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  1. Saturday: 12PM,2PM,4PM,6PM,8PM Sunday: 12PM,2PM,4PM,6PM,8PM Tuesday: 6PM,8PM Wednesday: 6PM,8PM When am I supposed to eat.
  2. Decent game. Title race is over.
  3. Bayern playing very good. Would have been the favorites to win the CL imo. Dortmund should have been awarded a penalty though, no VAR?
  4. So anyone watching Dortmund-Bayern? Over here they're broadcasting with audio of fans, they're even doing the oohs and the aahs at the right time. I know it's fake but it's a lot better than just hearing the players, can't stand 5 minutes of that.
  5. Yes I think this is one that will stand the test of time, I still like it a lot. The live release is such a great album. Should have toured with it when he had the chance.
  6. Timing never worked out for me to see the ESB there, I regret that a lot. Any news on when they're gonna tear it down? Surely they can't do that until they have a new one to play in?
  7. You really should! There's also a live album of the Soulfire tour he did a few years ago and it's really good.
  8. Well this is boring. Feels like a preseason friendly.
  9. Yo Germany if you're gonna be stubborn and continue your league at least spread out your games instead of 5 games at the same time on Saturday.
  10. It all went wrong when that kid wrote that letter to Klopp didn't it. Jokes aside, it's only football. At the very start I was selfishly thinking about the title but honestly it doesn't even bother me anymore. There are way more important things to be upset about. I'd be surprised if we aren't awarded the title but there will be no fans celebrating, no joy, no passion. Without those things football means fuck all.
  11. Like you said football is something we're all looking forward to but like this? Irresponsible. Money talks.
  12. Gonna start rewatching all seasons of Bondi Rescue, a truly fantastic reality show about lifeguards at Bondi Beach in Sydney. Television at its best. Really recommend it.
  13. This year can fuck right off.