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  1. Think they panicked and acted too soon, Werchter for example will just take place imo.
  2. Hearing some rumours about 2 dates in the Netherlands, May 14th and June 12th. Smoke, fire etc.
  3. I think Australia + NZ early 2022 instead of 2023, other than that I think it's a good guess.
  4. True, that's what we did the last time, there's a cool outside bar hidden in the back of the festival park where they serve Stella in a glass instead of those plastic cups. Strolled in the pit an hour before the show and had a good spot. Downside is that a part of those pit tickets are for VIPS so the atmosphere is different than a normal show. But still, it's great. Just found out I'm getting my first dose of Pfizer in two weeks, we're almost there!
  5. I should avoid this thread it's making me nostalgic. An E Street show on a beautiful summer night while the sun is going down, it's the best isn't it.
  6. I went in '13 and '16, it's a nice day out and both times the weather was great, Leuven is a great city too and it's the home of Stella for the beer lovers out here. Festival sets but still some nice surprises the last two times. Good memories, hope we can do it again real soon. It's expensive though, the pit was 150+ euros last time if I remember it right. Besides Werchter there's not really an alternative is there. Sportpaleis maybe but indoor so they won't do that.
  7. Saw a movie called Swallow the other night. Not my cup of tea but it ended with a great song.
  8. The Boss on stage once again, getting ready for one last E Street tour, let's fucking have it.
  9. Don't have access to my external drive right now so can't upload it yet but I bet someone will. It's a great release that one, one of my favorites. I'll check in later to see if anyone has helped you already.
  10. Is it 2022 yet? Christ I'm sick of this shit.
  11. If this happens I'm done with football.
  12. Thanks for letting us know, Rachel. My sincere condolences to you and to everyone here who knew her, both in real life and via GL. Very sorry to hear this.
  13. Belgium! Here are some articles if you're interested: https://www.brusselstimes.com/news/belgium-all-news/health/161340/this-will-not-go-away-by-itself-calls-for-stricter-coronavirus-measures-mounting/ https://www.brusselstimes.com/belgium/161384/over-one-million-people-aged-over-18-in-belgium-received-coronavirus-vaccine-crisis-centre-consultative-committee-steven-van-gucht-sciensano/
  14. Honestly I'm jealous. The vaccine roll out is the most important thing of this pandemic and maybe even the most important thing since ending WW2 and they're fucking it up beyond belief over here. 1 million adults had their first dose here, that's around 9%. Nine! The way things are going I should be getting my first dose at the end of the summer. Let that sink in. Meanwhile the numbers are going up and another strict lockdown is coming very soon, go figure. It's infuriating. They should vaccinate people 24/7 but - as expected - it's a mess. Sad (or funny) thing is we all knew this was gonna happen.
  15. Really? I'm listening to the latest archive release right now and I honestly can't wait to get back in there.
  16. I'd prefer the 2000 show, I'm a sucker for the post reunion era.
  17. That's great man. 2022 is gonna kick some serious ass.
  18. I'm a bit out of the loop, any news on when there's gonna be a new release? Thanks.
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