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  1. Glad it made it there in good shape Peter! Happy to contribute to your already amazing collection Tim
  2. What do we know about these promo stickers? Can you post scans? They are right on the barcode, so it's not possible to scan the code. These stickers look like the generic promo stickers Sony has been using since the late 80's in the US on various formats. They appear on promo copies of box sets, VHS tapes, DVDs and some 3" CD singles, and now it looks like on some RSD 7" singles. These 2 singles are US pressings, correct?
  3. After 25 years, I finally got US Promo CSK 1031. And for the bargain price of $37 in MINT condition! :D
  4. Nice records! BTW- the outer yellow sleeves you got were used by some US record stores for inventory purposes. The regular company sleeve was inserted inside the outer yellow sleeve and then put in the record bin. When a customer bought the single, the outer sleeve was taken off and used by the store to order another copy. The stores would save up a bunch of the sleeves, send them back to Collectables Records, and Collectables would send them replacement copies. A primitive system, but it worked well. :-)
  5. Seeger Dual Disc Longbox- Sealed Chimes Austrian 3" CD
  6. A couple of new additions: 10th Ave Sheet Music & Girls In Their Summer Clothes- US Promo CD-R (with "Winter Mix"):
  7. I have some, but I'm still missing Greetings, Wild, Nebraska, The Rising and Concert For Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame. Those are the scarce ones. Wasn't No Nukes also released on mini-disc? I haven't seen that one on mini-disc, but it was released on 8-track. ...'cause tramps like us keep on rockin' . . . Jyrki I must be mistaken. I've probably seen the 8-track and not a mini-disc. Here's another rare one: Not many promotional-only MDs ever made, and this was the 1st! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Very nice Ale!! These are getting more and more difficult to obtain the complete collection.
  9. Wrestler CD-R w/ exclusive long version:
  10. :D Glad I could help you, Tomas! It was nice to actually hold that CD, even though it wasn't mine to keep. Someday I'll add one to my collection!
  11. These aren't new items, but I ran across them in my collection the other day and thought I'd share some pics here. These are 2 different various-artist promo-only CD samplers from 1994 and 1999 given out only to Sony sales reps at their annual Sony Convention. These were very limited pressings (probably 200-300 each?) and I've never seen any others on eBay or anywhere else. The 1994 CD includes "Streets Of Philadelphia" and the 1999 CD includes "Sad Eyes". For all you hardcore Cd collectors
  12. Nice, Peter! It's a constant struggle to keep up with all the Various Artist recordings with Bruce content. Looks like you did a fine job of filling in recent holes! As you probably know, there are several promo versions of the "Til We Outnumber" and "Sowing the Seeds" CDs to look for as well.
  13. Yes it is, I just took the seal off, it was resealed for sure..... The 3 cartridges are still in their orgiginal seal.... But it's my first 8 track. And by the way, I'm Sietze not Martin! Doh! Sorry, Sietze!! Anyway, nice job on your first 8-track...it's VERY hard to find in any condition! I'm glad the tapes themselves are factory sealed...the box was an obvious reseal. Now, have fun collecting all the rest! I occasionally find myself with extra copies, so I'll keep you in mind ;-)
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