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  1. 45m for Jota, that makes him the most expensive forward in Liverpools history. Pretty crazy that! Only 10% up front which made the deal possible. Great deals yet again. It's insane how much this club has evolved since Klopp came to Liverpool. Last week I thought we'd fight for 3rd/4th this year but this changes a lot. Very excited about Thiago - signing a proven world beater is something else.
  2. Official now, what a bargain for a player like him. Much needed reinforcement. Wijnaldum on his way out now? Hope not!
  3. Well yeah I mean there's a masterpiece hidden inside of that song.
  4. Lucky Town is a very solid album. Human Touch... not so much. Only 3 songs that I really really really like on that album - Human Touch , I Wish I Were Blind and Real World (very underrated!). The studio version of Real World is... okay but the solo version of that song (Christic, D&D Tour) is just fantastic. If you put Human Touch, I Wish I Were Blind and a solo Real World on Lucky Town instead of Book of Dreams; Big Muddy and Souls of the Departed you'd have a classic album. And it should have been titled Living Proof, best song on the album. Yeah it's just weird that he released 2 album
  5. If there's ever another BITUSA Tour like they did for The River they should open every fucking show with Protection.
  6. Protection (FLAC) from the Murder Incorporated album (Godfather 49) Info: 04- PROTECTION Springsteen wrote the song for Donna Summer following Jon Landau suggestion who thought that "Cover Me" (initially chosen as the most suitable track for her) was good enough for Bruce himself. This demo version is the full band playing, including Springsteen generating one of the best guitar solos of his career. For Donna Summer's recording, producer Quincy Jones called Jeff Porcaro and Jeff Glaub as rhythmic
  7. Here you go, did a quick run through and seems to work.
  8. Trying to complete the Godfather collection, can anyone help me with these? 2008-06-25 - Summertime Bruce - Milan (GR 299-301) 2008-06-27 - Paris, Don't You Lose Heart - Paris (GR 302-303) 2008-07-04 - 4th of July (Radio Broadcast) - Goteborg (GR 304) Thanks
  9. To those who are worried to lose their shows - store them on a cloud? I've got every archive release on my cloud so if my laptop or hard drive dies I can simply download them again. Takes some work but I'll never lose them even if my laptop or hard drive crashes. Looking at that list I'd really like another Rising release! @Daisey Jeep I've sent you a message!
  10. Nice catch, those are some cool angry lyrics. Lots of guitars and drums please!
  11. Leeds deserved a point, they'll have a good season I bet, they are so fun to watch. Going all in at Anfield, gotta respect that! Ever since the restart Liverpool hasn't looked good, can't keep getting away with that so based on the number of points since the restart I reckon a 3rd or 4th spot this season. Only one transfer, and not even one for the first team, I think that will cost us.