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  1. Heard it one time and I've seen 21 shows. It bugs me sometimes. It took me a while to hear Racing live but the last two tours it's been non stop for me. Darkness full album shows had something to do with that.
  2. Lucky to get away with 3 points but after 120 minutes in Istanbul a couple of days ago they'll take that.
  3. Some crazy games in the qualifiers. Ajax and Celtic having a tough time vs PAOK and Cluj after a good result away from home. Kiev draw 3-3 at home in a thriller against Bruges and are knocked out. Porto-Krasnodar 0-3! And they won the away game! Basel also almost knocked out.
  4. Glad he didn't end up in Manchester cause I'd have to change my name!
  5. Dodgy Dejan is gonna sign for Rome it seems. Klopp says he thinks highly of Dutch youngsters Hoever and Van Den Berg. Fabinho can play centre back too if needed. Very risky but I trust the Champions League winning manager.
  6. I've missed the banter, glad football's back.
  7. Well we took it easy in the second half cause we've gotta play the Super Cup this week after winning number six a couple of months ago!
  8. New season, new wheels! A massive win against a rival for that 5th place. Wan-Bissaka though, what a player. And still so young. Great transfer that.
  9. One season wonder Mo at it again.