bunch of the sleeves, send them back to Collectables Records, and Collectables would send them replacement copies. A primitive system, but it worked well. :-)
  9. It should be noted that this supposed "'Born To Run' promo item from 1975" actually utilizes a "River"-style "Springsteen" logo and also depicts "Bruce" without a beard. Surprisingly, this appears to be a genuine CBS promo item, although as Peter points out not from 1975. I own one, and was told it was made by the Boston CBS Branch as a promo item in the "late 70's or early 80's". I've never seen another one offered anywhere. FYI- Here in the States, there have been many promo items issued over the years by regional CBS branch offices that were very limited in numbers. These included many jackets and coffee mugs to name a few. Each branch would have to get clearance/approval from CBS NY (& Bruce's people) before issuing these items, so they are "official" promos. So anyway, I believe this cane is an authentic item, but that the seller has his info wrong. The seller does have other super-rare early promo items for sale that are definitely authentic, which are pretty cool!
  10. I'd say a very good price..I almost outbid you just to have a 2nd copy! Glad you won!
  11. Seeger Dual Disc Longbox- Sealed Chimes Austrian 3" CD
  12. A sort-of-reasonable price for this one sealed: Live in NYC Vinyl
  13. We learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing! For what it's worth, I purchased my copy of this CD new, and it did NOT include a J-card. If I recall correctly this was released originally in 1988 and came in a generic MFSL cardboard longbox with a hype sticker on the outer shrinkwrap. I still have the sticker (see below). I wish I had kept it sealed in the longbox ! ;-)
  14. A couple of new additions: 10th Ave Sheet Music & Girls In Their Summer Clothes- US Promo CD-R (with "Winter Mix"):